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[2e] Conversion of Forsaken template to Dresden Files RPG.

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  • [2e] Conversion of Forsaken template to Dresden Files RPG.

    Hi. Since I quite like Dresden-verse and DFRPG - can someoneasily give an idea how to convert WtF character to thensure DF system?

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    I use High Concept for Tribe, Auspice and Pack declarations... ie... Embittered Rahu Cahalith of the Iron Mongers
    The Higfh Concept gets a lot of mileage, as does the Trouble.

    Use True Shapeshifting, Give it a Drawback (Single Species - like Wolf, Raven, etc) and then fluff it for however many forms you would want. I use three forms (Hishu, Garou, and Urhan) with Stunts to provide a bit more flexibility. Shapeshifting cost is 1-2 Refresh depending upon how restricted you see a single option to be, for me it is a -3 (for a cost ofr 1 Refresh) as you lose almost everything that true shapeshifting gives you). With each of the forms I let the character insert their skills as to how they see the forms (within the limits of their ladder). So your Hishu form may have a Fighting of 2, your Urhan may have a Fighting of 3 and your Garou may have their Fighting at 5. But they get no more skills on their ladder than they would normally for a single form. and they do not get to switch out for skills they do not actually have on their ladder.

    As for abilities -
    I generally allow Inhuman - Supernatural Physicals (Strength, Toughness, Recovery and Speed) - whatever the player can afford. and either open or restricted to certain forms.
    Same with enhanced senses.
    If you want the ability for Gifts - Use Rituals (Werewolf Magic) and then fluff as needed.
    Aspects can provide a huge advantage as well... some things you may feel compelled to model as powers can be modeled as Aspects instead.
    And of course, the value of Stunts can never be oversold.

    You do have to keep in mind your immersion Level - I tend to use Neck Deep (10 Refresh) for my player characters.
    These rules have worked amazingly well over the years.
    My entire current campaign/city has transitioned to DFRPG over nWOD. Works far better than the 2nd edition transition in my opinion.
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