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Fully Reborn Host, Bale Hounds, and Wounds

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  • Fully Reborn Host, Bale Hounds, and Wounds

    Hello, long time lurker and first time poster. Also my first time storytelling Werewolf I am also the ST of the City of Wolves podcast, if you haven't heard of it, good, we suck. I digress though.

    My chronicle is leading to the reveal of a fully formed Host, a slightly modified worm host where as larva they seek a human meat sack to help them reach a shadow gate to cross the Gauntlet and then begin to eat away at the Hisil causing wounds to open. The Bale Hounds in the city have been keeping the Forsaken from gaining a foothold in the area by empowering the Pure while they work to collect these Hosts and shepherd them to the Hisil, in order to create a wound large enough to allow Soulless Wolf to reach through and reek untold destruction, I am considering Soulless Wolf as an actual Firstborn. The pack is the first Forsaken in the city center in many years and is dealing with the Pure and know of the existence of one Bale Hound, a friend of the pack to boot.

    The question is how would you handle a fully reformed Host in the setting? I haven't seen much information about Hosts after they reach a certain point. Any help would be appreciated.

    (Figured some background information would help answer any incoming questions but if you need more information let me know.)

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    I would probably use the rules for Pangaeans in The Sundered World (Dark Eras)

    I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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      We never got any material on reborn Hosts, but we did learn about their progenitors. They are, as Thorbes said, Pangaeans from "The Sundered World" chapter in "Dark Eras". If you don't have access to the book, one of the official writers posted some extras on these forums:
      The Fox
      The Harvest
      Note that reconstituted Hosts might not reclaim their former glory. The world has undergone a massive metaphysical shift since the Neolithic (Gauntlet replacing the Border Marches), and millenia of aberrant life-cycles probably left a mark. However, this still suggests what their power level could be.