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    Going for B on this one, but anyway I get my dose of body horror, so I am already content.

    I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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      I vote for A even though I think B might win

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        I like both, but since I can only choose one I choose B.


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          Ooh, tough call... but voting B here, because antagonists are all kinds of fun.
          (And fingers crossed for at least one mortal-ish cult or antagonist if B does win)

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            1 more vote for B please

            Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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              I am voting for B

              Despite the user name I am actually bigender.

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                I vote for B

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                  I request B.


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                    6 to 17 so far in favour of B.

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                      B, because you can't have too many things which want to kill you.

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                        Another one on the books for B.

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                        Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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                          Vote A, just as it's underdog. And I would want to see both those options.

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                            B, more (heh) meaty than a bunch of tilts and conditions. Which would still be excellent obviously.
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                              I vote A, and I implore you all to do the same.


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                                Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
                                B, more (heh) meaty than a bunch of tilts and conditions. Which would still be excellent obviously.
                                ​Just by way of clarification - whichever option gets chosen will get roughly as much written up as the other

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