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    So I'm gearing up to run my first WtF game and I am going over general pack creation rules. I want to make sure I'm clear on this though. According to totem creation rules you use the totem points to generate attribute points and the total number determines what rank a spirit has.

    My group consists of 4 players. If they chose to only minimally put points in the totem merit and end up with a total of four points, then the totem spirit would only have 4 attribute points and only be rank 0 since it says rank ine is 5-8 dots? Or is it rank 1 because rank zero don't have attributes and so it would just be a weaker spirit?

    Also, if no one chooses to buy totem merits, does that mean they don't get a totem at all?

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    Well, each Uratha starts out with one dot in the totem merit automatically as per rules of character creation, so that's four points automatically. Then we have the rest of the pack, which can include Wolf-Blooded and normal people. The rulebook suggests one wolf-blooded per Uratha; so lets say a few of the Wolf-Blooded have a dot in totem (which is the only one they can have), and that bumps the totem from five to eight totem points. That would solve the issue of having less than five dots for the totem.

    However, there are examples of Totem-less packs if that is the root you want to go; if none of the Uratha (if they are the only ones in the pack) are willing to have a more spiritual connection, that'd be an interesting route to go.

    Or you could have their totem as an in-between ranked spirit; not strong enough to be Rank 1, but not weak enough to be considered Rank 0.


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      When building the Attributes, I recommend starting them with 1 in Power, Resistance and Finesse. It's similar to what you do with your characters, and gives you a boost to Rank 1 with even an undersized pack of 2, considering each werewolf gets a free Totem point. I believe this was the intent, as there aren't really spirits between 0 and 1 with just 3 dots of Attributes.

      As Ever Professional mentions, you get free Totem dots, but if you choose to forgo it for some reason you could have a pack without a totem. They would be spiritually weak, however.