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  • Badass Motherflipper

    How do you guys roll this? I got a player Cahalith who has been haunted by dreams of a mortal cultist on a beach sending four spirit wolves at him. Now he is close to that stretch of beach, his kid has been kidnapped, and he sees in the distance a car, one human and four spirit wolves. Now, that's where we ended, but I am wondering:

    a) Would Badass Motherfunker be enough to hold back the wolf-spirits while he de-throats the cultist, given succesful rolls?
    b) In case there is a clash of wills needed (unclear atm) he has the Glory Inspiration facet. Would this help counter any clash of wills roll - as he is explicitly countering a power that controls the "minds" of the spirits?

    I like the potential resolution of this - facing them down with Badass Mothertupper - but wonder if this goes against the "urban hunt" intention of this. Do you roll it more just to scare a path through to prey - on a train or a nightclub- or in general, would you allow it to strip all goons from the prey - such as cowing a mob-bosses loyal wolfblooded followers armed with silver bullets while you maul him, or forcing a mother to give up a child? It does seem very potent, and open to interpretation in its wording; I guess I can let the narrative dictate, but would welcome advice.


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    Don't clash, just penalize Badass Motherfucker by the highest Resistance among the spirits