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    One vote for A.

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      A if we get at least four non-Uratha cultists, and B if not.

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        Looks like the blessings narrowly have it! Time to get started then

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          Right, these are gonna trickle in over the next coupla days rather than getting delivered in one hefty chunk - getting used to a new laptop, and my wrists are aching a bit as they adapt to the slightly different spacing and layout on the keys. Anyways, it's also Christmas Eve tomorrow and I'm currently visiting the in-laws - and here in Poland, they do all the Xmas celebrations on the Eve rather than the Day, meaning I'll likely have only limited time to type tomorrow!

          ​Without further ado, though, I'll begin!

          ​Eleven Shaman Blessings - A Bag Of Tricks And Secrets
          Most shamans have one - a bag of tricks, a bundle of old secrets, a handful of knick-knacks, the grisly contents of a gris-gris bag. Some have more than one; some are bedecked with the things, a veritable occult Christmas tree. Look inside, peer into the gloom; trinkets and curios, reminders of old bargains and metaphysical shortcuts, emergency supplies for the sacrifice and the offering. A fragment of an ancient crown, a tattered scrap of skin inked with a forgotten name, a vial of engine oil, a piece of bone with the faces of enemies etched into it. It's a Swiss army knife of solutions to problems, the anchor for a memory palace of old lore that a life might depend on in the heat of the moment.

          ​Reach in, take hold of one of the tricks or trinkets, and draw it out. What do we have first? A knot of gold and bone; a king's ransom, and a king's sacrifice.

          Lo, The King Of Frost And Shadow
          The immense power of the turning seasons is hardly a secret to spiritual intercessors and shamans. Many ritemasters know the simple lore required to tap into the Essence generated through the metaphysical turbine of the world's turning nature, and the sheer impact of such profound seasonal changes can be witnessed in how it sculpts both Flesh and Shadow alike.

          Away from the equatorial regions, where the seasons shift to the greatest extremes, there comes a point in the long dark of winter where light and life seem perilously far away. The gloom and the cold of the Flesh are matched by the tyranny of the writhing, capering spirits of darkness and ice in the Spirit. Strength wanes, resources dwindle, hope dies. There's a reason humans often throw celebrations and feasts in midwinter - a spark of heat, a spark of joy, a reminder that the darkness will come to and end. For the Uratha, there's more to it than just that. Look into the frozen gloom, imagine the compass-point of that great, turning wheel of seasons approaching, the apex of mid-winter when the grim Essence of the season is at its peak - and is about to begin its retreat. Seize hold of the spoke as it passes; seize hold of the power it offers. Bless the land and the people. Kindle a flame from a spark. Better one dies so that many may live.

          You're going to need a sacrifice.

          They must be human, but they don't need to be willing. There are some ceremonial forms you will have to adhere to, though. This needs to be done right to work. No skimping, no skipping steps. Blood on the snow isn't enough. It needs to be blood fed, made fat with rewarded hopes and sated hungers, and not just a spattering libation but a river upon which the darkness can let itself be carried. If you're going to tap the well of winter's frigid power, you have to provide a fine vehicle for the season's journey.

          Take one healthy human (they need to have all their health levels intact, at least prior to the bit where their life functionally ends). Treat them to a feast. For one cycle of the sun and moon, treat them as a king or queen, a monarch of mid-winter. Ply them with fine foods and fine goods - don't skimp, or this will not work, and all you'll have is a dead body and a lot of wasted time. You need to offer them the best you have. Bedeck them in grand clothes, refill their cup, laugh and dance with them. Indulge their passions. You need to indulge their Virtue and their Vice before midnight passes; you need to fulfil who and what they are, so that they feel centred and assured of their being. You're werewolves; this shouldn't be too hard.

          Here's an important part: find out a desire of theirs that is not about their immediate indulgence. Find out something that they want, in the long term - maybe for prosperity for their people, maybe for the defeat of an enemy, maybe for their name to be remembered. You need that desire, whether self-centred or altruistic, and it needs to be a real desire of theirs. Still, cull the offered desires carefully: cast aside anything impossible or nonsensical, or anything that would do you harm or trouble (unless you're feeling particularly guilty about all this and feel you need to be punished in some sort of self-martyrdom complex). After all, fulfilling the desire is something that you're going to be setting a large number of spirits to the task of. Again, obviously, a desire that rests on the necessity of the mid-winter king's continued life is not going to work out. You may need to pull a few conversational tricks to pull an appropriate desire out of the sacrifice's mind.

