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  • 1001 Werewolf Story Hooks

    Reposting my old 1001 Werewolf Story Hooks thread here, because that sort of thread tends to be useful.

    Please be aware that the numbers won't be consecutive - I created this thread on three separate fora.

    1) The PC pack has reason to believe that the alpha of a neighboring Forsaken pack has been corrupted by the Maeljin.

    What to do? The PCs lack evidence; and there is no court to appeal. The Forsaken in this particular territory are in no way organized; it's each pack against the world. The only ones who might care might be the Bale Hound's packmates, if they could be made to listen.

    2. Something is mutilating cattle in the PCs' territory. What is it? And how does it turn the poor beasts inside out without cutting them?

    3. An upstart Storm Lord with delusions of grandeur has called a meet of all the packs in the area. A few more than expected actually show up. He makes a speech, offering to lead them all on a glorious crusade against their enemies, but it's clear he's bitten off more than he can chew. Tempers flare. The crowd starts to turn on him. The fool is about to be ripped apart. What do the PCs do?

    2) This Bale Hound passes himself off as an Uragarum (Wolf-Heart Lies), he's charming and incredibly good looking, and he's blessed by Carnala. He's sired half a dozen of Ghost Childs, his previous mates dead at the hand of the monstrosities, like several other packs. His personal Maeltinent totem is actually an ancestor spirit from his bloodline. It controls the Unihars with it's influence. A Brethren pack has formed to hunt him down. You are in that pack. You never thought you'd hunt besides the Anshega, but the distinctions doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters is vengeance now. And you'll have it, or die trying.

    2) The pack might gain the support of one of the local tribal elders by doing him a little favor.

    One of the elder's wolfblooded daughters has violated family rules by dating a teenager who, sadly, lacks Father Wolf's blood. The PCs are to kill him to send a message and make a point about disobedience.

    The hapless teenager, of course, knows nothing about the Uratha.

    5) One of your few Forsaken allies approaches you after she has been chased out of her territory by her own pack.

    She has nowhere else to go other than to the Pcs. She's pregnant with Ghost Child.

    6) An ancient Lodge of Garm warrior - representing the best of the Blood Talons, a living legend, really - wants to die. The only way for a someone like her to die is in combat, of course - taking as many enemies as possible with her.

    This is why she's planning a proper old-fashioned suicide mission. Break into the territories of Pure packs. Slaughter the Pure and all their allies. Move to the next Pure territory and repeat.

    Volunteers ready to deal with things such as reconaissance, planning etc. are always welcome.

    The fallout of such a mission - no matter the success - will be huge. The Pure and the Forsaken have been living in a state of mutual noninterference for a while. An open attack will likely cause repercussions and retaliation from the Pure.

    7) Black Wolf doesn't speak to her children any more. Since last friday, the Hunters in Darkness - all of them - have ceased to feel any sort of connection to their tribal totem. It's as if they were Ghost Wolves, metaphysically. This also means that it's harder for the former Hunters in Darkness to invoke gifts powered by their spiritual patron and to gain the support of her spirit allies.

    It's about time for someone to quest into the Shadow, track down the Black Wolf (good luck with that!) and ask her what the hell is going on.

    If she still exists. And if she's still on the side of the Forsaken.

    7) Spirits around the local university are behaving strangely. There have been more than a few incidences of bizarre and dangerous magath stalking the Shadow of the college. After doing a little digging, the PCs turn up rumors of a secret club of students and faculty performing ancient dionysian rites in the theater building...

    8) PCs in an urban territory get a call from their police contact. Someone tossed a tourist off the top of a 50-story building after stripping him naked and covering him in blue paint. Police shut off the building and questioned everyone inside, but they've got no suspects. Detective on the case wants to call it a suicide. But maybe the pack wants to look into it...

    9) A werewolf who looks to have had his renown or auspice marks burnt off comes to the pack. He freely admits that he is of the Fire Touched, and the Pure, but says that he wants to join the People once more. He gives a heart rending tale of how he was captured away from his pack, tortured for months, and only allowed his freedom once he agreed to join the Pure and renounce the Moon. He has killed Forsaken, and for many years he truly believed in the cause of the Pure. But now he has found companionship with a wolf-blood, and over several months has had a developing relationship where the two have fallen deeper and deeper in love. The wolf-blood is one of the player's sisters, and rather than be at war with his beloved's family, he comes seeking redemption and repatriation.
    The twist here is that everything he says is true, and his intent is honourable. The other twist is that Mother Luna has no intention of taking a Pure back into her People.

