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    Wanting to use Silver Fangs in newest plot for my 'Vikings goes for Byzantium' chronicle. PCs pack/raiding party is in 800 A.D. in nowadays Russia, in Finns ruled Staraya Ladoga. Idea is that Khazars attacked settlement and captured people - one of them was guide to the 'Greece' - i.e. Byzantium. Now, easily I can equate Khazars tribe with House of the Sun - and probably I can make Finnish guide to be Wolf-Blooded descendent of one of local Silver Fangs ( ach, borderland romance ).

    Question is with how to play House of Moon into conflict - what, makes it simply other, neighborhood Khazars tribe? Does Oaths of the Moon in Storm Lords interpretation is enough reason to point 'we need to take this human from your tribe, as he is under our Oath protection'?

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      This is literally made up by you, so I dunno why you ask.


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        Hmm... Looking over Bonds section...
        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        Ban: A Lodge member cannot let a disrespectful character to Oath go away unpunished for his actions.

        The Sacred Hunt
        The Lodge Sacred Hunt grants your character the ability to sense any character who acted against the Oath in last moon cycle. Lodge adherent will see disrespectful as burning with solar blaze ( House of Sun ) or moonlight ( House of Moon ).
        And taking in account Pure's Oath of Urfarah tenents intrepretation...

        Originally posted by The Pure, p. 34
        'The Herd Must Not Know'
        The human herd is dangerous — just as any herd of livestock, sometimes it stampedes when spooked. Plus, these cattle know how to use silver. Spooking the herd is a good way to get dead.

        Still, some Pure break this tenet in a controlled manner. The Ivory Claws in particular seem to relish forcing humans to heel, building farms of human servants or towns of depressed mortal “employees.” Such humans are made aware, at least in part, of the werewolves’ nature.

        Of course, the humans are kept close at hand. Townsfolk never leave. Livestock don’t escape the fences. It happens from time to time, and occasionally contravention of this precept has gotten some Pure werewolves killed for their cockiness. Most times, though, an appropriately small number of humans can be kept quiet — whether by threat of death or reward of a nice “payroll.”

        Another exception to this rule is some of the families of Pure wolves. Many Pure keep their families close, making quite clear what they are, and what purposes the bloodlines serve. In this is a kind of grudging respect.

        Originally posted by The Pure, p. 34
        'Claim New Territory'
        The Pure want control. Territory is very important to them — not only does it allow them tactical advantage but carving up more of the world for themselves allows them to bring the worlds closer together and exterminate the Forsaken. What territory the Pure own, the degenerates do not, and that is always a good thing. Hence, some werewolves put this into the Oath to Urfarah. It says nothing about defending that territory once claimed, but wise Pure recognize the necessity of protecting what is claimed.
        I say that Ivory Claws 'raids for relatives' are common place, even sacred in the eyes of their Oath. So House of Sun will try to steal people with at least a dint of wolf's blood - and then by invocing Storm Lords interpretation of 'The Uratha Shall Cleave To The Human' - House of Moon will want to raid the House of Sun Khazars tribe. For the House of Moon, Pure that steal humans from villages will be branded as Oath-breakers by not respecting 'The Uratha Shall Cleave To The Human'.

        Question is what happens if even PCs will help House of Moon to fight with House of Sun - and later PCs will want to take their guide with them. If Silver Fangs are about respecting ancestors and Honor - Would they simply let the PCs to go out with Wolf-Blooded, connected to the 'First Tribe' of Silver Fangs?

        My stuff for Scion 2E, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E & BtP
        LGBT+ in CoD games