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Homebrewed 2nd Edition Pure Tribe: The Fang-Shapers

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  • Homebrewed 2nd Edition Pure Tribe: The Fang-Shapers

    Hey all, I wanted to give you all something really special. Now there might be a ( very fucking) few of you who remember when I once wrote about a fan-made fourth Pure Tribe a looong time ago on the old forums, and I have just recently started to convert them to a CofD format for Werewolf: 2nd Edition! it has been a very long time coming and I hope you guys will like them along with the little spin I decided to put on the tribe.. I think this would fit a really cool potential niche among things werewolves hunt, whether Pure or Forsaken!

    Like with my homebrewed Shartha the Gisilu, this will be posted in sections, though hopefully this time I will be able to get this to you all much, MUCH more quickly ^^;

    Without further ado, here is one of my most beloved fan creations for werewolf: The Kukthidum, The Fang-Shapers! like always, let me know what you think and don't be shy in offering me advice.. I want to refine these guys as much as possible .



    The scent of the False Idol was heavy in this place, and it made the Wolf within her snarl in agitation. For too long had the servants of that clockwork abomination polluted the pack's territory, twisting what should be the purview of their Mother's and infecting the humans with Its Essence. That would end tonight, she and her pack would see to it. The False Idol would learn not to fuck with the Pure – especially Danu-Ur's chosen children.

    You are the world's most clever hunter. You take the fangs and claws of those weaker than you and become stronger for it. You destroy that which is unworthy and build up that exalts the true masters of this broken world and keeps those who should be prey, prey. Your mother, your true Mother- not that lying bitch Luna- taught this lesson to your ancestors and now you put those teachings to practice. The Herd has risen up to join the table of predators like the unwanted interlopers they are, and it is time for you to take what makes them strong, their claws and fangs, for yourself and to kick them back down where they truly belong. This is the right of those who are Pure, and who are more Pure than the ones who shape those fangs?

    The Fang-Shapers are perhaps the least understood tribe of the Pure, and that's just how they prefer it. While the Forsaken have had many traumatizing battles with the likes of the Predator Kings or heard the disturbing yet impassioned sermons regarding servitude and worship of the Shadow by the apostles of the Fire-Touched or dealt with the social and political cat-and-mouse games of the Ivory Claws; but the Kukthidum are different in the fact that they keep to themselves and mostly seem content to ignore the Forsaken – provided the Tribes of the Moon leave them be. This is not because the Fang-Shapers hate the Urdaga any less than their fellow Pure – though they often do interact with the Forsaken more or less peacefully more readily than the others, albeit this is still an extremely rare occurrence – but rather they find their cousins to be a lower priority compared to their true prey; anything the Forsaken do is secondary to their primary goals as a Tribe.

    This attitude at times strains the relationship of the Fang-Shapers and the other Anshega, as this apparent unconcern for the goings on for the whelps of the whore-moon goes against what would be considered acceptable, and it is not uncommon for the children the other tribes to view the Kukthidum with a level of scrutiny they ordinarily reserve for blood-traitors or their own Sacred Preys. But the wisest of the Pure look at the strange quirks of their brethren and know better; The Fang-Shapers may let the slaves of Luna go along their sad, pathetic way tonight, but tomorrow they always will wet their muzzles with the blood of their nine times damned cousins – after the real target of the hunt has been dealt with of course.

    The Firstborn:

    The Tribal Totem of the Fang-Shapers is Danu-Ur, the Creator Wolf, once the calmest and most balance oriented of the Firstborn. While the Forsaken tell legends of Danu-Ur devolving into madness and becoming Rabid Wolf at the death of Mother Wolf, the Kukthidum know this is simply untrue – though Her connection to Fenris-Ur is rarely contested.

    This Story is true. In the time before time Danu-Ur acted as both den mother and caregiver for her fellow siblings when Urfarah could not find time to break from the Hunt that called to His Bones, calling upon her immense understanding of how Essence flowed and inter-meshed when they were haggard from the endless Border Marches. He would salve the wounds of Fenris-Ur and the others when they were injured with his tongue and would find fitting replacements for teeth that fell out or claws that broke. Then one day when she was searching for a spirit to soothe the fevered whining of her youngest sibling she came across a small village of humans and saw the local healer gathering herbs to help treat a sick child. While initially dismissive of the tiny creatures, upon seeing the man's cure work she began to see possibilities and more importantly, how to improve upon them – The oath of “Let No Opportunity To Rise Above The Unworthy Go Unclaimed” at its purest form.

