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  • Stargazers in WTF

    Now i know in the translation guide they made all the apoclaypse tribes into potential lodges, but i say NAY i want to convert one of them in as a tribe in a werewolf the forsaken game: The Stargazers. So what i wanted to ask would be fourfold: Any ideas as to who or what their firstborn would be, their unique gift, sacred prey and tribal oath? I have some sparks to make ideas, but i wanted to confer with the good folks here

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    I'll try a quick crack at it .

    For firstborn i would go either with Mountain Wolf or Star Wolf. The core concept of the firstborn would be contemplation and asking a question might be even more important than answering it.
    So a tribal oath about asking questions?
    I personally prefer abstract concept over specific enemy type (but thats me so take it with a grain of salt) so perhaps Puzzles for sacred prey.
    No idea for special gifts, sorry.

    an alternate take (actually started getting this while writing above so its very vague).
    Perhaps it could be a tribe that fights abyssal entities. It may be very metaphorical but when i think about potential enemy to the stargazers I imagine a 'night sky with no star' and that makes me think of the abyss for some reason.

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      I may be going nuts but I swear I responded to this the other day with at least 3 paragraphs explaining some potential lore for Star-Gazers as a Tribe. I swear to god my computer is plotting against me, first it posts a changeling question before I am done writing and now my entire friggin lore is gone.