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Seven War-Song Howlings

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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

    But as ST I have one question, Acrozatarim - HOW can Howl Up The Hunt (Werewolf Merit ••) work in Hishu or Urhan? I know that Dalu is main form for Rites, but this Merit do not limit's it's use in human form where character cannot (?) proper howl. Urhan, on the other hand, do not can perform Rites - yes?
    ​It works in both Hishu and Urhan. Human skin just means your howls are going to be less powerful and heard at less distance than if you were in a form that could give it some real welly. Wolf form can perform rites; I don't recall putting in any limitations on what form you have to be in for rite performances, other than Dalu is the only one to give an additional bonus.

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      I can see the Lodge of Bones looking for Urfarah's death howl to undo the Gauntlet, needing to dupe a Cahalith to do it.


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