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    Prey: What happens when a spirit takes command of a particularly influential mortal vessel? furthermore, what if it can maintain a facade of normalcy to further it's unholy depredations? How do the Uratha manage to remove such prey without drawing attention to themselves? The Lodge of Crows knows the answer. Part mafia made-men and secular Hellfire Club, they operate in every echelon of Forsaken and mortal society to ferret out the most secretive threats to the Hunt.

    Aspiration: Never let someone who bloodied a fellow Crow escape unscathed.

    Ban: Should your allegiance to the Lodge become known outside of it, the ban will be considered broken.

    Advantages: Lodge Connections, Carrion Messenger rite

    Carrion Messenger (rank 2 wolf rite)
    The Lodge of Crows has one of the finest and most secure communication systems known to the Uratha, thanks to the crow-spirits that have been placed at the lodge’s disposal. Using this rite, Crows can send one another messages without having to bother with unreliable (or non-secure) communication media; a Crow can send word to one of her peers in another city without even having to know a human name or phone number. This rite can only be used to carry messages from one lodge member to another; teaching the rite to an outsider is a violation of the lodge’s oath of secrecy, and the spirit messenger will refuse to take a message to anyone but a Crow.
    Symbols: Carrion, Blood, Message, Corvid.
    Sample Rite: The most common iteration of the rite involves penning a missive with a crow's feather in carrion and blood and later destroying it, usually by swallowing it. (Intelligence + Expression)
    Action: Extended (10 successes) each roll takes 1 minute.)
    Success: Successes are gained. If 10 or more are accumulated, the crow-spirit manifests and will carry a short message (30 words or less) to the fellow lodge member of the ritemaster’s choice. The crow-spirit travels at the rate of roughly 200 miles per hour, and will make a flight up to 1000 miles distant. The messenger is subtle enough not to approach its target openly, and will whisper the message in his ear without otherwise manifesting.

    Sacred Hunt: Death from Above.
    Crow teaches it's children how to strike fast, robbing the Sacred prey of it's metaphorical eyes. The first antagonistic action against the target of the hunt cannot be contested: This may be a surprise attack, or the use of influences to strip a particularly influential Claimed of it's temporal resources, for example.

    Blessing: Takes one to know one.
    Any mundane attempt to deceive the Crow automatically fails. The truth is not necessarily revealed, but he knows when someone is lying to him or withholding information or when a crime scene has been tampered with to conceal evidence. Likewise, he knows when supernatural powers have been used to affect his thoughts or perceptions (though he can’t necessarily counter them). Furthermore, once per chapter, the Uratha may ask Crow directly for insight which manifests as a request for information to the ST that sheds light on a problem at hand. This information is impersonal without identifying a single person, however it can answer questions such as "where's the murder weapon hidden?" or "what leverage works best on this person?". This blessing becomes another application of spirit senses for the user.
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    This is an interesting take on the Lodge of Crows. I like it.

    Are you concerned at all that the Blessing basically overshadows the keystone Half Moon gift for free? Personally, I'd leave it to just the Asking Crow portion, which is already absurdly powerful on it's own.

    Also, might be appropriate to give them access to the Lodge Stronghold merit as well, considering how much they're focused on protecting their own.

    I've actually been thinking of doing a Lodge of Crows 2e adaptation myself, so I might just borrow yours if that's cool. Though I might reframe the Ban to make it so that they must 'silence' anyone who discovers their connection to the lodge. Makes it more active and more terrifying.


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      1) Not concerned because the way the gift is phrased, the Elodoth with it knows exactly the kind of deception incurred;

      2) Strongholds evidently belong to someone. Crows protect their own with the use of their temporal reach.

      3) I wouldn't have posted it if I wasn't cool with people using it.

      4) The Aspiration tends to cover the desire to silence people outside the lodge who becomes aware of it. Phrase it as you would.

      Note that the main advantage of Carrion Messenger over Messenger is you do not need to know the Crow to request their aid, and if one Carrion spirit comes and tells you the Lodge cover was blow, you're honor bound to rectify the situation in some fashion.


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        1. I mean, you learn whether it's an outright lie or lie of omission, but not what the actual truth is in either scenario. There is significant overlap, even if it's not a one for one, and I'd be hesitant to step on a moon gift's toes more than any other ability.

        2. I don't know that a Stronghold's ownership is necessarily evident to someone, I mean, dots in Safe Place count against attempts to research or find the place to begin with (and by default it's at 5 dots of Safe Place. Doesn't get more secret that). Consider also that the merit specifically includes 'supernatural defenses' at the 4 dot option, which could include supernatural occlusion.

        3. Right right. Cool. Thanks.

        I know Carrion Messenger was 2 dots in 1e, but maybe it should be 1 dot? It's about as useful as Messenger, just with different parameters. The limiter of only Crows makes it less broadly applicable. I don't think it was clear in the description that you could contact lodge members you don't know, so that's a cool addition. ​I don't think Carrion Messenger is terribly useful in many game situations (unless the Crows are actually heavily incorporated into a chronicle, I suppose), but it's very thematic so I appreciate it's inclusion.

        I'll probably make a rite that literally silences someone until the Crow can get to him. Maybe something like the Vampire 2e's Curse of Babel. "The victim of this ritual, who must be within one mile of the ritual, is rendered unable to speak or write until the next sunrise." sort of deal.
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