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​[WtF 2E - Wolf & Raven Dark Era] Actual Play - Wolves of the North

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  • ​[WtF 2E - Wolf & Raven Dark Era] Actual Play - Wolves of the North

    Actual Play of my RPG club chronicle about Scandinavian werewolves and Maeljin in modern times and Vikings Era. Plot takes place in Uppsala, Sweden, both in year 2017 and 799 A.D., in interwoven sessions. More on my modern Uppsala setting you can read here. On the Viking Era details in Uppsala and general outlook we have this very informative topic on Scandinavian society. For starters, let’s look on the both modern and historical era Packs...
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    ( Could have help in Totem Bane section - I will edit Packs write-ups when new information will show up on them. )

    2017 – Blood of Lars

    Pack formed from friends and disciples of Bone Shadow Rahu - Lars Battle Sweat – wanting to find and took revenge on killers of their mentor. He was mostly rather lone wolf character, but took and raised cubs and Wolf-Blooded if he find them on his travels, few months each time. He was mysteriously drowned on May 1st of 2017 at the brinks of Lake fjord Ekoln, 15 kilometers from Uppsala. Uratha just do not drown, and Lars was investigating some issue with local Shadow Realm… Now his previous disciples are coming to his funeral in Stockholm and sworn to find people responsible, even if not stating their goals openly.

    Totem: Eagle of Justice

    Blood of Lars is under patronage from Eagle of Justice, Rank 2 Eagle/Justice spirit. They just ‘stole him’ from Shadow Realm.

    Aspiration: Punish injustice
    Ban: Do not let go without judgment
    Bane: ???

    Pack Members

    Half of Pack members know each other from events of bloody First Change in their small town of Knivsta ( about 10km from Uppsala ) at local high school prom night of 2012, where Lars took care of two new Uratha and one Wolf-Blooded after it. Even if then cubs quickly split up for five years, they reconcile when returning at funeral of their mentor, seeking revenge for him.

    Tony Sodenberg – Uratha - Rahu from Iron Masters
    Twenty-something owner of Uppsala bar/nightclub ‘The Wolves’. He knows Kai and Alex from the events in 2012 local prom night – and where Lars found this three cubs. About year ago Lars was asking him if opening local was good idea – but in the end liked it, after being shown by new owner. Tony is (in)famous from his contacts with illegal elements – nothing truly serious, but he tries not to enrage local Lodge of Shield ( police werewolf ) pack Hundgrouppen.

    Kai Vinter – Uratha – Ithaeur from Bone Shadows
    Kai was a bit of outsider in high school – and even now is. After events of 2012 prom, she left town in few weeks and travel around Scandinavia to understand spirits and her mission as Uratha. She meet Lars once again, two years ago, to study local ephemera under him – they once again parted ways, but she prized his advises. She is classical ‘weird backpack travel occultist’, with her clothes and bag full of strange talismans and paraphilia.

    Alex Lofgren – Wolf-Blooded – Hunters in Darkness – Tells: Host-Ache, Wolf Sign
    Alex was rather normal guy in high school – he spent some time with outsiders and geeks, but he still could work as typical high schooler. It all changed when he was chased by the raging Tony in Gauru at prom night in 2012 – he only survived by help from Lars on that night, when older Uratha shield him with his chest. After those events he was so shocked, he ended for one year in psychiatric institution in Uppsala. ( From loosing 1 Integrity in the game ). When he was released, he started studying journalism and now works for fringe ‘weird and occult’ magazine. His Host-Ache was used to find some Host nest in 2-3 events in past by the Tribe. He knows Aarno from local meetings of Hunters in Darkness.

    He was lately closed in arest with Carter, from that he was get out with him by Tony.

    Aarno Olafson – Wolf-Blooded – Hunters in Darkness – Tells: Liar’s Skin, Evil Eye
    The outlander that likes to live with nature, he is somehow aloof from rest. He was studying archeology when meet Lars as 3 years before, and digging burial ground near farm at middle of nowhere. When he saw Lars, he made him curious about some past relics. Old wolf made him wonder and interest about esoterica – and this make Aarno to look for his Tribe. He ended with Hunters in Darkness from his dedication for looking over sacred and connection to nature. He knows Alex from local Tribe meetings. He has all white left eye, marking him looking somehow similar to Odin.

    Lately Aarno lost his left arm to the jaws of Gunnr ( complicated matter ) and from his Liar’s Skin have stump that is overgrown with wolf’s fur – making a bit puzzle for local hospital. He looks for the magical way to heal this damage – probably wanting to find Spirit of Healing.

    Carter E. Jones – Wolf-Blooded – Ghost Wolf – Tells: Piercing Eyes, Shadow Twin ( sister )
    Carter is pale twenty-something that works as medium in Stockholm. Lately, he was mixed with murder case and waits in arrest for processing. When Tony comes to take out of police station Alex, he frees Carter, sensing he is Wolf Blooded. Carter thanks for the release and knowing he cannot stay in Stockholm, goes with rest of the Pack to Uppsala. Still, he say he needs to take some matters alone now, and vanish in the night. He may return later.

    Eva 'Gunnr' ( Battle ) Nyman – Uratha – Elodoth from Storm Lords - Valkyrja Mot
    NPC advisor to the young members pack. She is rather tight-lipped, but also saying what and when things need to be said. In discussion it came she was previous lover to Lars. She came to funeral, thinking that he was murdered by some enemy. Try to be distant, but become warm at cubs she advise to. Her connection in Valkyrja Mot can be critical in contacts with Allfather’s Host pack.
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      Before dwelling in to Viking Era pack, I will show my small Gamla Uppsala background for this times.

      Uppsala in 799 A.D.