          If the day's monarch knows what's coming, you might want to sugar the experience with offering them the ceremonial right to make a few other orders, decisions and choices that will last beyond their death. Up to you though, really. If mid-winter decides it wants to play with their vessel for a little while they might retain some semblance of who they were, after all, and they might be a bit miffed if they've made a deal with you that you decide not to carry through. A lot of shamans prefer to butter the sacrifice up with good behaviour, just in case.

          You've prepared your mid-winter king. Now the second part - the rites. Firstly, you're going to need to declare a Sacred Hunt against the king. That's simple enough, but there's an extra restriction you need to obey to get the second rite you're going to perform to stick - the hunt needs to either be a genuine pursuit through cold and dark, or it needs to be a willing sacrifice. So, you can either give your gold-clad, well-fed king a chance to run - maybe an hour or so of a head start in the gloom of night? Maybe give them a ceremonial weapon, just to make it feel like they have a chance? - or you make sure they walk to the altar of their own volition, knowing that they are about to be offered up so that the people may survive winter. Just gut the poor bugger on the spot, without even asking for permission, and you'll have completed your Sacred Hunt but the final rite isn't going to work.

          There is a way round this, though most Uratha won't encounter it. Rather than a Sacred Hunt performed by werewolves, an entirely human pack (or one with Wolf-Blooded or Claimed) can go through the same motions - a ritualised hunt or willing sacrifice) and prime the second rite just as effectively. Why's that? Best ask the hoary old elders of the glaciers and the places where darkness has never been broken by light; they're the only ones likely to remember.

          Got your sacrifice ready, then? Voluntary, or you've chased them through the snow and the Rahu has their throat in his jaws after a good run that's really got the blood pumping?

          Now the second rite, then. Bless the land. Bless the people. Bless the darkness and the earth, the frost and the fire.

          Storm Lords do their best to forge agreements with the nobles of darkness and ice so that none will take the open vessel of the sacrifice. Such spirits tend to levy a painful price in some other way.

          King Of Frost And Shadow (Pack Rite ••••)
          This rite is an offering to the spirits of the changing seasons. It harnesses the power of darkness, death and cold that peaks at mid-winter, and balances the scales with the spirits that now begin to wax in power.

          Symbols: Blood, gold, food, winter.

          Action: Extended (5 successes; each roll represents a single turn)

          Success: The rite can only be performed the night of mid-winter; it requires a single human who must have been plied with the finest food and gifts the pack can offer, who must have had both their Vice and Virtue fulfilled within the past day, and who the ritemaster must know a single desire of. The sacrifice must be willing, or to have been successfully subjected to a Siskur-Dah involving a meaningful pursuit and hunt; alternatively, a pack that does not include Uratha can go through the same motions without requiring a proper Sacred Hunt rite performance.

          Upon success, the human must be lethally wounded by the ritemaster, who speaks the sacrifice's desire; the sacrifice is immediately Open to any powerful spirit of darkness, winter or cold of Rank 3 or more that chooses to Claim them. Such a spirit may immediately Claim them, without need of any period of Urging beforehand; the human victim is not able to mount any sort of resistance, even if they are possessed of any supernatural capabilities themselves. If no spirit is present and willing to Claim them, the sacrifice dies; either torn apart by the pack or, if the pack does not act to do so, they will literally rot and collapse in a flash of fast-forward decay, maggots churning them rapidly into dirt.

