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Auspice Aspects (from Signs of the Moon) for 2e

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  • Auspice Aspects (from Signs of the Moon) for 2e

    So I always liked the idea of the aspects from Signs of the Moon. It gave my characters more of a story behind them, helped me guide their concept and growth, and gave me something to look forward to as I raised my Primal Urge even as it gave certain drawbacks.

    Now as I run my own game for the Idigam Chronicle and I put together and flesh out major NPCs I find myself going back into the 1e books looking for old stuff to bring into my game that still works. One of these things that I'm wanting to give some of my werewolf NPCs auspice aspects only to find that many of the abilities granted need to be adjusted either slightly or completely rewritten as they are either obsolete (for instance the auspice abilities have changed) or taken over by gifts.

    Has anyone else tried using auspice aspects in their 2e game and if so how did you work around these issues?

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    I haven't really thought of it. I'm sure someone's ported them over. For the most part they seemed to have been merged with Gifts, natural abilities and Merits.

    I think if I was bringing it over, in addition to having to make entirely new 'gifts', instead of linking it to Primal Urge, I'd do it to Renown. Primal Urge seems more connected to Urfarah and the hunter part of a werewolf. Whereas aspects (called faces in the auspice sections) are more associated with Luna. Maybe have it at like 1, 3, 5 of your Auspice renown or, more likely, at the honorary rank upgrades.

    As it is though werewolves sort of have a lot of options for themselves already, and adding another might complicate things, possibly unnecessarily too since it's something meant to unlock slowly over time. But if it's just for NPCs, then you can always attach powers to them from things like a stronger connection to something or other, unlocked through Renown or Primal Urge or Merits that required a strange ritual or journey. You can use the old ones as a guide, though they're not something you can always convert, or would even want to. Like Envoy's no longer giving Lunacy to wolf-blooded, instead you'll no longer target wolf-blooded during Kuruth (provided they're not attacking you, at least). Just glancing over some of them they're pretty weak for what was a massive Experience investment. Really you can probably just whip up some powers for NPCs that fit the characters more personally.


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      Make merits with PU & Auspice pre-requisites.


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        Originally posted by Malus View Post
        Make merits with PU & Auspice pre-requisites.
        Really, this seems like the easiest solution. Just look over the aspects, pick out the powers you like and make them into seperate merits. Although you would love out on the whole 'natural progression' thing, so it might not be what you're looking for.

        The 'e' is omitted on purpose and for stylistc reasons... I promise.


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          What did you decide? I am getting a game going here soon and want to get the Aspects in the new system. In 1e I changed the PU requirements from 3/7/10 to 3/5/7 so they would be more reasonable. My bigger question is if you changed up any specific aspects? The problem I always had in the old system is that they run from excellent , warhowler for example, to just worthless, pretty much all of the ones on the Irraka list for example.
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