    This Story is true. When Urfarah lay dying and the other Firstborn howled and cowered over what they had done, Danu-Ur was different. In her grief and outrage at the betrayal of her closest twin and his hand in the death of their Father, she fell upon him with a fury and Rage she had never known before, opening old wounds and exasperating ones caused in the struggle, each bite inflaming a hundred thousand injuries, her purpose as a caretaker twisted into a weapon against her brother Fenris-Ur. Though she ultimately failed and was nearly destroyed in the battle with the Destroyer, the Creator was able to limp away, festering in her anger and pain. It is said this hatred for Fenris-Ur burns to this very day, and those bound to Him can feel it ignite to its most intense whenever one of the Suthar Anzuth and the Kukthidum are near each other.

    This Story is true. Those idiots among the Forsaken like to compare us to the brain damaged puppies of the Iron Masters a hell of a lot, and while it's a fucking insult, I can see where they would get that delusion. The problem is, we don't really go after the humans; there is little point in tricking or killing a handful here or there unless there is no other option. No, we go after what really pulls mankind's strings – the False Idol, the spiritual representation of their own influence on the Shadow. Hell, it might even be the spiritual reflection of humanity itself, though its rare to actually find the thing in the Hisil. Its evolved, become something more Flesh than Spirit; if you can call metal and cement and plastic “flesh”, and it is behind everything the herd does, a literal god of Gears and Oil and all the fucking things people think makes the world so grand – all hidden in plain sight. Maybe the Preds are right when they say the humans are ruining everything , I dunno, but we're the ones who will tear the thing down, rip all the pieces apart, and make It into something that serves the Pure. There will be a new Pangaea one day, but its gonna be one of glass and steel as well as all backwards nature shit.


    The Fang-Shapers hunt the most dangerous prey: the influence of humanity and its impact on the physical and spiritual worlds. This would at first would sound to be a rather nebulous choice of a scared prey; after all just what encompasses “ the influence of humanity”? Is it humans themselves, or is it their tools and infrastructure that has helped them becoming the most world dominating invasive species? Do the spirits directly related to concepts or objects created by mankind count as sacred prey? While most Fang-Shapers would agree that all of these things do fall under what they view as their duty to hunt, they would also say that their true Sacred Prey is far grander and more alien than what most werewolves attempt to tackle. The Fang-Shapers primarily focus on hunting what they call the False Idol, a strange gestalt of Essence and material Infrastructure that is seemingly connected to-yet-separate from humanity, and its servants – the entity that other denizens of the Chronicles of Darkness refer to as the God-Machine and Its angels. The Kukthidum see the False Idol as one of the greatest abominations to exist on the face of the planet on par with Luna and her ilk, with the main difference being unlike the Bitch Moon the God-Machine appears to be EVERYWHERE there are humans, its physical components hidden from the herd by strange magics that confound ritemasters and Its inscrutable designs carried out by strange techno-spiritual beings who are just as strange and unsettling as the Lunes, though far more directly present.

    Suffice it to say, there is little doubt to see why the Fang-Shapers are comparatively less concerned by the machinations of the Urdaga than the rest of the Pure, the Influence of the False Idol is everywhere in both Flesh and, to a surprisingly lesser extent, Shadow, its pervasive tendrils of strange, toxic Essence warping everything they touch as it cultivates both worlds for its unknowable purposes. What the Anshega see as laxity the Fang-Shapers know as urgent priority, there is much to do, and there are rarely enough bodies around to do it, and as a result the Kukthidum are a very close knit Tribe by necessity, working together within their territories with a level of cohesion that would earn respect from even the most dismissive Blood Talons.

    As they hunt down and destroy the living pieces of the Idol, so too do they do battle with Its eyes and hands; angels. Like spirits in the fact they are ephemeral creatures composed of essence, the Fang-Shapers often find a level of catharsis in hunting these alien things.. after all it is so much easier tearing apart a biomechanical many-winged monster than it is to try to destroy a beloved skyscraper filled to the brim with floors folded within floors or a disease created in a hidden lab found outside the physical universe. It is foolish to be complacent when fighting these clockwork servants of the God-Machine, however, as while they may resemble spirits they have powers and capabilities that the inhabitants do not and can be incredibly deadly foes for a pack who is unprepared – as many young Shapers tragically discover.

