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    Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
    By feeding it other appropriate Spirits. So the problem with Armor Spirits is that Armor doesn't have a Predator to Prey relationship where it is the Predator with something else conceptually, like to say Sadness and Happiness can be said to conceptually devour each other or a Wolf devour Deer or Rabbits naturally. Since it doesn't have that predation aspect in its concept it must eat Armor spirits to get conceptually consistent Essence to avoid becoming a Maggath.
    Spirits of protection and maintenance, of walls and war, of hide and hubris, of fear and fury, of honor and glory, of physical and emotional attachment can all theoretically be subsumed into a spirit of armor with the right background and circumstances; remember that spirits tend to dilute their conceptual purity as they rise in power. Defensive spirits pervade popular occult literature and outside of clear divisions of concept becoming magath is more of an art than an exact science of how closely associated a given choir is to another.

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