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  • Four New Gifts

    While I haven't yet finished up Five Pounds of Meat, I wanted to get this thread up slightly earlier as there's more options for people to pick from! Now, to be honest and upfront, I'm not going to be writing up four full new Gifts. They're a part of the game that requires more mechanical rigor, and I'd rather do one sort-of-thought-through Gift than four absolutely-banged-together-on-short-notice Gifts, as the latter are extremely unlikely to be useable whereas the former might actually be in decent enough shape to provide people with some fun.

    ​So, this thread will not​ be picking from between two options, each of four Gifts. Instead, vote for which of the following four Gifts you want me to write up! Would you like:
    a) the Gift of Tides; or
    b) the Gift of Darkness; or
    c) the Gift of Time; or
    ​d) the Gift of Metal.

    ​As per usual, disclaimer for this sort of stuff: Not an official write-up, superseded by any versions in future, etc etc.

    - Chris Allen, Aberrant Line Developer, Freelance Writer

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  • #2
    Tides has my vote, but I'd probably not be disappointed by any of these.


    • #3
      I will vote for the Gift of Time.


      • #4
        Uuugh... All of these bar Tides seem reeeeeeally cool... I guess Metal is pretty simple so I can dismiss it...
        So it comes down to Time vs Darkness...
        But I'll have to side with Darkness beacause maybe I can get some awesome visuals and/or use for Stereotypical Irraka out of it.


        • #5
          I vote for time, and this was surprisingly hard.


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            this is my vote:


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              Gift of Darkness would be interesting.

              Edit: I've changed to Time.
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                This was very difficult but I vote for the Gift of Time.

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                  I'm going to vote for Tides. I'm a huge fan of the sea, and more opportunities for my Makara to hang out with werewolves are always welcome.

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                  • #10
                    I really want to see gift of Metal hounestly


                    • #11
                      ... I think Tides

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                        Hesitating between darkness and metal honestly.

                        Gonna go with Metal

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                        • #13
                          I vote Gift of Darkness.


                          • #14
                            Hard choice.

                            I have to choose Tides.


                            • #15
                              I vote for Time, unless by Metal you mean the music :P

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