    Luckily with their knowledge of how to shape and harness Essence and their mastery of Fetish making the Kukthidum are perhaps the most well suited tribe to deal with the threat of the God-Machine, and where spirit magic and the incredible shapeshifting powers of the Uratha fail there are rumors that the Fang-Shapers are not alone in this nightly struggle against the False Idol. There are whispers here and there of former servants of the Idol who also wish to bring It down, and stories of the Tribe and these beings working together to strike at it numerous times in history – though how credible these tales can be is often up for debate. Still, one does hear of some Shaper packs who host a few of these “demons” as members from time to time – as well as stories of a rare few of these same packs using said demons as components of bizarre and potent fetishes.


    Fang-Shaper gatherings are rather exclusive affairs, held far away from the territories of their fellow Pure. Mistrust runs both ways, and it is a rare event indeed when the Kukthidum open their doors to the other Tribes, though when there are exceptions it is often due to circumstances where camaraderie is greatly required to avoid needless conflict between the Anshega.

    What occurs at these gatherings often vary depending on the packs who organize them, but the most common events held by Tribe are usually retreats meant to share information on the False Idol and locations where It has extended Its reach, as well as an opportunity to trade stories or even recruit new members or even start families. In Seoul there is a rather infamous event every year where Korean Kukthidum get together on White Day in order to court each other, offering broken pieces of the Idol or its servants to potential mates in hopes of attracting a desired partner.

    The Fang-Shapers are also known to have a very active and thriving Fetish trade,and a few times a year in many regions of the world where the Shapers hold sway Tribe-mates are known to host open markets where they trade and barter for Fetishes, Talens, and other, more essentric artifacts; such as the Black Expo in Los Angeles, which is rumored to traffic in magical trinkets often owned by wizards amongst other things.

    Nickname: Junkers ( Derogatory, among the Forsaken and outside the Tribe.), Builders ( Within the Tribe and outside it), Collectors ( among themselves), Pups ( Derogatory, among other Pure)

    Tribal Gifts: Shaping, Technology, Resonance ( Detailed at a later date), Evasion

    Tribal Renown: Cunning.


    Fire-Touched: Keep the Shadow side safe, but for the love of Danu-Ur can you stop looking at me like I'm about to do something stupid when I go over there?

    Ivory Claws: You're blind right? How can you not see that Its all over your Territory? Humans work for It, dumbass, but I can help you fix that.

    Predator Kings: I can respect you guys the most, if only you would remember that we're more than just wild animals sometimes.

    Demons: If the Idol was able to make them out of nothing but Essence and mechanical bits, I wonder what we could make them into?

    Forsaken: A bunch of pitiful idiots, the entire lot of them. Still, every once in awhile one of them comes around who can be reeducated. Assuming we don't kill them first.

    On The Hunt

    The Fang-Shapers tend to tread carefully when they prepare to perform the Siskur-Dah, moving in tandem and striving to avoid taking needless risks, despite how difficult that may be when the Rage takes hold. But when its time to deliver the killing blow, the Fang-Shapers normally fall upon their target with all the fury typical of the Uratha unless the matter at hand requires more guile or finesse, resembling a surgical act of sabotage or assassination than a traditional hunt. Still, the pleasure of rending flesh, bone, and metal is often too tantalizing to pass up, and even the most tactical of Hunts tend to end with the pack drenched in oil and ichor if something goes awry.

    Off The Hunt

    There is no real “ off the hunt” with the Kukthidum. When they take time away from striking at the Idol or its angels they usually then deal with other issues that may arise in their territories, going after a pack of Forsaken who have been intruding on their turf, hunting down and binding troublesome spirits who think they can get the better of the Anshega, or ripping the throats out of any other threat that is foolish enough to cross them. This can be incredibly exhausting to the inexperienced, but for elder Fang-Shapers who have survived long enough, they have learned how to balance their time to allow for at least some rest, however little it may be some days.


    Up Next: Gifts of Resonance and Rites!
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    Hey all, sorry for the delay, the holidays were quite busy for me haha. But as promised, here is one part of the next section: The Gifts of Resonance!


