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WWYCD 2 (Forsaken ed)

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  • WWYCD 2 (Forsaken ed)

    I decided to make a sequel to my what would your character do thread . The rules are simple, i give you a scenario and you have to answer how your current PC would solve it.

    1. You are tracking prey that happens to be a member of the U.S military and an ally of a group of Fire Touched posing as chaplins. You manage to track Lt. Stan to a Indian restaurant outside of the base. You decided to kill Stan now due to the fact that Stan rarely leaves the base. What does your character do to kill Stan without raising suspicion from both the military and the pack of Fire Touched?

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    Command Artifice, order a vehicle (van? big rig?) to smash into him. Death by car is pretty common, and it has gotten a bit more common with my character, I think he's gotten three or four others like that, though one wasn't killed. Plus it would be hard to track down to my character since it would likely be another person's driving that would have seemed to slip or lose control.
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