    11) The Lodge of Nebuchadnezzar is a group of werewolves lead by a charismatic former rabbi who believes being a werewolf is a curse that can be shed through devotion and service to God. He claims that he has been cured through his good works and encourages Uratha to deny their wolf side. The Lodge is in violation of the Oath of the Moon, but its members are otherwise blameless and innocent. A local pack has targeted the lodge for destruction. Meanwhile, the members of the Lodge of Nebuchadnezzar are out of harmony with their true nature, and it's only a matter of time before the beast within claws its way to the surface...

    12) A massive hurricane has been battering Florida and parts of the East Coast of the USA for several weeks now, to the confusion and bafflement of mundane meteorologists. Forsaken looking into the matter have found out that this is no ordinary storm: this is the rage of Winter Wolf, who is angry at something or someone in the area. A pack of high ranking Storm Lords (aka, the player characters) have taken it on themselves to remedy the situation, as the storm is growing, the East Coast is getting ravaged, and people are dying. They can recruit whatever help they want, and approach this however they want, though if they're smart, they'll remember their tribal Oath when sorting out their tribe's own mess.

    13) That girl you slept with after the party? The granddaughter of the nastiest Bone Shadow wolf witch in the entire state. She generally takes "The People Do Not Murder The People" seriously, but that just means she'll make you wish you were dead.

    14) They've been talking about turning that one shitty neighborhood around for a while now. However, right before that nice urban renewal project is to get started, the funding gets pulled, a couple community organizers wind up dead, and to add insult to injury, somebody's trashed the construction site of that shiny new community center.

    The culprits, as it turns out, are a group of Hunters in Darkness who've found a balance with the various spirits of poverty, addiction, violence, and urban blight that infest the area, and see anybody trying to change the spiritual ecosystem as a threat to said balance.

    Sure it'd be nice to clean up the area, and those guys are probably nuts, but what if their dire predictions of events if the city's Shadow is changed are correct?

    8) During the Bretheren War, the Urdaga of the region managed to unite against the Pure and hold on to their territory thanks to the leadership of a Storm Lord alpha. Since then, he's been turned to for keeping the peace between the packs. But over the years, he has taken the trust that was put in him and used it to gain more and more power. A few years ago he gave himself the title "Chieftain."

    The PCs are newly-changed and waiting for this Chieftain to decide which packs should have whom. In the first act of defiance against the Chieftain in years, they choose to become their own pack and claim a territory on the outskirts of Urdaga control. They've inspired some of the other packs to rise up and overthrow the Chieftain. War's coming, and one way or another, the PCs will have to pick a side.

    9) Your pack's totem did something to piss off pretty much every choir and spirit court in the local Shadow.

    10) The PCs are chasing after a dangerous spirit that manifested across the Gauntlet in their territory, and possessed a close friend or family member of one of the PC's. However, they realize soon that they are trespassing deep into Pure territory. Was this a trap? How did the spirit slip through the Gauntlet in their territory, unimpeded without their totem or allied spirits noticing? Will the PCs continue pursuing after the friend/family member, or are they wary of springing a Pure ambush that may initiate a war?

    17) The Lodge of Mammon is using Vampire mercenaries to abduct Wolf-Bloodeds that they sell to a Baal-Hadad cult.

    18) One of the local Forsaken has been feeding on human prey. The PCs need to find out who it is, because the seriously armed government-backed hunter cell who just arrived in town thinks it's them.

    19) A Pure werewolf breaches the pack's territory and upon capture claims to be defecting, having received visions from Death Wolf herself. She seems to be telling the truth. The pack and neighbouring Pure have been in a detente situation for years, with the Pure outnumbering the Forsaken three to one. Will they risk war over her?

    20) A long-time ally of the pack is revealed to be a Bale Hound infiltrator. Before the pack can expose him for what he is, he turns the other Forsaken against the pack, accusing them of being what he is. Now the pack has to protect itself from enraged friends and family, while trying to stop their one-time ally from carrying out his nefarious plan.

    21) An old-name Keralan family with a distant but existent blood relation to one of the player characters is wolf-blooded, and aware of it. They are keen to maximise the chance of having a werewolf child in the next generation and have proud and ancient links to the People, with many of the Uratha's greatest heroes in the last six centuries being born from their bloodline.
    For that reason are looking for male Uratha applicants to be married to a young wolf-blood girl of the family, who has just turned 16. They're keen for her to have kids, and have the support network in place that the Uratha will know that his children will be raised in a supportive environment, educated in the ways of the People and will be well protected.
    They've singled out one of the players as a potential match, and have sent an elderly aunt to size him up and make the offer.
    The twist is this: there is no coercion, nothing weird going on here. This is just an ancient bloodline looking to keep the wolf blood strong, with a young girl who is entirely willing to be married to someone of her parent's choosing, and who honestly believes that love comes after marriage, not before it.