    Powers of The Kukthidum


    Gift of Resonance

    The Fang-Shapers are different from the other Anshega in many ways, from their near constant focus on their eternal self imposed Sacred Hunt against the False Idol rather than domination of the humans and spirit realm to their willingness to tolerate the Forsaken, they often incite the suspicions of their brethren – the powers unique to them bestowed by Creator Wolf being no exception. The Gifts of Resonance possess two very wildly differing theories on how they operate and the implications there of, one being more or less accepted and the other could damn the Tribe if it happened to be true ( More on that later on). While all Gifts channel Essence and reshape the world around the Uratha who uses them with it, the Gifts of Resonance are unique in that they specifically focus on Essence and reshape it in the same way – those who have fought the Idigam find this Gift to be disturbingly similar to Essence Shaping, albeit to a much lesser degree. Potentially horrifying possibilities aside, the Gifts of Resonance serve the Kukthidum well in their nightly duties, especially when corrupting the alien flows of Essence of the Idol for their own ends. Like all Shadow Gifts the Gifts of Resonance possess five Facets corresponding to each of the five categories of Renown, though only Danu-Ur or her spiritual servants can inscribe them onto the flesh and souls of her favored children.

    De-Fang (Cunning)

    By ripping the Essence from one's prey and consuming it, the werewolf gains a measure of defense from any resulting counter attack due to taking away a part of their strength.

    Cost: Two Essence

    Action: Instant

    Dice pool: Strength + Brawl + Cunning – Defense + Power Stat

    Duration: 1 scene.

    Dramatic Failure: Not only does this Facet fail to activate, but the next time the target damages the user they benefit from the effects of De-Fang ( including temporarily gaining the benefits of the user's Cunning Renown for calculating the increased damage rating of any natural weapons they may have) for the rest of the scene.

    Failure: The Facet fails to activate, and the Essence is wasted.

    Success: The User's natural weapons ( teeth, claws, or a combination thereof depending on the user's current form) become coated with a protean, metallic Essence, granting them a damage bonus equal to the User's Cunning for their next Brawl attack. Upon successfully inflicting damage upon the target they lose a number of points of essence equal to the User's Cunning – the target's Power Stat +1 ( meaning that even if the target's power is greater that the User's Renown score, they still lose point of Essence.) while the user gains a number of essence points equal to those lost by the target. For the remainder of the scene, as long as the user retains those essence points gained by this Facet they enjoy a bonus to their Primal Urge for the purpose of resisting the target's supernatural powers equal to the number of Essence reaped by De-Fang. It is possible that this Facet can function against non-spiritual entities, though this is completely up to the Storyteller's discretion. It should also be noted that any Essence the user gains that might exceed their normal Essence pool will bleed off of the User without granting any benefits. This Facet may be used multiple times in a scene against the same or different targets, though it suffers a cumulative -1 penalty each time it is used against the same target, to a maximum of -5

    Exceptional Success: In addition to the benefits described above, the target bleeds off one additional point of Essence for a number of turns equal to the user's Cunning, though this bled off Essence does not count towards the modifiers granted by De-Fang.

    Scour The Pattern (Glory)

    Essence is the source of life for spirits, and this Facet can burn this lifeblood away from a given area of the Shadow for a time, creating temporary dead spots in the Hisil where loci once existed or being used on a living spirit to inflict grievous injury – perfect for corralling a troublesome target of the Siskur-Dah or being used as a tool for leverage against irritating rivals.

    Cost: Five Essence

    Action: Extended/Instant

    Dice Roll: Intelligence + Occult + Glory – Locus Rating ( Extended) / Intelligence + Occult + Glory – Resistance + Rank ( Instant)

    Duration: Varies.

    Target number for Extended Action : The rating of the target locus + 5 ( example: six successes for a one-dot Locus, seven for a two-dot Locus, etc)

    Dramatic Failure: The Gift doesn't activate and user suffers one point of aggravated damage ( and all the risks there of) and loses a number of points of Essence equal to their Glory Renown.

    Failure: The Gift does not function, the Essence is wasted.

    Success: Upon success the Gift activates, and one of two effects take hold. If used on a Locus the spiritual font loses its supernatural potency for a number of days equal to the user's Glory Renown and the essence it had accumulated up to that point dissipates over the course of the Scene – often leading to desperate last ditch feeding frenzies should the user be incautious. It should be noted that this Gift does not permanently destroy the Locus, there is a faint echo of it still present anchored on whatever serves as the focal point of said locus; though it does not produce Essence. Once the effects of this Gift end the Locus begins to regain its rating by one point per day until its original rating is achieved, though if the focal point of this now dormant font is damaged or tampered with in any way before it is fully restored, the locus will truly be destroyed.

