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    Originally posted by Thorbes View Post
    Oh, closer than I tought at first, I really had the impression that Iron Masters were heads and shoulders above the rest in votes.
    Hunters in the Darkness took a huge early lead. The Iron Masters have been killing it lately, but the Hunters were so far ahead that half of that was just playing catchup.

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      I'll close the vote some time tomorrow then start writing on the winner.

      - Chris Allen
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        Originally posted by Second Chances View Post
        It's a tight one! If I have counted correctly, here are the standings:

        A (Blood Talons) - 3
        B (Bone Shadows) - 2
        C (Hunters in the Darkness) - 7
        D (Iron Masters) - 10
        E (Storm Lords) - 6
        Odd, I had counted 8 to Hunters then.


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          Looks like the Iron Masters have it! I'll set to work.

          - Chris Allen
          Freelance Writer, Deviant: the Renegade / The Pack / Dark Eras / Forsaken 2nd Edition / Idigam Anthology / Awakening 2nd Edition / Trinity Aeon / And more besides...

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            Subversive Autocorrection (••)
            A subversive autocorrection is a little splinter of technospiritual code lodged into a thumb drive. Load it up on a computer, access an online social group such as a forum, social media platform, or other digital community, and the autocorrect will grant two benefits. The first is that it provides perfect spelling and grammar autocorrection in any language the user is typing in, matching the actual intent of the Uratha rather than brainlessly trying to adhere to programmed parameters (although it does not allow a user to write a language that they don't actually know at all). The second is that it adjusts and amends the Uratha's writing - and that of anyone else responding to the Uratha - to fold in colloquialisms, community-specific etiquette and other elements that work and worry at the subconscious of readers from that community, improving their first impression of the Uratha by 2 steps for the purpose of social manouevering designed to change the community, break it apart, or coax community members into taking radical or destructive actions.

            Flawsmith (•••)
            This jangling mish-mash of malformed mechanical parts grants its wielder the ability to use the Perfection of Form Facet of the Shaping Gift in a considerably different manner. Rather than perfection, the flawsmith brings fault and weakness, infecting manufacture with repeated failings. By spending 1 or more points of Essence and activating the Facet while touching a tool, machine or any other part of a production process, the Uratha curses that process. For 1 point, the process is cursed for the production of a single item within the next month; not necessarily the first item, but rather whichever the Uratha prefers. For 2 Essence, the process is cursed for all items produced in the next week; 4 Essence curses all items produced in the next month; and each additional Essence past 4 adds another month to the duration.

            Any items produced by the process that the tool or machine is a part of are flawed. They suffer one of the following effects, chosen by the Uratha upon using the Facet - or, if the Uratha prefers, she can let the malign shamanism run wild, inflicting effects randomly.
            • Reduce points of Durability, Structure, or both, up to a total of the Uratha's Purity.
            • Cause the item to turn failed rolls involving it into dramatic failures, up to a number of times equal to the Uratha's Purity.
            • Reduce the dice bonus or enhancement from the item (if any) by up to the Uratha's Purity; this will not reduce it below 0.
            • Grant the Uratha's Purity as a die bonus to any Facets from the Shaping or Technology Gifts that target the item.
            If investigated, there is no apparent source for the flaws or problems that plague the process's products, and the problem cannot be fixed for the duration by anything short of building an entirely new process with entirely new components; just replacing the tool or machine that was originally hexed does nothing, as the curse lies on the entire process.

            ​Flawsmiths have proven the death of a number of once-powerful industries and businesses. There are almost certainly equivalents that hone the output of human manufacturing rather than sabotage it, but it is the flawsmiths that have earned notoriety. Their potency has grown with advances in technology and an even greater reliance on machines and engineered goods, but Iron Masters have been causing havoc with them as far back as the early days of gunpowder manufacture, and likely well before that.

            Stride Tree (••••)
            A stride tree takes what is a very unusual form for a fetish - as the name suggests, it is an actual tree, rooted in the ground. Uprooting the tree will break the bonds of the fetish and free the spirit within.

