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  • Evidence of Bale Hounds activity

    So I want my players to find traces and evidence in area of Bale Hounds activities. BESIDE Wounds – idea is that local Bale Hounds wants to defile great Locus ( or already did this but mask it with Rite ) and so this evidence is off the list. How would you mark in subtler way that Maeljin Servants are working in nearby?

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    I've always liked just a gut feeling that something bad was in the area, like a spiritual radiation is present. Maybe parts of the shadow are seared a little or the outline of a spirit is burnt into a wall.


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      More negative spirits, other packs starting to develop tension internally, Lunes going raggedy...

      Take what signs you would expect a spy to leave behind and apply the werewolf lens to it.

      EDIT: Doesn't Blasphemies start off with a list of targets that gives you places to showcase wonkiness and that someone is up to something?
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        Spiritually speaking, don't display open wounds... yet. Just bruises. Not ruin, but decadence. Make it obvious it's beyond the ken of those affected, even if there's a third party involved. Example: A sudden burst in substance abuse - not enough to be say, deadly or irreversibly traumatic, but enough to worry people. (The person won't OD yet, but they can't function without their fix.) Build the tension and then have it burst like a bloated corpse.


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          Wounded spirits, acts of various vices the Bale Hounds have encouraged. Blasphemies depicts a Bale Hound who has been hiding in an area as having drawn images depicting Soulless Wolf and their origin.


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            Perhaps having the PCs find traces of a rite, and have their Ithaeur or something discern the purpose of said rite using it's remains? If the Rite somehow pertains to Wounds or their creation, and pretty much only Uratha use Wolf-Rites, it would point towards Bale Hounds?

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