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    The thread is full of vulgar things. Please: take it with a smile. It's a game. I just want to give some horror and badass ideas, not to talk about politics or real life topics.

    Sometimes it happens.
    Expecially with players from the first edition.
    Pure, hosts, claimed: bad
    Forsaken: good.
    No fucking way.
    And now I'm here to give you some concepts, sorry, badass-build to hunt and slaughter- nightmare-like ideas for packs of incorrect-socially unacceptable-motherfucking outlaw monsters.

    Why? Because yes, and because Forsaken are born-and bred machines of preycidal distruction.
    So sit down and enjoy my fu**ed up english and use your lunatic inspiration to create some badass wolves for your Chronicles of Darkness stories, as enemies or dangerous allies.
    Chronicles Of Darkness. Darkness. It mean Horror. Bloody. Slaughter. Dead people. No equality. Injustice. Hunt. Monsters.

    Blood Talons (or mixed-physical oriented pack) The Sacred Sword of Urfarah

    No apparent motive
    Just kill and kill again
    Survive my brutal thrashing
    I'll hunt you till the end
    My life's a constant battle

    The rage of many men''

    The Sacred Sword of Urfarah is a pack born for blood and guts: this band of motherfuckers is builded up by a bunch of the worst fighters in Rome. They hold a territory in the pheripery of northern Rome, in italy. But wait. They are not just a pack of werewolf-beater, low-harmony, born for battle, bastards. They are united like a band of brothers, swearing an holy Oath. Not only the oath of the moon: those guys are totally crazy. They perform violent ritual to Fenris Ur, calling for it in the middle of the night and offering also human sacrifice to their totem, the Red Havoc.
    They have only one thing and they can't care less about anyting else: hunt, fight, kill, submit.
    So, you thing this band of killers can't be subtle and then you can trick them? Wrong. Dead wrong.
    The alpha of the pack is an irraka called Vincenzo - The Red Eagle - Ceglie. This man is damn demon in wolf form from the depth of hell: he's not an honorable fighter. He's a killer. A madman. A cunning executioner that know the game: the pack is actually the center of a large ( trust me, really large) street gang that share the oath to the Red Havoc: become someone through meritocracy, earn your reward, otherwise you are weak and you will be killed. The pack do a cunning propaganda among skinheads, fighters, criminals, new immigrants, young rebels, punks, drug dealers and tries to catch new ''prospects'' from all the suburban reality. This is why they own a huge, sorry, FUCKING ENORMOUS, territory.
    The Sword do not care: they fight to kill.
    ''Probably the sword will become a pack of pure''. No fucking way. The Sword of Urfarah are a perfect-fanatic-mafia like- band of killer. When they fight, one of them will end up telling the others: ''oh guys, shit, ok, that's the only way to win this battle: kill them all, no survivors'' and the others are all going to agree.
    The bloody ritual to the Red Havoc consist to sacrifice to him the heart of a human, and swallowing some human blood.
    The human members are also into spiritual shit, bad spiritual shit: scarification, humiliation by fire, endure crazy physical stuff.
    This criminal-violent machine made up by crazy mascuilne wolves , is a perfect, and I say again it, perfect, system of violence and raw destruction, and nobody can think to endure a physical combat against those chest-ripper monsters. In a raw-violent situation, they are the most merciless and overwhelming force to deal with.

    Bone Shadows (or mixed- spiritual oriented pack) The Devils of Averno

    ''Dance with the dead in my dreams
    Listen to their hallowed screams
    The dead have taken my soul
    Temptation's lost all control''

