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  • Talens from Rank 6+ Spirits

    So, binding a spirit that transcends mortal ability is (most likely) an impossible endeavor, attempted only by the most deluded and/or narcissistic of shamans. However, such entities might quite easily break off shards of themselves, maybe even without realizing it.

    I'm curious: What kinds of talens might the gods of the Shadow create? When Destroyer Wolf spits out a loose tooth, the Thunderer calls down a crystallized lightning strike, the Mother of Spring leaves behind blooming flowers in her wake, or even, perhaps, a tear of Luna's falls to Earth, what powers could these spiritual fragments evoke? Has anyone designed any? How have they impacted a story? Please, do share.

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    There was a blizzard this winter, the kind you see about every twenty years, where long-dead deer carcasses stand frozen upright for a few days before rot and sun can lay them on the earth where they belong. The local packs spend the holidays mopping up the spirits of ice and snow that gather around the lake. But none dare enter the lake itself, until a particularly brave (Some would say foolish) group of supernaturals pulled a long-abandoned scrap of Winter Wolf's hide, long since torn off by some unknown horror's fangs, from the depths. In their great hubris, the foremost among them wears the pelt as a sort of cloak, remaining worn in twilight even as they walk among the flesh. The local Storm Lords are... extremely displeased with this arrangement, but have yet to take official action, or even knowledge the artifact as the genuine article.

    Now removed from the icy waters that preserved it for so long, the fur rots, if ever so slowly, and it's generally agreed that whenever it's bearer chooses to unleash the essence within, that will spell the end of the miracle. Though what that display will look like is a mystery, other than the fact that it will be much, much bigger than anything seen in generations.

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      If such superlative spirits shed corpus like that, the result isn't a Talen, but something of far more concrete spiritual power, at the very least equivalent to a rank 5 fetish, or several talens effects, such as growing to titanic proportion and getting the strength to match the new form.