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[2E] Pack's mind sharing powers?

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  • [2E] Pack's mind sharing powers?

    Just watched second season of Sense8 and seen in it some similarities to Pack from WtF - acquired family you share you Hunts with, under powerful group instinct. Of course, cool would be replicating flagship power of this idea - possibility to taking mind, memories and Skills & Merits of your Packmates. How could it be done with WtF 2E rules? Is there some Gifts about this kind of bond? Or would it be Pack ritual?

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    Not very bright on Werewolf stuff, but I think Elodoth had something to that thematic effect? Maybe an alternate Moon Gift for them, or a Pack Rite as you said could do it.

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      Aside from Pack Awareness, which grants passive and active telepathy, there's also This Story Is True, which allows a werewolf to give a packmate a boost in skills. Then there's things like Pack Triumphs Together to share the highest Initiative, Pack Stalks the Prey to cover up another packmates failing Stealth, and Bone Gnaw, to get their skill, Renown, or secrets.


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        The default way would be to make all Pack Advantages to be skills that pack members have ranks in.

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          Make a fetish that modifies Reflected facets into switching skill ratings.