    This Facet can also be used on spirits and other ephemeral entities themselves, and if used on them the effects of the Facet are subtly different. Upon success the target suffers a number of points of aggravated damage equal to the successes rolled and loses additional Essence equal to the user's Glory Renown on top of the Essence lost due to suffering aggravated damage – though doing so does register as a Harmony violation towards Spirit ( penalizing the player by a cumulative – 1 in resisting Harmony loss should this Facet be used repeatedly). It is possible that this Facet could be used on one of the People, though their Half Flesh nature severely limits the potency of it, dealing only lethal damage and scouring only a single point of Essence for every other success made on the activation roll.

    Exceptional Success: The effects described above take place, but the user regains the Essence points expended to activate the Facet.

    Ripples In The Well (Honor)

    The Essence of the Fang-Shapers themselves is also subject to the powers of the Gifts of Resonance, and the user of such can make his Essence more difficult to take away, either by making the wellspring within him as calm as a still pond or its currents as chaotic as a rushing river.

    Cost: None

    Duration: Permanent.

    The User adds his Honor Renown to his Primal Urge for the purpose of resisting powers or other hostile effects that would cause him to lose Essence, and effects that would cause immediate Essence loss without allowing her to use her Primal Urge to resist instead become a contested action were the bearer of this Fact may roll Honor + Primal Urge against the aggressors highest Power stat + Rank/ Potency score- even if the effect in question is triggered remotely. In addition, this Facet doubles the length of time the user has before suffering the effects of Essence bleed due to high Primal Urge.

    Filling The Cracks ( Purity)

    The user is able to use his Essence to heal the rips and tatters of a spirits ephemera, but in doing so he gains a measure of control over that spirit temporarily

    Cost: various

    Action: Instant

    Duration: 1 scene.

    The user is able to give a number of his Essence points up to his limit in a turn to a Spirit, repairing their Corpus at the following rates:

    1 Essence for two points of Bashing or one point Lethal damage.
    3 Essence for one point of Aggravated damage.

    Alternatively the user can allow the spirit can instead to add these points of Essence to its pool, in which case it can spend them as normal. In addition, once the user's Essence has been used in either manner the spirit suffers a penalty to resist the powers of the user or efforts to bind or control them equal to the number of Essence points granted to the spirit for the scene to a maximum of -5

    Drawing In The Current (Wisdom)

    The user is capable of drawing Essence to her body as if she were a great whirlpool, sucking in any spiritual power that may be nearby and coalescing it – creating a short lived Locus. Alternatively if used within an existing Locus, this Facet can be used to make it more powerful.

    Cost: 5 Essence

    Action: Extended ( target number: 15 + 5 for each rating above 1)

    Dicepool: Occult + Primal Urge + Wisdom – Rating of the Locus the user is wishing to create/ strengthen

    Duration: 1 month/ Permanent

    Dramatic Failure: Not only does the user fail to create a Locus, but the attempt burns out any ambient Essence in an area equal to the users Wisdom in miles, preventing this Facet from being used in said area again for an entire lunar month. If the user was attempting to strengthen a Locus, they instead cause its Rating to decrease by one for an entire lunar month, or destroys the Locus entirely if its Rating is only 1.

    Failure: The Facet fails to Function

    Success: The User creates a Locus with a Rating equal up to their maximum Wisdom Renown score, its Resonance being that of whichever Essence is most prevalent in the area (though this Resonance can be altered by the Resonance Shaper merit) and persists for a month and acts as all loci do. Unfortunately the Loci created by this method cannot be strengthened, their hold on the Shadow Realm is too tenuous to sustain indefinitely at this stage. If used on a preexisting Locus the user can increase its rating by an amount equal to their Wisdom Renown, though it cannot exceed 5. Unlike the temporary loci created by this Facet, the increased capacity of the empowered Locus is permanent as it acclimates quickly to this rapid increase of spiritual potency over the course of a lunar month- though this Gift must be used upon the newly strengthened Locus in order to maintain this increased potency, but fortunately one only needs to roll as if it is a one dot locus regardless of its current rating.

    Exceptional Success: Temporary Loci created by this Facet can be strengthened like existing ones, but they still fade away once one lunar passes.



    Wolf Rites

    Chimeric Pelt (4)

    The Fang-Shapers are quite good at manipulating Essence, and a long time ago several ambitious rite masters had discovered how to shape their own Essence to mimic that generated by other forms of Resonance. Its not uncommon to see some of the Kukthidum with pelts composed of crackling flames, fangs made of steel, and other unnatural alterations to their physical forms that just goes further to show how the Fang-Shapers stand apart from their fellow Uratha even as they cleave together with them.
    Symbols: Transformation, Stability, Elements, Blood.

