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  • Three Fetishes

    Onwards, ever onwards! Time for Three Fetishes - so would you like:
    ​a) Three fetishes with which the Blood Talons gird themselves for battle; or
    ​b) Three fetishes wielded by the Bone Shadows, trinkets of occult power; or
    ​c) Three fetishes guarded by the Hunters in Darkness, channels of sacred power; or
    ​d) Three fetishes that the Iron Masters have invented, icons of change; or
    ​e) Three fetishes forged by the Storm Lords, trophies of prowess.

    ​Whichever is chosen, the fetishes won't be unique to the Tribe in question - just more common amongst them, and suited to their particular ethos and approach.

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    Especially if you split them in, a weapon, an armor and something else (e.g. talisman, battle horn, etc etc. etc.)


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      B! I love trinkets of occult power


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        I vote for D


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          I vote for E.

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            C, for completeness :P

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              C, Hunters in Darkness. I don't think we've seen anything about them from you.


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                I'm going to vote for C, simply because the Hunters are the tribe I understand the least, so the one I could most use more examples of their fetishes to help me understand the tribe.

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                  I'll go with C

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                    Hm.. This one is very difficult, but I'll choose A.

                    By the way, Acrozatarim. I really love what you have been doing. Only caught this with Five Pounds of Flesh, but I'm loving every single entry I've read so far and all of this is giving me a lot of great ideas for my game. Thank you, very much!


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                      I wanna know more of the Hunters so I'll go with C


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                        D, because of course.

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                          A, because I want more combat fetishes.


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                            One for B, love me some trinkets.

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                              E, because the notion of fetishes that are trophies is too interesting to pass up.

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