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Acts for increasing renown.

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  • Acts for increasing renown.

    Does increasing renown require a single act, or can several "smaller" acts constitute a raise of renown?

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    Each act has to be better than the last, and you should probably make 'better' a much steeper slope. Like in the weird example of making a half-court shot getting you a point of Glory, getting another half-court shot shouldn't get you another point of Glory. So, really, you shouldn't have any 'small' acts raising anything except maybe the first dot.

    But from there it would depend on what the 'smaller' acts refer to. A dozen half-court shots shouldn't get you 12 Renown, but if it's against the Harlem Globestalkers and the fate of the spirit of the city is in the balance and those 12 shots cause you to win the game, winning the game is probably worth a raise of Renown. Likewise, killing a group of baddies, each individual one wouldn't be worth a Renown, but if in killing them you've wiped out the blasphemous spawn of the idigam of innocent sin, then that's your 'big' act.

    tl;dr: a single act, but sometimes a series of acts can be bundled up as part of a larger one