      Uppsala is ruled by king Bjorn Ironside, son of Ragnar Lothbrook himself. Ironside in gray-winning, matured warrior protecting his community, that he conquered with his father decades ago. Bjorn needed to take back lands from Eysteinn Beli – governor, chosen by Ragnar years before, but who rebelled against dynasty when sons of Ragnar conquered and see the world. For a few years Uppsala there is relative peace, beside minor squabbles with Jarls under Ironside. Most are resolved on once year Vikings – that means raids – organized in the name of Ironside – that he now don’t participate, staying to watch over settlements and land around.

      Population is scattered across local terrain, creating small villages under specific clans – still under authority of king Bjorn, Temple of Thor, Odin and Frejr – and the Thing of Free Men – all of them in nearby of Uppsala. In the town itself there is maybe 200 people, but in the region to one day march around it there are circa 9000 people in farms and smaller settlements – sometimes even living in cottages inside surrounding forests.

      Uratha Tribes are sticking to lines of clans and Wolf-Blooded families, that taken particular positions in society.
      • Iron Masters are craftsman and traders in Uppsala proper, making and inventing ways to outsmart humans.
      • Bone Shadows are inside priests of Temple, paying homage and guarding new spirits created in this place of worship.
      • Blood Talons and Storm Lords are in linages connected to local farms, fighting for survival and crops in hard environment of Scandinavia.
      • Hunters in Darkness live in nearby woods, distanced from concerns of men.
      • Pure Tribes are divided – Predator Kings are sticking to forests, Fire-Touched fights on influences in priesthood and Ivory Claws try to move idea of ‘pure bloodlines’ in nearby settlements.

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        Is this game still ongoing? I really like how you have set up your game, but it left me wanting for more.


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          It's going on, yes. I just do not have time to translate my notes from Polish to English with this Modern/Viking Werewolf game and run from time to time modern Mage chronicle. But if I got some more time - or get sick for few days - I may finally translate them.

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            Zooroos, you asked, so here is year 799 pack write-up to this date...

            799 Blood for Odin

            Pack formed from Uratha on the terrains of Uppsala’s leader – Jarl Gudrik – who is part of Kings Bjorn Ironside faction, only looking on rather outskirts of Uppsala’s neighborhood settlements. Chief is known as kind of ‘entrepreneur’, being great organizer than fighter, preparing now 3rd his Viking, to small island on the coasts of ‘England lands’ called – Iona. As more merchant than a soldier, he does not have massive support to his voyage. More people leave him when on Thing of Free Men in February of 799, at festival Dísablót in Uppsala’s Temple, he is called ‘Ergi’by Jarl Hrut - his neighbor by terrains - for ‘unmanly behavior’ with his servant. What was later uncovered – Hrut and Gudrik were previous lovers, but now as Gudrik left Hrut, he used his position to take his ex-lover lands on duel rights. Gudrik need to defend his Honor, but is weak fighter when Hrut is famous warrior. So Gudrik ask Hindar to be his champion and Rahu reclusively agrees. As he wins duel for his Jarl, they sail to Iona with Heidi and Valgard – and rest of the crew – and become ‘berseker heroes’, when Odin blessing made them ‘bloodthirsty warrior-wolves’ that in three persons slaughter most of Christian monastyr. Now they took back with them to Uppsala mysterious Celtic Uratha called ‘Last Howl’ – that maybe another Urhanu

            Blood of Odin Presumably they are ancestors to Blood of Lars pack in 2017, somehow…

            Totem: Raven of Ash & Blood

            Blood for Odin is under patronage from Raven of Ash & Blood, Rank 2 Raven/Violence spirit. He is guiding them on their journeys and his relief is ship’s figurehead, mounted on the prow while raiding.

            Aspiration: Burn and kill enemies, so Raven can feed
            Ban: ??? ( Thinking something about not passing the occasion to pillage )
            Bane: ???

            Pack Members

            Most members know each other from Dísablót festival in year 799 and common plans with Jarl Gudrik. Last Howl was find on Island Iona, where he was last Urhanu of his dead pack – and then he killed in Death Rage with rest of PCs pack his last two Wereblooded packmates. He return to Scandinavia with Blood of Odin, becoming their ‘pet project’.

            Hindar – Uratha - Rahu from Blood Talons - Urhanu
            Great wolf that become human. Hindar is real giant in humans crowd, but he is very… reclusive. Jarl Gudrik saw him once on change and blackmailed to work as his personal bodyguard. Still, in the coming years he become rather skilled fighter and craftsmen, even if still preferring more animals than humans. As born in sticte Wereblooded pack, he was looking for other Urhanu till finding Last Howl…

            Heidi – Uratha – Ithaeur from Bone Shadows
            Heidi is priestess of Dis, women goddesses of war and fertility, working under greater cult of Odin. She has intakes in Uppsalla’s Temple and is Runecaster, telling fulfilling prophesies. She had divinatory vision about Viking with Gudrik and known she need to be on his boat.

            Valgard – Ithaeur from Iron Masters
            In public – Upsalla’s blacksmith and carpenter apprentice. In secret – ‘items shaman’, known from talking with and perfecting spirits of items. Valgard heard rumors about Christians worshiping some carpenter god that shaman want’s to meet and talk with ( as he talks with spirits ). Joining Gudrik and sacking monastery sounds as good solution to his need.

            Last Howl – Cahalith from Storm Lords - Urhanu
            Raisen as part of ‘wild’ pack living on Iona forest, he reclusively change into human of Celtic ethnicity. To be fair, monks with Nosferatu vampires from monastery killed almost all his pack, ‘fearing the wolves’. On final confrontation he killed his two last Wereblooded packmates – and left his home island to go for ‘lands of Winter’. There is something a bit… unsetteling about his look on humans.

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