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[2E] Uglathlu - Worm Host Update

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  • [2E] Uglathlu - Worm Host Update

    I really want to use Uglathlu, Worm Host from Night Horrors: Wolfsbane book in my 2E game. As they are 1E supplement stuff, I do not suppose to see it in any book in near future, so let’s maybe make out fan rules update on them. I will quote both of it’s 1E Dread Powers for ease of discussion ( I only slightly fix referances to 1E books ).

    Originally posted by ’Night Horrors: Wolfsbane, p. 126’
    Devour Morality
    Simply through proximity, a Worm Host can consume the Morality of a human being (the image of worms boring holes in dead flesh is appropriate, except here, the grubs chew through one’s own moral barriers). This is an extended action, requiring a Presence + Intimidation roll. Each roll represents one hour of proximity (which need not encompass anything more elaborate than simply being in the same room), with a target number of successes equal to the individual’s present Morality score.

    Should the Uglathlu accrue the necessary successes before the subject leaves its presence, then the victim automatically loses a dot of Morality and must roll to resist gaining a derangement for degeneration, with a two-die penalty to the roll (to a minimum of zero dice). The Worm Host may gain a point of either Essence or Willpower, out to its normal maximum in either category. A dramatic failure on this roll renders the subject immune to another Devour Morality attempt. Likewise, an individual successfully subjected to this power cannot be targeted more than once in a month.
    For a number of days equal to 10 minus her new Morality score, a person successfully targeted by Devour Morality must successfully roll Resolve + Composure to pass up any reasonable opportunity to indulge her Vice. The lower the individual’s Morality, the broader the definition of “reasonable;” while a relatively high Morality victim of Devour Morality with a Vice of Envy may attempt to seduce her best friend’s handsome husband, one with a much lower Morality might try to kidnap or even kill him (“If I can’t have him, no one can…”).

    When the character reaches a Morality of 2 and is killed or dying, the Worm Host can take over it’s body. Devour Morality does not work on a werewolf’s Harmony.

    Step Sideways
    While within a physical location corresponding to a Wound in the Shadow Realm, an Uglathlu may step sideways (see Werewolf: The Forsaken 1E, pp. 250–251) by spending a point of Essence as an instant action.
    Question is really straight forward – Will swapping Morality for Integrity in rules be enough for Uglathlu to work in 2E systems? Integrity is not the same thing as Morality in 1E, but from what I understand, Worm Host is all about ‘breaking character’, so going from ‘breaking morality compass’ to ‘breaking psychic stability’ does not seems as big strech from original concept.
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