    If there are people you don't want to deal with they are the Devils of Averno. If there is a pack that can scare the shit even out of a born and bred pure-killer rahu blood talons, only with their glaze, they are the Devils of Averno. If there is a band of motherfucker necromantic,serial killer-like, demon hunters, motherfucking, bone eaters, scary-the-shit-out of Satan himslef, this band is the Devils of Averno. They own a small territory in the countryside of Venice in Italy. Their territory is filled with fog, great plains crossed by some country scary-ass roads.
    They have an old house in the middle of nowhere. Wanna know what they do or what is inside the house? Just trust me: you don't wanna fucking know what happens inside.
    Those bone shadows are controlling a lof of gipsies activity in the zone: money from luna park, from weapon dealings with the Venetian and slavic ''mala''. How is it possible? Fear is the key. Gipsies and mafia men are all scared as fuck.
    Those forsaken are criminals, thieves and they are totally fanatic regarding Death Wolf. Every one of them is fucked up , mentally. They talks with spirits and ghosts every day, they hunt down people and bind their ghosts in fetishes and objects, or intimidate them with gifts to serve them as minions. The second in command is Mikael - Demon Killer- Malavacchi. Mikael is a fucked up rahu that claims to have visions from Kamduis hur herself. He talks like he's looking at something on your head. He always talks about spirits even if the subject it's not about it. Mikael serve his alpha, Salomè Manoli, as pack enforcerer and executioner, caring nothing about ''fights'' or ''warrior life''. He's a born trakcer, and when the spirits, the pure or any other prey see him coming after they thought to have stopped him, they think he's not a monster that could be killed with conventional weapons like silver: they may be right. This guy is a perfect and wise machine of spiriticidal destruction, a tactician that will stop only whent his enemies will be a blood pool from the spirit world to the flesh world.
    Those freaks are full of fetishes, and their house looks like a butcherstore from the texas chainsaw massacre: it smells like shit, with chikens all over the floor, fetish from animals and human bodies on the walls, and in the basement, an altar to the Black Apollo, their totem. Salomè is an elodoth that seems to be crazy, but damn, she's self control and lucidity incarnated.
    She deals daily with spirits of the dead and demons, using human skin for her rituals, and performing unholy crazy shit that can give a boner even to Alister Crowley and Charles Manson put togheter. When they are on the hunt, they hunt you down using pure fear, and only when they are 100% sure, they will deal the killing blow, but not before draining all the occult shit they can from you. When I talk about fear, I talk about been haunted by a pack of dead eater-spook bastards- bloody fuckers who actually enjoy your fear: they use ghosts of raped and killed children from another eras, fetishes carved in serial killers flesh, the spirit of woman burned alive thanks to her husband, and they put all the fear that psychotic shit spiritually has. On you.

    Hunter in Darkness ( or mixed stealth-secret pack) The Conjuring of Wolves

    Target assassinate, time of your life has expired.
    Hatred victimize, gaze in their eyes as they die.
    Violence inflicting of pain, savage morticians deny
    Drive the salt in the wound, arouse the subconscious to lie.''

    Fuck vampires, and fuck those Mysterium nerds: if you didn't deal with the Conjuring you don't know what fear of the dark is. And I'm not talking about crazy heavy metal songs. The Conjuring of Wolves is a pack that meet each other member in the dark roads of Milan, in Italy. The members are some kind of scary, darkness-cult, crazy ass motherfuckers bonded together with some kind of Oath to Darkness itself. They meet each other once per week, and they barely know one another. So how the fuck is possible that this pack is still alive? Because of the totem. Night Jackal is a cunning and wise totem. And I'm talking about the cunning that can set on fire people like Giulius Caesar himslef. The packs around milan thinks that the conjuring is just a legend but if they are not-so lucky enough to become the prey they will end up like '' oh, really, it's a damn rain of motherfucking bullets that is ravaging my ass?''.
    The Conjuring is a secret society founded by a true motherfucker, a total mastermind, that makes Al Capone looks like a puppy.
    The members meet up in dark streets once per week discussing about their prey. They put on a plan, they follow the orders and then the prey will end up dead. No sounds, no howls of glory, no epic battle: like the prey is never existed on the damn planet. Stefano ' Figlio dell'Omicidio'' is the main alpha, and a wise Ithaeur. It's not simple to see him face to face even if you are one of the conjuring. For the wolf blooded he doesn't even exist. For the humans, he's just a legend. Humans in the pack are informators, hackers, low-criminals and so on. Stefano is totally loyal to the hunt. I mean, this guy is the perfect soldier : find the prey, kill it. Repeat.
    They are the embodiment of darkness. Elena, is the right hand of Stefano. She's a ''wow'' looking bisexual girl with a good eyes for details, organization and a good hear for whispers and gossip. Elena lead the pack, while Stefano talk to her through shadows and hidden messages. This band of silent killer is a perfect exterminator hunting machine direclty out from the worst nightmare of the worst host from the worst hive in Milan.
    But mos of all, these uratha kills humans: they clean up their territory once per month and they are totally merciless about it, they have a totally maniac point of view about their territory. The wrong far right gang comes up with a bad spiritual resonance? They die. A community of immigrants comes with a messed up spiritual side with them? They die. A baby gang of studend tries to build up a community or to sell some marijuana on the street? they die.
    That's the solution. You die.

    Iron Masters ( or mixed tactical pack) The Platoon

    ''Holes burn deep in your chest,
    Raked by machine gun fire.
    Screaming soul sent out to die,
    Living mandatory suicide.''

