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  • Help me create idigam

    I'm just starting a super-heavy, in terms of number of game sessions, chronicle. We're just after the first change game and we'll be playing something like twice a week so I need to have the idigam prepared very soon.

    The game's style is something like Sons of Anarchy meet Gotham City. Werewolf packs running different street gangs, lawless city, and dark batman-ish and little bit cWoD feel.

    and there is the question of the idigam. I really don't have much idea what should it be. I went through the corebook, and night horrors wolfsbane, and there was the mother that looks for family (or what was the spirits exact name) that puts spirits into empty bodies of dead people. The idea seems nice, but it still lacks "wow" effect. Maybe someone has better some better ideas?

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    An Idigam that takes existing Hosts and makes them into new types of Host.

    I even have a rough formula for creating new hosts. This throws a wrench into pre-existing coping mechaisms in the setting for how to deal with Hosts because it makes things with no lore, or history and is perfect for throwing things out of balance, which I interpret is a central point of idigam.

    Hosts reproduce, and especially the ones created by this creature should. Also you can choose a couple theme animals that well suit your area for your chronicle and have those be the base motif of the new Host. Coachroaches seem a good fit for a dark gothum city scape, but maybe even bats.

    I have a previous post about the this idea, it includes the rough recipe for Hosts.
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      Awesome! That IS really awesome. I'm shamelessly stealing your idea. I'll work on it and I'll try to post so e draft here.