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And A Trophy Made From My Enemies

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    Either A or E, whichever one is closer to winning

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      I mean, there’s gotta be a reason why the Uratha can’t just rule over humans, right?

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        E, no doubt.

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          C for me. Hosts are my favorite enemies (or prey?), and I love trophies in particular, so I'd love to hear your take on that in particular.

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            I vote for C.


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              Putting my vote on E.

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                Voting for E as well; really wanna see what sort things a mortal could get up to that would make them a threat roughly on-par with some of the others on the list...

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                  Originally posted by Max Deltree View Post

                  They say that to this day, he still kills everything he comes across, hoping to find a skull with no eyes!


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                    Definitely Vote C - I want new Host-y goodness.

                    If Chris wants the position, I also believe it would be fantastic if Rich chose Chris as the badly needed new Forsaken developer. While I'm certain many OPP writers are talented and love Forsaken, no one since Stew has demonstrated Chris' care, commitment and creativity to the game or is more deserving of the position.
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                      What a close battle between C & E! Whoever will win, the Forsaken would, undoubtedly, lose.

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                        Originally posted by LostLight View Post
                        What a close battle between C & E! Whoever will win, the Forsaken would, undoubtedly, lose.
                        Win, actually, since it is about a trophy made from said enemy.

                        I'm not denying how bittersweet that victory may have been, however.

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                          I will probably close the vote once the weekend's over

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                            A for me. Want to see more of the pure


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                              Vote E - I always want to see humans as real enemies for the werewolves, as Uratha have SO MUCH advantages over them. It's just really curiosity 'how can you done this' thing.

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                                Look let's face it it's going to be amazing either way so I'm just going to vote g) any of the above