    You have probably heard about a guy ended up dead because of some kind of abuse of power from the police. You heard about a police charge against hooligans, and about 10 people in the hospital after it. You heard about corruption among policmen and law enforcement. This is what is the Platoon. But one thousand time worst.
    This pack of extreme uratha is made up by ex criminals or ex police officiers, and all of them, after a cool picnic based on killed human hunters and blood every fucking where, agreed about taking control of ''their'' city using pure intimidation and abuse of powers. The alpha dude is a 2,10 meters tall Cahalith that know how get shit down. His name is Fabio ''Get shit done'' Carmini.
    These uratha seems to have something in common: a badass, punisher liker, bullet and blood filled, past. Recruiting wolf blooded from ex soldiers and policmen, these hardcore wolves wants order, even for humans: but let me say they are a fuckthousand miles away from some kind of ''justice for all'' concept including democracy and freedom.
    The Platoon act like...well, like a fucking Platoon. They have pacts with street and machine spirits, and a big influence of the local police in Padova , in northern Italy. Mix it with spiritual power and you will get a really dangerous gang of Iron Masters. Oh, and they are damn werewolves, it means they have social power and physical power. The pack wants order, for his territory and his city: so they will not allow any kind of dangerous stuff crossing his path and territory.
    The totem of the pack is called Cadillac, and it's an old Justice spirit.
    The Platoon members looks like crazy ex soldiers: perfect haircut, perfect and tactical clothes, always paranoid, always talking about training, bullets, weapons, tactics and experiences from the past. There is one girl in the pack, called Arianna Togliatti, that is all about justice. She's a skilled advocate and she has a great among of influence on the law system of Padova. Thanks to her, they can recruit ex criminals , giving them a chance of redemption, to make their city a better city, or kill them in the name of Red Wolf.
    They have also access to a great amount of weapons and dangerous stuff. Their mission is clear: make their city safe , for everyone. That looks like cool.
    It is not. It's common that the best way to deal with hosts, hunters, pure, spirit, humans and any kind of criminals, it's to study the prey, form a platoon that makes the a-team look like a bunch of idiots, and kill the fucking prey in a way or another. If it's a psychotic hunter or a student who wants to smoke some weed, well, it doesn't matter.
    You mess with the law, you get wolves.

    Storm Lords ( or mixed physical-spiritual pack) Thousand Teeth Sons

    ''Inert flesh
    A bloody tomb
    A decorated splatter brightens the room
    An execution a sadist ritual
    Mad intervals of mind residuals''

    Dada-dada motherfuckers. Thing were going really good for our guy, Angelo Boschi. Killing every fucking things that moves on the coast of north-eastern Italy, until a scary-ass, pissed off hive claimed (that was his daughter) comes up killing every member of the pack during the night. After he killed his own daughter , on the beach during a night with Iduth smiling in the sky like nothing was happend, the crazy bitch sent to him a surprise. The waters boiled with the red blood of the hive claimed and then the Great Shark comes up. The Great Shark reminded Angelo that they'd just recently had the holy living shitfuck kiicked out of them by a horde of spirits in one little girl.
    So Angelo fixed his fucked up life and builded up a new pack fo true badass and merciless born and bred storm catchers and killers. And He was going to lead them to vengeance.
    The new pack first moove took Angelo in Chioggia, a small city on the venetian lagoon. He routed a hundred of spirits and claimed on the battlefield, hunting them in their own liar in the shadow, chased them back to the twilight, then burned them down with no fucking mercy.
    A gang of psycho, borderline, motherfuckers, born from vengeange was finally born. Angelo, his totem, the great Shark, and his pack of wolves do a little use of wolf blooded and almost no use of human members: they are a gang that looks like a biker gangs. Symbols on jackets, cameratism and other masculine shit.
    But they are also filled with esoterical and spiritual shit. That is really awesome, but fucking scary when you see them patrolling the street as a badass street gang.
    Angelo is a serious rahu: he took down the skulls of his preys, collected the bones of dead claimed or pure ( which trust me, were strewn about for a couple of miles from their territory), performed also exorcism on them, and then he created a giant tree made up by the preys bodies in the umbra.
    Scary. But kinda cool.
    But remember that this band of crazy exorcist that seem to come from sons of anarchy, it's not a joke. They are extremists, born for violence who just want revenge and blood: they kill and they offer blood to the Great Shark, and even the most badass predator king will shit his pants in front of the tree made up by dead stuff.
    Those uratha are totally far from human behaviours, and the only thing they want is to hunt and kill. They doesn't care too much about Luna, but they seems to enjoy the bloody mess that the auspices can give. After what Angelo did with his doughter, he perfeclty know that the Iminir are the Skolis claws on the world, and he will not let claimed or possessed alive: kill the host, kill the spirit and keep the balance. Fucking crazy, isn't it?

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    -'' We are the unsullied.
    We are the inheritors.
    We are the Pure ''-

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    All Italian ?
    I will never ever ever go to Italy


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      Originally posted by Story Letter View Post
      All Italian ?
      I will never ever ever go to Italy
      I love to create settings based on my beloved, friendly, spaghetti, corrupted nation.
      And I love to go full tarantino with crazy stuff

      -'' We are the unsullied.
      We are the inheritors.
      We are the Pure ''-


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        Originally posted by Helur View Post
        I love to create settings based on my beloved, friendly, spaghetti, corrupted nation.
        And I love to go full tarantino with crazy stuff
        I think Tarantino should be inspired by this amazingly awesome stuff.