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Eleven Shaman Blessings

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  • Eleven Shaman Blessings

    So, with Twelve Storm Lords Bowing done, on to the next one! Would you like:

    ​a) Eleven sample Ithaeur, ritemasters and non-Uratha occultists, with the price for their aid or the threat they pose; or
    ​b) Eleven shamanic blessings, such as new rites, strange benisons, examples of harnessed phenomena and suchlike.

    ​Place your votes and I'll check in tomorrow

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    I'll vote B.


    • #3
      I also vote for B


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        I vote b as well

        Despite the user name I am actually bigender.

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          Ill vote A ,I live occultistm


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            while non uratha occultists sound interesting, it feels like B would fulfill better the title, so that's where I cast my vote :P

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              B definitely B


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                B, for the love to be.


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                  Woo! B please. While I've always been interested in your Bone Shadows, the weird sacrifices they've made and how that works I'm hoping some of it pops up there.
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                    I'll go A, but...

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                      Gotta go with B here.


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                        Count me for B as well. Non-Uratha occultists are interesting, but they can wait.

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                          Ugh. Hard choice, but since its going to lose, I'll go against the grain with A. Gotta have those non-Uratha occultist!

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                            I also vote for A - non-Uratha occultists are interesting!

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                              Throwing my vote on the bounceback pile for A.

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