    Sample Rite: There is a rather atavistic pack of Shapers who dwell in upstate Michigan where Rite Master and all of those wishing to receive the benefits of this ritual gather around a large Fire or along the bank of a body of water ( or any appropriate representation of what the group wishes to emulate) as the recipients then take the forms that they wish for the ritual to alter. Once done each then shifts between each and every form once ( with all the dangers thereof) before settling on the desired form once more. The Rite Master then cuts each recipient with a ritualistic weapon of some kind and catches a bit of blood from each into a wooden bowl and then pours the amassed blood onto the fire or into the body of water before then cutting their own hand and placing the wounded appendage upon each recipient, marking them and completing the ritual

    ( Finesse + Occult)

    Action: Extended ( 10 successes, each roll representing one minute)

    Duration : One Month

    Success: Upon Success, for the following month the form the recipients chose to be altered will now possess aspects of the element being emulated by the power of this rite, granting them one of the following advantages for the duration of its effect:

    A number of points of Armor equal to the successes to the rite master managed to attain during the performance of the right, to a maximum of +5. This elemental armor is thematic to the element used as the basis ( Thick, stony pelts, coats of living flame, etc), but is functionally the same no matter the medium

    A level of immunity to said element while in the enchanted form, being able to ignore a number of points of damage from said element equal to the number of successes + the ritemaster's Primal Urge per turn. Silver is unaffected by this armor, as this rite does not have nearly enough power to blunt the force of Luna's bite.

    Infusing the forms' natural weapons with elemental fury, granting a combat bonus equal to the successes gained to a maximum of +5. In addition, this elemental energy grants passive effects depending on the element chosen, such as setting fire to flammable materials upon successful attack ( fire) to a minor level of Armor Piercing ( metal) to even ignoring a set amount of an object's durability ( air or water) equal to half the successes gained

    Sacred Hunt (2)

    Like all Uratha, the Fang-Shapers possess the capability of utilizing the Sacred Hunt rite in order to perform the Siskur-Dah, and its primary functions regarding Spirits work as normal. As for their unique Siskur-Dah Condition, it provides the following Benefits:

    Siskur-Dah ( Persistent)

    The Fang-Shapers' Siskur-Dah allows them to attune themselves to the alien Essence flows of the False Idol, piercing the Veil and granting the Kukthidum the ability to perceive Infrastructure and Angels, though unfortunately this Condition does not grant the ability to detect the supernatural run-off produced by the Idol – that is a power exclusively held by creatures more... acclimated to such energies. On the other hand, this Condition does offer a + 2 to utilizing one's spirit and wolf senses for scenting out the Essence of the False Idol or its servants.

    In addition, this variation of the Sacred Hunt rite can be used to strip Essence from angels as if they were spirits, making that Essence safe to consume without making the werewolves in question sick, though as they are angels they lack the ability to teach Gifts, thus that aspect of the Rite does not function. Having said that, there have always been rumors of some hunters able to rip the the secrets of terrible world-magics from the living metal of the God-Machine's more erudite slaves – though it should also be noted that none of these rumors have ever been validated.
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      Hey guys and holy shit did this get delayed! Work, life, and a pair of new little ankle biters in my life forced me to abandon this a bit longer than I would of liked, but now, after a whole two months I am finally going to finish this! Now I was originally going to make two new sections, but as I looked it over i decided to just edit the above reply to include the Rites stuff, and this post to give you a potential rumor / plothook concerning the tribe. Without further ado, here is the long promised final parts of this very long overdue section, and I hope you enjoy it! As always, don't be shy to give me your thoughts and constructive criticism, and have a wonderful day!


      Danu-Ur... Idigam!?

      As stated before, the Fang-Shapers are not particularly trusted or even liked by their comrades, even though they are nominally one of the Pure Tribes. They are simply too different, their interests too focused on the material world and are decidedly ( though only slightly on a Tribe wide level) less concerned about perpetuating the millennium long shadow-war against the Tribes of The Moon than the other Anshega , and this has led to many rumors being spread about them ranging from the utterly inconsequential to potentially fatal. By far the worst rumor of them all, however, is that the entire Tribe has long been under the thrall of one of the dreaded Idigam and is a ticking time bomb just ready to be used against both Pure and Forsaken. The Kukthidum vehemently deny this rumor at any given turn, sometimes violently, and a great many Fang-Shapers as a result endeavor to prove their worthiness to the cause of the Pure...but whether it is true or not there are some things that seem to do nothing but validate this supposed falsehood.

