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  • Dark Era Help: The Dark and Terrifying Seas

    I am thinking about doing a Werewolf: The Forsaken game for my group, set in the Golden Age of Pirates, with the pack serving as part-pirates. They will likely have a small island as their territory, and the seas around them, but will also act as pirates.

    At the moment this is just a rough idea, but I would welcome any ideas people here might have.

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    Sounds good.

    You can probably get a whole pack as a pirate crew. I think Black Sails would be a good inspiration, they did sort of act like packs there, even with in-fighting.

    You could make their totem a spirit of plunder or greed, or just have them allied to one, to encourage the piracy. Taking down, or taking things from, other ships are fun sacred hunts.


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      Black Sails is a great reference. Using Nassau as a Protectorate and each Pirate Crew as its own Pack is pretty spot on. I'd love to see Lodges that pop up with crazy Ocean Spirits guiding them, a Squid Host for that Kraken action, and a new Gift of the Sea.


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        Territory and plot:

        - Nassau as pack territory, they can be both political or war pack.
        - Maybe a political storm lord pack has the control of the island, they are elder outlaw wolves
        - Like Captain Flint from black sails, another elder storm lord wants to take control of the island: the pack can join him, or the other faction of pirates on the island
        - An elder vampire command the territory, acting with terror tactics, now the pack want to riot and kill him.
        - The ivory claws managed to infiltrate the english fleet or the spanish armada: now is total war, and they are going to cut every kind of commerce from the island
        - There are two packs who command two different crew of pirates, and it's almost open war, by the way something happen and they must become allies
        - A pack of Fire Touched arrives on the island with their pirate crew, and they start using spirits to make the various factions join their fleet. They are going to become really powerful
        - A powerful spirit wants to control the island, sick of the forsaken infulence: he decide to use other spirit to attract the english and spanish army to invade the island. This is a problem not only for them but also to all the various crew of pirates and pirate-werewolves. The problem is that the only enough powerful werewolf in the area, is a pirate Predator King of high renown. Will they fight together against the english?
        - Ned Low arrive with his crew on the packs territory. He's not only a sadistic pirate, but also a psycho bone shadow cahalith leader. He stalks the sea with his pack sacrificing humans and other preys to Death Wolf. He claims to talk directly with death wolf. Is him a false idol? Or is him right? The thing is that some bone shadows on the island are going to follow him...

        Prey for any tribe

        - The most dangerous prey is elusive (Hunters in darkness): a great hive of beshilu, guided by the High Priest of Pestilence are razing the various ships: pirates are dying of disease, the free population of nassau is dying of starvation and the spirits of pestilence and famine are going to conquer the pack territory.
        - The most dangerous prey is strong (Blood talons): a wolf blood slave , sold to an important merchant of nassau is going to change. He leaves blood and guts on his trail and it seems that some other wolf blood slaves joined him, with some other humans they create a great pack, and they start to pillage the island. It seems that a lot of spirits wants to help those ghost wolves...why?
        - The most dangerous prey is invisible( Bone shadows): a ghost ship arrives on the coast, no men, no gold, no pirates. The ship is empty and smells like death. A ghost crew of dead pirates, butchered because of a betrayal quartermaster starts to scare the shit out of people on the island, a true ghostly storm. Will the uratha help them or try to hunt them down one by one?
        - The most dangerous prey is what is around you (Iron Masters): the english arrives. Divide and conquer. The marines of the Queen re-organize the island and kill or converts the pirates and thieves. The spiritual land is changing drastically and ... part of the new governor crew is made up by a special force called ''the Hunters''. And they have silver weapons..
        - The most dangerous prey is an unholy blasphemy (Storm Lords): A brutal murder in the brothel. A girl was slaughtered, her eyes removed and replaced with 2 gold coins.
        the two coins seems to be part of a legendary treasure. The killings will not stop. Other people will be found in pieces and their eyes or their tongue removed and replaced with gold from the same trasure. A powerful hive claimed is stalking the night: he's possessed by the dead crew of an legendary pirate, guided by a monstrous murder spirit of revenge. Someone talked. Someone betrayed the secret. So, what is the secret about? What these people saw or said to loose their tongue and eyes?

        -The most dangerous prey is corrupt (fire touched playable characters): a new preacher approach the town. He's followed by normal people, pirates and ex soldiers. He's starting a christian-like cult, but full of weird syncrethism. The most loyal allies of the preacher are gaining weird power : mind control and majesty like skills. Is going to create a cult of claimed who wants to erige unholy altars around the island, to create wounds and attract spirits of fanatism and disase. The izidakh will not tolerate such blasphemy.
        - The most dangerous prey is a backstabber (ivory claws playbale characters): One of the ruling forsaken pack expand his territory. On the pack territory. They discover, because they are good at stalking or because of a coincidence, that the leader of the pack is not an uratha but a powerful vampire. He's controlling the pack, controlling the leader/alpha, and most of all, controlling one of the larger pirate crew on the island. The tzuumfin will not let it alive.
        - The most dangerous prey is civilization (Predator Kings playable characters): The spanish arrives on the island: they are merciless. They kill and conquer: women are raped, children becomes slave or worst, pirates are tortured, killed or jailed. The spanish armad strikes everyone and everything: also the wolf blooded and human members of the local packs. This is blasphemy, this is pure human corrupted modus operandi. The local Ninna Farakh are out for blood, no matter if they are wild beasts or pirates-like hunters: they will find a way to hunt down and kill their preys, one by one.

        Of course, you can mix ALL of them.
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          Originally posted by Helur View Post
          Territory and plot:


          Of course, you can mix ALL of them.
          I did not realize I needed a game like this in my life until this moment.