          Once the sacrifice is done, several effects begin across the pack's territory, and will hold until the season passes; if a spirit has Claimed the sacrifice, the effect will also end early if the Claimed is slain or driven away. Pack members gain a +3 bonus to all dice pools to resist privations from cold, hunger, disease and fatigue, and reduce damage from cold sources by 3; humans in the territory gain a +2 bonus and reduce the damage by 2; animals across the territory gain a +1 bonus and reduce the damage by 1. All loci across the territory produce 2 additional Essence each day, regardless of their dot rating. Inhabitants of the territory will find their Resources dot rating increased by 1 for a random period of time at some stage during the season; there is no way to predict when or how this windfall will occur. Spirits of ice and darkness gain a +1 bonus to their Power attribute, but do not gain a more favourable attitude to the pack; if anything, some will be riled and angered at the audacity of the pack in trying to seize the power of the wheel of seasons, and binding them to a task. If a pack member (human, Wolf-Blooded or werewolf) sacrifices another human being outside during a winter's night, they gain Influence (Cold) or Influence (Darkness); once the total dot rating of the uses they have made of it is equal to the health levels that the sacrificed human being had, they lose the ability.

          Finally, the local spirits of cold and dark will set about trying to make the sacrifice's desire come to pass. If an enemy was named, they will do their best to bring the victim down; they will steal into the Flesh to try and manipulate or curse or guide human pawns to see a plan through; and they will use the full array of their numina and capabilities in the process. What they will not and cannot do is approach the pack for aid or attempt to involve the pack in any way; and oft, the spirits will seek to cause the pack harm or trouble in how the desire plays out. By the time the season ends, if the spirits have not been successful, then they will be released from this ban - but it will not be possible to name and sacrifice a new king of frost and shadow in the region until another ten years have passed.

          - Chris Allen, Freelance Writer: Forsaken & Awakening 2nd Edition / The Pack / Dark Eras 1 & 2 / The Contagion Chronicle / Idigam Anthology / Night Horrors: Nameless & Accursed and Shunned by the Moon / Trinity Aeon / Aeon Aexpansion / And more besides...

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            Wow. That's perfect. And totally something I can use.


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              Well, that's some really cool "trick". It also gives me an idea for a story hook about such Sacred Hunt going wrong- that is, the pack believes that it has made sure there is no high Ranked spirit which is willing and able to Claim the sacrifice is around, but they aren't aware of the fact that there is some sleeping horror beneath the surface, and the tickling of blood has awakened it from its sleep. Suddenly, the Claimed king rise from the dead- and the long winter can finally begin.

              Also, I'm so going to add reference to this in my Awful Ice project
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                Let the cold and dark of winter fade, put the gold and bone back in. Swirl the bag and its crude contents, its trinkets and charms and dried threads of sinew, reach once more and pluck out... a thumb drive?

                We Shall Salt The Hard Drives Of Your Enemies
                There's a ping - new email has just landed in your inbox. You thumb the screen; there it is, an interesting title, might have something to do with the thing you're working on. Open. Ah, but it's a disappointment, just a clever spam trick. Headlined with something generic: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE BLESSED! Probably a chain letter, right? It'll have something at the end like 'Please donate to the holy church of who gives a fuck' or 'send this email on to five more people within the day or you will be cursed!' or whatever hogwash. So you close it, maybe delete it. On with your day.

                You don't read the bits further down. SPIRITS OF WELL-BEING WILL WATCH OVER YOU. Not like you'd pay it any heed anyway, right? Who believes in spirits and guardian angels? YOUR ENEMIES WILL BE PLAGUED BY A SWARM OF VEXING FLIES. Even if you saw that, even if you remembered it and it maybe, possibly, tickled your amusement at the thought of that idiot in the office, it's not like it ever ends up happening; you never see them being pursued by angry wasps or whatever. MISFORTUNE WILL BEFALL THOSE WHO PLAN EVIL AGAINST YOU AND THEIR PLANS WILL WITHER. Yeah, but, seriously, it's not like you have enemies, not really.

                And off you go about your day.

