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Question: Is Secrets of the Tribes still happening?

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  • Question: Is Secrets of the Tribes still happening?

    Hi all! Couldn't be at GenCon but am following posts, and while excited for a WtF2E Night Horrors, I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Secrets of the Tribes that was announced in the 2015 GenCon brochure. I loved the inside look at covenants the Secrets of the Covenants gave for VtR2E, and eager to learn more of the Tribes.

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    Yes, secrets of the tribes was announced at the panel, along with a Werewolf night horrors book.


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      Honestly, if this book is like Secrets of the Covenants then I will be pretty happy. While I like mechanics, I've always had a bit of trouble with showing the philosophies of the tribes, so I'd be pretty happy to see some examples.


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        This is the supplement I wanted most after reading the core book. Giving each tribe a chosen prey was a cool decision, but I really want to see their cultures developed more.

        Even better if it includes information on the Pure tribes and the Bale Hounds.


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          Originally posted by Daydreamer View Post
          Even better if it includes information on the Pure tribes and the Bale Hounds.
          That's most likely be covered by the new Night's Horrors book (Shunned by the Moon).


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            Personally i have mixed feelings material on the tribes, i know this seems weird but i have recently done a speed read on the whole line for a game i am running and this weird thing happened when the concept of "tribe" is explored 4 times.

            You got the overview on the core, the a deep explanation on tribes (along with their auspice match up) in Lore of the forsaken, Rage: Player guide and Tribes of the moon. With its info all over the place. Lore being the most useful as it explore initiations. But then Rage explore initiation again for Bone Shadows and Tribes of the moon with some but not all of them.

            However if 2 things i feel needs exploring on a 2nd tribebook is Sacred prey and how it interacts with Tribe philosophy.

            Fist edition was pretty simple, you joined the tribe you feel its ban/philosophy you could uphold/like. There was 1 factor to determine tribe, now in 2nd there is 2 Ban/philosophy and Prey. I would like a in deep section on how the preys interact with the tribes philosophy. What happens when a Uratha follows the precepts of Winter wolf but thinks that the pure are mightiest prey.

            The second is what the tribe can teach you. The core says that tribemates can help you teaching you rites and vital information/tactics on dealing with their favored prey but then there is only 1 rite for each tribe. And the information for dealing with preys is either common knowledge, or is just 1 thing.

            Ridden are to varied to have any body of known patterns and their ban can be known to any Ithaeur regardless of tribe. Same with spirits.
            The pure have the same weakness than other urathas. Maybe their tribal ban but that only 3.
            The strategy on the host can be boil down to "kill everysingle spider/rat with fire.....incidentally there is fire gift".

            I would like more info on what the tribe can teach you. Forgot to add, hope we get the alternative moon gifts (Warrior, witch, stalker, etc) and Renown ones.
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