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  • New Fetish: Iron Fur

    Fetish: Iron Fur (●●)

    Iron Masters, particularly those from police & military backgrounds, are all too aware that human ingenuity has produced an astonishing and horrifying variety of tools with which to inflict and avoid harm. Making maximally effective use of those tools often requires a bipedal form with opposable thumbs, and Sagrim-Ur's chosen have long made good use of Dalu as a form combining the resilience of the Uratha with the deadly fruits of human labor.

    Sometimes, however, the Farsil Luhal encounter a threat for which Dalu is unwise or insufficient. In recent nights, an innovative ritemaster devised a partial solution to this problem, drawing on extensive knowledge of Shaping and Technology Gifts in the process.

    Effect: Each set of Iron Fur is a set of armor whose interior has been claw-carved with sigils (see any of the Armor tables in the Chronicles of Darkness corebook, Werewolf: the Forsaken, or Hurt Locker for example statistics.) When the Uratha shifts into Gauru, Urshul, or Urhan, the Iron Fur shifts and stretches with him, retaining its protective utility. Werewolves who make frequent use of Iron Fur often train in Armored Combat to maximize their freedom of movement, and ritemasters usually craft Iron Fur from armor that is more easily concealed or explained if seen in Hishu; reinforced clothing, sports gear, and kevlar vests are favorites. (Rumors of so-called "Full Riot Wolves" remain unconfirmed.)

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    I really like it!


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      And to think my Rahu used to wear canine kevlar.