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Adarusharu the Wolf Host's Origin

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  • Adarusharu the Wolf Host's Origin

    So I'm unsure how many of you remember, but in the nWoD 1e book Night Horrors Wolfsbane one antagonist offered was a new type of host that took the form of wolves and incited as much fear as possible while hunting their prey. Now I'm a big fan of the Hosts, I've even made my own unique Host species (but that's for another thread), and have been fond of fleshing out the less developed ones Whitewolf has presented us. So I was hoping for your thoughts on my proposed legend for the Adarusharu.

    This story is true.

    It was after the early age of Pangea, in the years just when Father Wolf’s strength and wisdom had begn fading and the Uratha’s numbers had grown from the first humble few packs into full tribes. Legends of the Famine Lord’s death were often howled proudly, yet a new horror had been ravaging creation during the darkest nights in the hopes of evading Father Wolf’s justice. Ardakhu the Terror Fiend was a demon of supreme malice which delighted in inflicting as much fear as possible upon a mortal before finally devouring them in terrible displays, drawing in yet more fear from onlookers. The Terror Fiend didn’t use its mastery of fear to ward mortals away from follies or punish mortals who overstepped their bounds as fear was intended. No, the Terror Fiend hunted indiscriminately, for fear was as a fine seasoning for flesh that made it Ardakhu’s favorite meal. The Terror Fiend especially delighted in the myriad of fears mortals had, taking new and horrible nightmarish shapes to ravage different settlements. The Terror Fiend’s choir grew quite diverse because of this and the demon became a master of disguise.

    Yet even restricting its hunts to the darkest of nights would not protect the Terror Fiend forever and word of its depredations spread to Father Wolf. A new hunt was announced and the howls of the packs were as a choir of war. The Terror Fiend however had prepared for Father Wolf and had woven and conjured all of Urfarah’s most terrible ordeals to hinder and diminish the father of all wolves. Revenants of Urfarah’s most deadly foes attacked him in legion as Father Wolf braved through the worst hellscapes of suffering and loss that he had ever ventured near. Yet the revenants were but hollow reflections of the true foes Father Wolf had confronted and the hellish realms Urfarah braved were little more than veils concealing Ardakhu’s many traps. Father Wolf was not without fear, yet his conviction was unrivalled and he would face any threat no matter how dire in pursuit of his duty to Pangea.

    And so the Terror Fiend’s many traps, nightmares, and horrors could only slow down Father Wolf as he finally ripped apart the gates of the Nightmare Castle of the Terror Fiend. Within Father Wolf encountered Ardakhu’s final gambit. It had taken the form of Father Wolf and presided over a bloody court of enslaved mortals and spirits as it sat upon a throne of Father Wolf’s own butchered children. Blasting Urfarah with this vision of his greatest fear the Terror Fiend sought to rip open Father Wolf’s throat while he was vulnerable. However Urfarah recovered his wits faster than Ardakhu thought possible and a titanic battle ensued within the Nightmare Castle until finally Father Wolf struck down the Terror Fiend and cast it down from the highest tower, smiting its ruined form upon the wastes below.

    However Ardakhu was not yet dead, only dying. It knew of the Famine Lord’s path to immortality and called creatures of its own to consume its flesh so that its soul might inhabit their countless forms and offer it an immortality of sorts. Yet what creature did the Terror Fiend, a demon of endless horrific shapes, choose to serve as its heirs? Countless wolves arrived to consume the Terror Fiend’s dying form in a bloody display that Father Wolf only briefly acknowledged, before departing, satisfied with the Terror Fiend’s demise, perhaps the first sign of Father Wolf’s diminishing wisdom. The Terror Fiend had chosen wolves as a final act of spite, so that it might forever cultivate a great fear of wolves among mortals and ensure that this fear plague Father Wolf and his bastard children until they would be no more than a memory. Only then when the last Uratha is dead will the Adarusharu, the Wolf Hosts, be able to harvest enough fear from mortals to fully reform into the Terror Fiend and raise a new Nightmare Castle upon this broken world.

    The inspiration from "It" is a little obvious at times I'll admit, however I do think it works out rather well. All feedback is welcome

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    I like it, though I’ll confess the Adarusharu were always my least favorite host. I’m far more curious as to what your unique shartha is like xD