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Twelve Storm Lords Bowing

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  • Twelve Storm Lords Bowing

    We're coming up to Xmas so, in the spirit of the festive season, I felt like stirring up some Forsaken bits and pieces to offer to the forum and the community. Rather than coming up with something entirely random or just spewing out whatever was lurking in my head, I was struck by an odd bit of inspiration for the structure - an old post by Nyrufa featuring the twelve days of Christmas repurposed to Forsaken. So... let's do that

    Starting at the bottom of Nyrufa's list, as you start at twelve in the final verse of the song, we have: Twelve Storm Lords Bowing!

    So, what would you like?
    1) Brief write-ups for twelve separate Storm Lords, including various oddities, strange sorts and hooks, or;
    2) A write-up for a Storm Lord pack that's up to something inadvisable and that will cause trouble (I mean, they're all bowing to something - straight-backed, proud Storm Lords all a-bowing? If it's got a whole pack grovelling, clearly something odd is afoot. Sounds like a dodgy cult to me!)

    Take yer votes and I'll set to work tomorrow on whichever has more people interested

    - Chris Allen, Freelance Writer & Developer

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    Woo. I vote for 2.


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      I go with Option 2.


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        I vote 2 as well

        Despite the user name I am actually bigender.

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          Definitely 2!

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            I join the 2 chorus

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              Gotta be 2.

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                Going against the flow and say 1.

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                  Hmm... a hard choice... but I’ll go with 2.

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                    I like variety... I vote for 1.


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                      1 more for Deuce.

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                        Definitely 2! Although I'm looking forward to seeing how you do day five and day four.

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                          Putting in a vote for 1, because the siren song of some good, good hooks is a powerful draw.

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                            I would prefer 1, but would be happy with either.

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                              Hmmm, I'm gonna have to say option 2!