                That dickhead in the office, though, see, he really doesn't like you. He sends a few nasty emails to the manager, complaining about how you're in late for work or you're behind on something or whatever petty shit it is that he's trying to leverage against you. He hits send and sits back, smug and satisfied about his incredibly inane scheme to undermine you and get the promotion instead of you. Then his phone pings. An email! Looks like it's from his wife so of course he opens it and... what? Fuck, spam. No, worse. A virus? What the shit? Aren't mail clients supposed to protect against that? He swears, but it's nothing too bad; just some stupid pop-up an- what? Shit, the inbox is filling up fast. Not viruses now, but... someone's signed him up to the internet's ten busiest porn sites catering to the most perverted and deviant tastes? He tries to send an angry email to tech support; it seems to work, but he doesn't get the message that the sending's actually failed until ten days later. When he gets home, hard-selling phone salesmen ring five or six times that evening, and one manages to call at three in the morning. He climbs into the car in the morning, and the radio breaks; it gets stuck on the channel with that genre of music he really hates. He gets in and the computer's extra slow to start-up. He fires up the email client, and it's full of porn. Again. He catches the manager, at least; a brief smile as he asks what she thinks of the things he complained about. She looks at him blankly; she hasn't received any emails from him.

                At that moment, a porn pop-up appears on his screen and starts playing a video. Loudly.

                A true shaman has a wide range of occult tools available. Some are potent workings, mighty rites and complex spirit bargains. This is not one of those; this is a petty little fucker that sits right at the bottom of the hierarchy, just under 'physically eat the dog that keeps waking you at night with its barking' but slightly above 'bind a disease spirit to curse someone with boils'. It's a blessing and a curse packaged together in a nifty little data package carefully wrapped by one of the more insalubrious data spirits sluicing around in the gutter of the infostream. Fairly cheap to bargain for - it's not going to cost you an arm or a leg - and in return you get one email packed with spiritual juice. All you need to do is send it, a one-shot digital berserker with very, very low horizons.

                There's a catch: the person you send it to, the recipient of the blessing, can't know it's from you. They also can't be an Uratha, only a Wolf-Blooded or mundane human being. Finally, you cannot intend to harm a specific target with the email's ensuing curses; this has to be done as a blessing for the recipient, not as an attempt to weaponise it against your own enemies, or else the data spirits just cannot make the deal with you in the first place. They are literally incapable of doing so; your intent is like a key to the metaphysical lock here.

                As soon as the recipient opens it, the blessing kicks in. They won't notice anything particularly beneficial happening to them. They probably won't notice the unpleasantness that happens to people who act against them either. But for a month, anyone who tries to harm them, undermine them, or otherwise wrong them - as per whether it would, by the opinion of the shaman, be something that would be a wrong - gets absolutely buggered by the worst symptoms of the modern data age's sicker corners. They get deluged with spam. If there's a slight chink in their digital armour, they'll get hacked. Got a wallet of bitcoin? Bad luck, your hard drive just corrupted and it's gone; you accidentally deleted the backups. Adblockers stop working. SMS messages get lost in the system. Your phone number appears on the call lists for the worst boiler-room scams in the region. Random, petty shit plagues you when it comes to technology. In Biblical times the shaman would have cursed you with a plague of locusts; in this era, the bugs are all virtual.

                The plague won't be lethal; nothing will go so catastrophically wrong that it threatens the victims' lives, although some might be driven to drastic or stupid actions as a result of it all. If the shaman tells the recipient that they sent the email, the whole thing ends; if the recipient feels sympathy for one of the victims of all the awful, the effect ends on that victim (unless they start scheming or undermining the blessed one again). If lots of people are cursed at the same time, the effects across all of them will be lessened; the spiritual workings of the spamurai email can't handle more than half a dozen victims, after which it degrades fast. One month after the email is sent, it all ends anyway.

                Werewolves are immune to the effects of the spam curse, as are spirits. Other supernatural beings, curiously enough, are not; if anything, they're affected worse. The limits that the blessed email can't cause lethal or life-threatening problems for them are removed, and spam curses unleashed in this way have an alarming tendency to mutate, become self-aware, and then try and murder their victims in as grotesque a fashion as possible. There's nothing quite like seeing a changeling holding up an iphone that's literally screaming in rage at them and trying to broadcast a frequency declaring an all-you-can-eat-buffet to any dangerous fae entities in the area, or an abyssal virus hijacking a mage's earbuds to dump raw Paradox into their skull.

