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Question regarding Community Content distribution for Werewolf: the Forsaken

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  • Question regarding Community Content distribution for Werewolf: the Forsaken

    I have personal player aids for my own chronicle's use, and am using some styles and assets in already published WtF material. Visual cohesiveness goes a long way. Am I able to share these player aids freely with the wider WtF community? If free distribution is allowed but has restrictions, what would those restrictions be?

    Thanks for publishing beautiful games!

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    Keep in mind that Onyx Path is not the owner of the CofD IP, so they don't have direct control of this. The people to ask are White Wolf Publishing.

    At the moment they have guidelines on their website that are meant for fansite rather than specifically what you're talking about. Which isn't that helpful because it is extremely restrictive with the art assets allowed (esp. since WWP seems to have forgotten that this applies to things besides the WoD). Supposedly they have plans for guidelines for community content which are going to be a submit to them and they'll distribute so you can use more assets sort of setup, but we have zero announced time frame.

    Of course simple player aids are probably not going to be a big deal (the worst you should face is a Cease & Desist and then you take them down if WWP cares enough to do something about it), but you'll have to make the "do I want to trust fair use principles" decision on your own.


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      Precisely the answer I needed, thanks!


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        The Dark Pack agreement does include printed material, however the assets provided so far do not include CoD or it's related gamelines however I received a response from a White Wolf staff member that it is their intention to include them later on. So, I will probably hold off on sharing until that is finalized.