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  • Seven War-Song Howlings

    Right! With the Mourners write-up done, time for the next vote - Seven War-Songs Howling!

    Would you like:
    ​a) Seven brief sample Cahaliths, the Uratha visionaries of a new age; or
    ​b) Seven war-song-related rules snippets - merits, rites, fetishes etc focused on Cahaliths and their howls.


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    Tough choice, but "visionaries of a new age" has bought me. I vote A.

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      I'm a sucker for new merits, rites and fetishes. I vote B.


      • #4
        A, definitively A.


        • #5
          I vote for A

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            B is by far more useful for me, and also more interesting.

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              Argh... difficult one. B, yes, I think I can get more out of newcharacter options.

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              • #8
                I shall go with B this time


                • #9
                  Very difficult, yeah. I've always liked the idea of Cahalith but never played one. They got a lot with the Screaming Moon Gift and Lodge (which isn't Cahalith only) and I like all their powers already but more is always good, especially if there's some high-end stuff. Plus they make bards and oracles cool. Still, like the Pure, it would be cool to see some examples of what the characters would be like.

                  I choose A.


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                    I'm thinking A. Hard pick.

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                    • #11
                      B, because METAL.

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                        I Vote for B. Because I love crunch

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                          B, please!

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                          • #14
                            As it stands...

                            A: 5
                            B: 7

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                              I vote B, because more player options always makes me happy.