                - Chris Allen, Freelance Writer: Forsaken & Awakening 2nd Edition / The Pack / Dark Eras 1 & 2 / The Contagion Chronicle / Idigam Anthology / Night Horrors: Nameless & Accursed and Shunned by the Moon / Trinity Aeon / Aeon Aexpansion / And more besides...

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                  I LOVE IT SANTA CLAWS!

                  Seriously, that curse is all kinds of awesome. I love it when urban fantasy plays with modern technology for all it's worth.

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                    I smiled at that digital plague.

                    Seriously, anyone who keeps saying that tech doesn’t mix with magic/spirits/gods/the supernatural is a damn liar!

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                      Put the thumb drive carefully aside. Ignore the angry buzzing coming from within it. Tip something else out of the bag - a carefully folded piece of paper. This one's a list of names, each of them with a brief scribble of how grave or grand the favour owed by them is. This isn't just a booklet of bribes due or protection money owed, though - the people on this list are indebted to the shaman for more than just earthly gifts.

                      The Petitioner And The Wolf: A Tale Of Passions And Poor Choices
                      Not every blessing of the Shadow is meant for the claws of the Uratha. A shaman is still needed as intercessor, of course - as go-between for Flesh and Spirit, as the bargainer who pays the price to the courts and choirs and broods - but the result is a gift, not a Gift; a brief bestowment of the Shadow's strength to a vessel purely of Flesh, one within whom the river of Essence can briefly, furiously course before washing out and being done. Not every spirit can give this blessing, and plenty that can just won't; it takes a little piece of them away, threads it through the shaman and into the final recipient. Until the blessing expires, the shaman gains the Ban condition in accordance with that of the spirit, and is unable to regain Essence from a locus or Sacred Hunt.

                      ​(There are mortal occultists who manage to circumvent the need for the Uratha entirely, who manage to dabble with the Shadow and entreat the spirits directly. Theirs is a very, very dangerous path and this is not the place for their story).

                      How does the shaman pay the price to the spirits? Oh, that depends, that varies, that is up to so many different factors and vagaries that there's no easy way to offer a list of what a shaman might pay. Some spirits care but a little, others are miserly or opportunistic and charge a ransom for even the slightest ember of their power. The key thing is, though, that the werewolf is serving as a middleman in this transaction, gleaning not a talen as the outcome but something stranger and decidedly costlier - a bundle of promised power that isn't quite physical at all, but that they can taste on their breath for as long as they bear it, that they can scent at the edge of their awareness. It's a hot potato; its presence fuzzes and stings, and it cools fast. Get it to the recipient quick.

                      It's for a human being, see. It's a brief, surging pyre of Essence woven as the Influence of the spirits who have given it. It's a short ticket to a show of power - One Night Only, See The Amazing Avenger Wield The Power Of Fire! Come One, Come All, Witness The Incredible Speed Of The Desperate Competitor! Better than paying a hitman or doping or trying to be your own private detective or relying on your own clumsy, awkward words; a hit of Influence, anywhere from one to the full five dots, yours to command for the span of a day. It can't take root in just anybody, though; there's a reason human occultists who do manage to harness the power of the spirits use the strange and alien rites and practices they do. This? This isn't safe; it's mainlining spiritual cocaine. The recipient needs to be ready to take it, and that means they need to be obsessed with something, fuelled by passion and intense emotion.

                      The human must be angry, bitter, hateful, euphoric, desperate, something that gives the blessing purchase in the drip-drip of Resonance that they're bleeding off. It needs something that's a major Aspiration for them, something that aligns with either their Virtue or their Vice, and that has meaning to them and their desires above all else. The cheated spouse who wants vengeance? The would-be hero who thinks he can make a difference to what's going on tonight and is willing to put his life on the line? The virtuoso going up against the greatest challenge of her career, who is absolutely terrified of failure and eager for anything that might give her an edge? They'll do. The pack's human footsoldier dully submitting to a shaman's attempt to weaponise him? Nah. There's nothing there for the madness of what's being performed to really latch onto.

