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Creating a Greymane-kinda character in WtF

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  • Creating a Greymane-kinda character in WtF

    Hello everybody!

    I decided to start playing a werewolf in my new crossover campaign, and in the spirit of new WoW game, I wanted to test how Greymane would fit into this world.
    I have taken Rahu, Blood Talon, and I have taken some basic specialties and merits to inspire my "troops". What gifts would you take, to bring a real Greymane into life?

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    Based purely on your post, I'm guessing he's a leader type. I haven't played Warcraft in a long time and the Worgen weren't a part.

    You might convert Alpha Gifts, from the Rage book. Then from the core, Dominance and Inspiration. The Pack Dynamics Merit, too.

    I might go Storm Lord instead of Blood Talon, though. The latter tend to be more about killing, with the former about personal strength. Both can be leaders, but Storm Lords are often better at bringing out the strengths in the rest of their pack. Ideally, at least. Plus its in the name.


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      Glenn Greymane is your typical Warrior King, but in a more Victorian-esque style. Carries a longsword.

      He is responsible for builing the Greymane wall, a massive border wall which basically shut his entire country from outside threats up until it was overrun by an internal disease and then ravaged by an invasion from the Orcish horde, mostly led by the Forsaken, intelligent undead.

      In Warcraft Lore: most of his conflicts are heavily involved against the undead because of an inherent immunity and resistance to the disease undeath brings.

      Mechs: Because even the Chronicles of Darkness needs robot fights.
      DarkFrame: Crossover setting that puts Chronicles of Darkness in the far future that is Warframe.
      Monarch: The Endless You are an alien ruler, charged with maintaining a people who you shape to suit your needs.