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Do you play in 1st person or 3rd person?

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  • Do you play in 1st person or 3rd person?

    As the title said, I myself think that 3rd person perspective is better because it's clear as day and night weather you speak as a character or as yourself. I myself have never been to any session (long story; my job is irregular hour and the biggest games store in my country is quite hostile toward Onyx Path) but from YouTube and Podcast (at least those that I saw) seemed to lean toward 1st person. It get confusing when people speak both in character and out of character as "I".
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    I think most folks do a mix of both. I usually use first person when it's clear from context that I'm referring to my character ("I shift to Gauru" for example is pretty clear I'm not talking about myself as a player) or talking in character (most of my characters have voices or affectations different from my own, so it's usually pretty clear when I'm speaking in or out of character). I use Third person when it's not clear, or when I'm dictating what my character says instead of speaking as them ("Skaaldir relays this information to the rest of the pack", for example.)

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      As Charlaquin said, mix of both. I am a more narrative player in general, so I probably tend more towards 3rd person. One exception is when my character has some sort of trait I can adept to make it obvious when I'm portraying them, such as an accent, stammer or the like.

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        First person. I appreciate it can be confusing at times but most people understand I'm not actually using gifts, changing form, or eating people.


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          Originally posted by Charlaquin View Post
          I think most folks do a mix of both.

          Yeah, playing a mix is probably the more fun option in the long run. Also gives more flexible role playing experience, I would think.


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            In most of my groups people will use first person to describe actions and third person to describe thoughts. ("I search the room for any hidden symbols." "Edgar is suspicious of this whole setup and doesn't trust what we've been told.") More specifically, if a thought is expressed for everyone to hear it's in first person but if a player is describing a part of an inner monologue or thought bubble it's in third person.

            As an ST I will use second person to describe things happening to a specific character and third person if I'm narrating a scene or an outcome that has concurrent impact on multiple characters.


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              My longest running groups have used first person, but most of us came from pretty strong theater backgrounds in our youth, and we love the acting aspect of first person. However, to echo what's been said, it ends up a bit of a mix. There's no denying you have to be able to speak out of character, but it's situational. For a couple of examples, if a character needs clarification, we tend to work that out in character. If a player is asking for clarification, then that's out of character. Typically, in those groups, whenever we've resorted to out of character chatter, we have a signal, like a raised hand, or holding up three fingers, or whatever, to let everyone know that we're speaking as the player and not the character.

              In other groups I've been in, it's just a toss-up. One group in particular that I was new to had never thought of playing as acting, and so when I joined in and just did it from habit, they thought it was the cat's meow and the whole table ended up in first person (well, with the understanding that it was new for them, so there was a ton of OOC chatter, which is fine). Another group I was in had a couple people who were absolutely not comfortable with acting, and so to keep things consistent, we all stuck to third person.

              Whatever works, but my preference is first person.