            A stride tree's branches bear no natural leaves or fruit. Instead, they dangle with shoes. The footwear comes in a wide variety of forms - everything from sandals to fashionable branded trainers, high heels to heavy walking boots - but are universally worn and dirtied, and often broken with peeling soles or tattered fabric, as if each has seen years of heavy use. Laces are tangled or missing, or the shoe hangs entirely from them. The tree 'buds' a new crop of shoes every month, although individual items of footwear simply appear when no-one is looking; older shoes fall apart into the rotting mass of heels, soles, and scraps of leather that lie in the tree's shade.

            Upon activation, the user of the fetish plucks a single piece of footwear from the branches. The shoe is then placed somewhere that the Uratha wishes to direct human visitors to; she has up to a week to plant the shoe before it loses its power, becomes overripe and begins to fall apart. Once the shoe is planted, then in the following month, a much larger number of humans than normal will be drawn to the area it lies in. This might mean that a street of small shops receives a great deal of customers, or that a remote area in the wilderness finds itself awash in tourists and hikers, or that the back streets around the deserted warehouse is suddenly alive with passers-by in the evenings.

            By carefully picking a given shoe, the Uratha can tailor the type of human visitation that the area will receive. To a certain extent, it's obvious in the form of the shoe - a standard-issue police uniform boot will probably call more attention from law enforcement to the area, while a hot-brand high heel will be bringing the wealthy. However, with a successful Intelligence + Socialize roll, the Uratha can add specificity, such as picking out the trainers that are currently popular amongst the city's street gangs so that their depredations can be drawn into the area. There is no way to target and draw in specific individual humans with the stride tree's power.

            After the month of its effect has passed, the stride tree's fruit loses influence; however, this may have naturally caused an ongoing extension of the human activity in question. There's some rumour amongst Iron Masters that the stride tree was originally invented as part of an attempt to connect various human cultures together in the distant past, coaxing their traders and travellers along routes that they might otherwise have ignored, without the Uratha having to actively involve themselves in personal interactions. A few relate tales that the stride trees were used to protect valued groups of humans by guiding them across dangerous regions, or by controlling the currents of society in major settlements to the benefit of the favoured. There's just as many stories of stride trees being used as traps, though, to lure human prey to their doom.

            And then there's the story of where the shoes upon the stride-tree's branches come from - that they're not just bizarre 'fruit', but that each was the possession of a human, lost and dead on the paths of the world, the forgotten and discarded soles of the forgotten and discarded souls of civilization, each a tale of grief, murder and loss. Those tales remain untold, though, their fates unspoken, because of a pact Red Wolf made with the fates of travel and change, and so the Uratha can harvest this crop raised from the death and despair of humans.

            - Chris Allen
            Freelance Writer, Deviant: the Renegade / The Pack / Dark Eras / Forsaken 2nd Edition / Idigam Anthology / Awakening 2nd Edition / Trinity Aeon / And more besides...

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              Very cool, I would kill for the first one.

              I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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                Well, and here I've thought that all of those shoes hanged upon electricity wires in here were simply signs for drug dealer meetings :P (and yeah, I could definitely use the first one)

                I must say that the Stride Tree is my favorite. Kinda reminds me of the Bloody Cobbler from Ravenloft, even if from the other direction (he harvested the soles of dead people who have strayed from their true path). I wonder if he could be adapted to those fetishes in one way or another, either as the one responsible for the shoes, something which tries to collect them or even as an aspect of Red Wolf in some kind (after all, both have "red" as their theme :P)

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                  I have to agree, the Stride Tree is my favorite and really cool. I really like the other two, though, a Don Draper-like Iron Master would be frighteningly effective. I think so would a Better Call Saul-ish billboard lawyer.

                  They're good for business. Or awful for it.


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                    Oooh, I can just see all the story hooks those fetishes can create.

                    And I see that they all feed back into the theme of Cunning and/or screwing with humans. In-theme with the Iron Masters.

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