      The first and most damning piece of evidence that supports this claim is the very spiritual powers granted to the Fang-Shapers by their totem. The Gift of Resonance is considered by many among spirits, Forsaken, and their fellow Pure to be an alien Gift, one that affects the world in ways other spirit magics cannot easily replicate, if at all in some cases - allowing even young Urdur of the Kukthidum to shape the Hisil to a degree that would take even veteran Fire-Touched shamans weeks or even months to accomplish. Simply put, these Gifts do not rightfully belong in the hands of the Uratha from any Tribe to the minds of most werewolves due to the dangers its powers can pose to the spirit wilds if used irresponsibly. In fact, to those incredibly rare Uratha who have encountered the unknowable Moon Banished or Earth-Bound and survived to tell the tale look upon the Gift of Resonance and shudder. To these survivors this Gift positively screams that it is a tool of the Idigam; its similarities to the terrifying powers of Essence Shaping is no coincidence in the slightest, and seeing any werewolf( which is sadly almost exclusively Fang-Shapers, though a rare few werewolves from the other Pure Tribes have been gifted with this power as well) using them is more than enough justification for these traumatized creatures to lash out with panic-fueled murderous intent. This reaction, coupled with the already suspicious nature of the Gift's purview makes it almost depressingly easy to brand the Fang-Shapers as being corrupted by those who are uninformed.

      Another fact that makes this rumor all the more plausible is that there are Idigam out there who are more interested in using the Uratha as pawns for their agendas rather than simply slaughtering them in the name of vengeance for being imprisoned. Whether out of a desire to destroy the Uratha species from within or a need to replace Father Wolf as the Lord of the Border Marches to even a simple burning sense of curiosity, there are those who have taken a greater interest in the potential of the People and have begun to warp werewolves in their own image and those who hold that the Fang-Shapers have also been compromised in this fashion must ask themselves: Are these idigam following the example of the Kukthidum's Totem? The Fang-Shapers have been around as long as all of the other Tribes, coming into existence thousands of years before the first Moon-Banished escaped their Lunar prison or the Earth-Bound emerged from their slumber, and for as long as any lorekeeper can recall the children of Creator Wolf always possessing the ability to mold Essence like sculptors clay. And yet...

      Which leads to the final piece of “Evidence”, Danu-Ur's very existence as a totem of the Pure sparks a uneasy question pertaining to her legitimacy thanks to many conflicting legends – which then spawns an immediate problem. While Uratha culture does not possess the most reliable form of record keeping, many of the songs and legends concerning Danu-Ur end in one of two manners: either her innate sensitivity to the world and it's Essence warped her into the slavering and maddened monster known as Rabid Wolf following Urfarah's death or that she was tragically killed by her own twin, Destroyer Wolf shortly after the loss of Pangaea- so how does one explain the presence of both Creator Wolf and Gurim-Ur as Pure Totems in the modern nights if nearly every legend treats these great wolf gods as one and the same? The simple answer is that the Forsaken had merely forgotten that Danu-Ur was always her own entity and over the ages merged her aspects with that of Rabid Wolf in an admittedly naive desire to convince themselves that their foes among the Anshega weren't quite so numerous, to give themselves a small measure of peace of mind. Other, more paranoid or cynical individuals whisper a much darker possibility.

      Idigam are spirits without analogs to define them, their protean Essence is constantly shifting in flux. They are true Chaos, in a world as ever changing as the Shadow, yet this unpredictability also represents possibility. An Idigam could theoretically become anything, and as recent years have proven; Urfarah did not hunt down all of them. There are some who whisper that it was one such Idigam who saw an opportunity, and once Danu-Ur lay dying this creature fell upon her, finishing her off and absorbing the great Creator Wolf into itself, only for it to then attempt to impersonate the now vanquished Firstborn for purposes unknown. While any Fang-Shaper would angrily decry this as being an impossibility, the kicker is that this rumor is not as outlandish as it first appears to be. There is an Idigam stalking the world in the modern nights attempting to accomplish the very same thing, albeit on a far grander and profane scale. Granted this “False Father” is far from a perfect replica of the mighty being it is hoping to emulate, but its very existence gives those who prescribe to this foul theory a surprisingly solid foundation to base this hypothesis on. Lul'Aya is a vulgar and pale caricature of Father Wolf, but if it is able to survive and continue to evolve and adapt, who's to say that it couldn't perfect this transformation if given enough time? Many believe that “Danu-Ur” began the same way as Lul'Aya, but the thousands upon thousands of years since have allowed the Idigam to transcend these weaknesses, allowing it to perfectly mimic – or perhaps more accurately – personify Creator Wolf.

