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[2E] Knowing Fetishes

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  • [2E] Knowing Fetishes

    HOW Uratha and Wolf-Blooded know that his normal looking item is Fetish? Or what are it’s magical properties? I assume they do not stand all day and try to use items in various actions, just because. I could not found this in 2E corebook on quick search…

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    I don't know that this is strictly covered in the books. My take on it is that if a character has Essence, then he/she can feel the spirit within the item and recognize it as a Klaive. Werewolf the Apocalypse had rules for attuning to a fetish once per month (or was that W:tF 1e? I don't remember), making it a very personal thing, although I don't think that's necessary (at least in my stories). Still, if an uratha came across a fetish he/she was not familiar with, I could see making a Occult + Primal Urge roll to "attune" to the fetish in order to determine what it's abilities were (and although this should be rare, you could always penalize the roll by the Rank of the spirit if the spirit has some reason to engage subterfuge). You could also have the character spend a number of Essence points equal to the Rank of the spirit inside the fetish (i.e., the Rank of the fetish itself) to "wake up" the spirit and communicate with it.


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      "Normal looking" is a stretch of the definition. Nevermind that Uratha can touch and sense the spirit within. Check your corebook.

      Originally posted by Literally the second paragraph of the section which discusses Fetishes. pg146
      Fetishes often look rather unusual. Their forms reflect
      the symbolism of the power bound within them, and glyphs,
      runes, and sigils are all common decorations. A knowledgeable
      Uratha who has time to study a fetish or talen can identify its
      general nature with a successful Intelligence + Occult roll, but
      any werewolf who touches one of these items can immediately
      sense the spiritual power held within.