                      The blessing is bestowed in a way representing the Influence; the shaman sears a brand into the human for Fire, or demands a perverted indulgence for Lust, or something else. When the deal's sealed, the shaman feels something in her tugging at her own spirit - she's still the middleman here, serving as a channel between spirit and human. The human can use the Influence much like a werewolf with a talen, but the Influence is accessible for the full day's duration of the blessing; the human does not gain an actual Essence pool, but can use Influences of Essence cost totalling the shaman's Resolve + Composure per hour, no restriction on how many dots on the maximum level other than it's capped at 5 (ie, Mass Create - no 6+ powers of spirit demigods here). And off the human goes, to change the world, to burn their passions into its fabric.

                      Which, by the way, they'd better do. Failure to use the Influence - fleeing away from what they wanted to do, deciding better, second thoughts leading to want to give the blessing back, just sitting on it dully and surrendering to sloth and inaction - oh, that won't go down well. The shaman's already paid a price for this, but she'll pay a second if the Influence doesn't actually get used. It hurts. It burns. She starts to bleed Essence, one per hour, and pain staccatos through her nerves. Once she hits 0 Essence, she gains the Shadowlash condition. Orrrr... she can eat the human. A mouthful of flesh from the rejector-of-blessings stops the bleed and the pain immediately, ceases the Ban and shuts the whole blessing off. Eating the whole goddamn ungrateful human gives the shaman the Symbolic Focus condition too.

                      ​Some shamans dole this shit out like drugs - like really expensive drugs, for high prices. Might be cash, might be goods, but it's usually more esoteric - favours due, sacrifices offered, weird shit that they'll get arrested for. Most human Influence-buyers don't understand the true nature of the shaman who sells them it, don't know it's a wolf-in-sheep's clothing. They know just enough about what they're getting to make a very poor decision and become involved in the darker side of the world. Power's a drug, mind, and some become addicted to it. Better hope they can pay the wolf's tithe each time, though. The comedown from this stuff is a bitch, too; after the blessing fades, spirits of the same Resonance as the Influence consider the human to be Open until a month has passed.

                      - Chris Allen, Freelance Writer: Forsaken & Awakening 2nd Edition / The Pack / Dark Eras 1 & 2 / The Contagion Chronicle / Idigam Anthology / Night Horrors: Nameless & Accursed and Shunned by the Moon / Trinity Aeon / Aeon Aexpansion / And more besides...

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                        It's getting late here, but amongst the presents yet to come: secrets caught in snowflakes, Luna's tears, the fraternity of grit and tar, eating your name, pariah skins, and more besides. I'll work over 'em in the coming days

                        - Chris Allen, Freelance Writer: Forsaken & Awakening 2nd Edition / The Pack / Dark Eras 1 & 2 / The Contagion Chronicle / Idigam Anthology / Night Horrors: Nameless & Accursed and Shunned by the Moon / Trinity Aeon / Aeon Aexpansion / And more besides...

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                          OMG!!! These are a great Christmas gift!!!! Thank your sir!!!!


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                            Yarr, this time, I be voting on option 1.

                            Edit: Ohhh, too late.


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                              Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
                              Storm Lords do their best to forge agreements with the nobles of darkness and ice so that none will take the open vessel of the sacrifice. Such spirits tend to levy a painful price in some other way.
                              It seems... strange... that Storm Lords would entertain using this rite at all. It acknowledges their weakness against the elements, entreats a spirit to tend to their weakness, and brings into being one of the most dangerous prey, another anathema claimed walking the physical world.

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                                I think ideally they would try to bargain to keep that from happening like it says. But it does seem more like the rite is a way to sort of do some Judo on the Winter, turning its cold to your strength, shifting the focus of the spirits to, ideally, something beneficial. I imagine the Storm Lords would try to raise people who would willingly sacrifice themselves in case the others have need of it, but still it might be more popular among other tribes. And if you were having trouble with Winter spirits it offers some strong defense.

                                Our game's been having problems with a lingering and pressing cold front created by supernatural things that are theorized to have caused ice ages. I wasn't even done reading before I was pondering how to find a Winter King to sacrifice.

                                I like the image of a bunch of stoic Storm Lord stereotypes sitting around a table gruffly encouraging someone to eat, drink and tell them what they want most in life.

                                From Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
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