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[Dark Eras] Wolf & Raven - Representative at Hólmganga?

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  • [Dark Eras] Wolf & Raven - Representative at Hólmganga?

    I prepare scene of Thing for my Viking era chronicle. I want to present two Jarls main NPCs at it - one is accusing another on being Ergi ( in this meaning as passive homosexual ). So defender need to protect his Honor and duel with accusing in Hólmganga. But to not make scene about fight of two NPCs - Can defender choose one of PCs as his representative in duel? I remember being this possibility in tradition in Medieval Europe - not sure if being present in Norse society.
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    The wikipedia article says yes, though it doesn't give any sources and the impression I get is that we don't really know all that much about how Holmgang actually worked as a social practice. You can probably get away with it.