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Life and times of the Firstborn: Claiming Territory!

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  • Life and times of the Firstborn: Claiming Territory!

    When Father Wolf was around and the Firstborn were following him and doing his thing, do you think the firstborn each claimed parts of Pangea like modern werewolves and regular wolves do, today?

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    It sounds like sometimes they did but it doesn't seem to be something they were confined to. They also don't seem to be confined to Pangaea. Urfarah let them wander, so they'd explore all three worlds, potentially more.

    Dark Eras p60, 'Young, passionate, and driven, the Firstborn are allowed free passage through the Border Marches to indulge their own interests, and this fills the Pangaeans with spite and the spirit lords of the Shadow with rage.'
    'The mightiest among the Firstborn are widely known across the world — heralds of the Great Predator like Destroyer Wolf, Dire Wolf, or the terrible Sky Hunter — while others like Black Wolf or Wolf-Who-Whispers roam more limited ranges. A few focus all their efforts on building power only in a specific region, like the Opalescent and Incandescent twins at whose command entire clans of Uratha and humans raise up Pangaean temples to both Warden Moon and Glorious Sun.'