      It must be be addressed that this rumor is just that: a rumor. There has been no true, irrefutable evidence that the Wolf-Goddess the Kukthidum are bound to is anything but one of the Firstborn who had sided with the Pure, and that the powers she offers are simply a result of her natural affinity towards the nature of the spiritual world – any similarity to being an Idigam or using Essence shaping is nothing more than a terribly unfortunate coincidence, one that malcontents are happy to make use of in order to drag the divine name of Creator Wolf and her Tribe through the mud.

      And yet.. and yet if by some infinitesimally small chance this ridiculous claim happened to be true well... whatever the future holds for the Fang-Shapers, it is very unlikely that their ending will be a happy -or gentle- one.

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        And there we go, once again, I deeply apologize for taking so long with this ^^:


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          Interesting, and thanks!

          Couple of questions/observations:

          * Would be great to have more comments in the gifts on how they interact with half-spirit creatures such as werewolves, and even other splats that use a magical "essence" pool (like vampires, mages, etc.). I think it would be valuable to make explicit the assumption that essence is the magic energy that cuts across splats, since you basically have a whole tribe that hunts critters from the Demon line of antagonists, now.

          * Ripples In The Well should provide a resistance roll to effects that automatically impose immediate essence loss, not simply negate that loss. The rest of the gift adds honor renown to resistance rolls... so why should the effect vs. immediate loss powers be greater???

          I'm a little surprised you didn't already include a Ritual for ripping infrastructure out--be it embedded in a person, object or location. Is this on purpose?

          Cool, regardless, and the story-hook bits are interesting! When do you think Danu-Ur would have become acquainted with the G-M, such that her people were thus dedicated to obliterating its influence?



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            Originally posted by Khanwulf View Post
            Interesting, and thanks!

            Couple of questions/observations:

            * Would be great to have more comments in the gifts on how they interact with half-spirit creatures such as werewolves, and even other splats that use a magical "essence" pool (like vampires, mages, etc.). I think it would be valuable to make explicit the assumption that essence is the magic energy that cuts across splats, since you basically have a whole tribe that hunts critters from the Demon line of antagonists, now.

            * Ripples In The Well should provide a resistance roll to effects that automatically impose immediate essence loss, not simply negate that loss. The rest of the gift adds honor renown to resistance rolls... so why should the effect vs. immediate loss powers be greater???

            I'm a little surprised you didn't already include a Ritual for ripping infrastructure out--be it embedded in a person, object or location. Is this on purpose?

            Cool, regardless, and the story-hook bits are interesting! When do you think Danu-Ur would have become acquainted with the G-M, such that her people were thus dedicated to obliterating its influence?

            Thanks, to answer your questions:

            1. Simple, it's up to storyteller discretion whether it works on non spiritual creatures. E.g= I don't feel like writing up mechanical effects for 12+ splats. Now regarding werewolves, I think I already included everything appropriate regarding this Gift.

            2. I'll take a look at Ripples when I get more time.

            3. I'll be honest, I heavily dislike the second ed rules for Rites, due to its similarities to Mage spellcraft. Mage is my absolute least favorite gameline, and this makes Rite creation incredibly not fun for me. I did originally intend to write one dealing with Infrastructure, but the tedium of writing with those rules just burned me out.

            4. The hunting of the God-Machine and its Angels is actually a relatively recent development, starting around three thousand years ago during the height of the Roman Empire when the Fang-Shapers were still a sort of underclass among the Pure. Back then the Kukthidum simply hunted and tried to repurpose spirits tied to humanity into something usable for the Anshega. A pack of Fang-Shapers stumbled across a piece of Infrastructure disguised as a statue of Jupiter and Danu-Ur recognized it as what was poisoning Rome with its alien Essence. So she began directing her Tribe to turn their fury on the Machine in order to take its fangs for the glory of Creator Wolf so she and the Tribe could rise to prominence.