    22) The PCs are chasing after a dangerous spirit that manifested across the Gauntlet in their territory, and possessed a close friend or family member of one of the PC's. However, they soon realize that they are trespassing deep into Pure territory. Was this a trap? How did the spirit slip through the Gauntlet in their territory, unimpeded without their totem or allied spirits noticing? Will the PCs continue pursuing after the friend/family member, or are they wary of springing a Pure ambush that may initiate a war?

    23) One fairly inexperienced pack seems to have a lot more Essence than you'd expect, given the size of their territory,. A brief investigation reveals the reason: they've formed an alliance with a Beshilu swarm. The Beshilu gnaw holes in the Gauntlet creating new Loci, while the pack protect them and keep their activities concealed. This utter abandonment of their duties would (under ordinary circumstances) get them driven out or even killed, but there's a major conflict with the Pure looming, and losing the abundant new Essence sources and the huge numbers of spirit allies they're bribing with it would put the Forsaken at a serious disadvantage. What to do?

    24) A group of weirdos have arrived in and whatever they're doing has started stirring up spirits of despair and death all over the place. It's getting so bad that locals have started forming death cults worshipping some strange "Judges of the Dead." One of the local packs went to "talk" to them about it, but left the meeting battered and bruised. The survivors say that whoever these the things leading these people are are, they're not human. They're too strong, too durable, and when they use their strange power they look like the living dead. What will the pack do about these strange interlopers? What do they want with/in the surrounding area? Can be negotiated with? And if not, can they be made to leave? Something needs to happen fast, because their power is throwing the local spirit courts dangerously out of whack.

    25) A local politician who signed a wolf-hunting law suddenly repeals it, and in a startling turnabout actually starts to lobby for preservation and expansion of wild areas. The local wolves, unfortunately, have been hunted to extinction — but a vengeful wolf-spirit is slowly taking control of the politician and driving him to ever more lupine behavior. Worse still, the wolf-spirit is on the verge of becoming magath before it ever Claims its host, because it has fed on the pain, fear and anger of the wolf hunts. It also has no concept of discretion.

    26) The Cahalith of the pack has had dreams about some young guy undergoing his First Change as a Full Moon. The pack has tracked him down successfully - he's currently in prison.

    If the Cahalith's prophecy is accurate, he's likely to become a werewolf within the week.

    27) The Cahalith of the pack has regular nightmares of one of the pack's Forsaken allies - one of their mentors, perhaps - turning Bale Hound.

    There is no evidence of these nightmares being in any way true. The ally is known to value the Oath of the Moon particularly highly, and has always been friendly to the PCs.

    28) While the PCs were busy with another problem within their territory, an Azlu incursion got way out of hand. The PCs' own locus and several other loci are now completely cut off. Only one locus is still open, and it leads into the heart of the web, and a waiting ambush that is sure to decimate the pack. The PCs might sneak into the gauntlet through a locus a hundred miles away and a couple territories over...but that locus belongs to one of the Pure tribes...

    29) The PCs have broken the law and tangled with the human authorities a couple times within their territory. One cop in particular has been a thorn in their side. That cop has just been Claimed by a Justice spirit. And it's no coincidence. Some enemy shaman among the Uratha played "matchmaker" between the spirit and the cop...

    .) A spirit of justice starts to possess people, forcing them to fight crime. That's a good thing. Right?

    .) The PCs, all of which are rather new to this werewolf thing, find themselves being hungrier than usual. They also start fantasizing about consuming human flesh.

    Clearly, someone or something is influencing them in some way. These urges are in no way a natural part of the werewolf condition. Right?

    32) A pack allied with the PCs makes heavy use of Spirit-Ridden allies on its hunts. The pack gives spirits permission to Claim people, providing that the Claimed then assist the pack when dealing with the Hosts or the Pure.

    33) Something terrible happened, and your brother's house is on fire.

    Trouble is, he resides in a block of the city that belongs to a particularly territory-conscious Hunter in Darkness pack. There's no way they'll let you in, not even in the case of an absolute emergency.

    They might not notice you sneaking in, but there will absolutely be retribution for trespassing.

    34) The neighbouring pack, who you've never liked much, were recently involved in a mundane but fatal (to all but one pack member) car accident in the motorway. Four werewolves are dead, mauled by a high speed pile up that left their jalopy crushed under the weight of an eighteen wheeler. One Uratha, the runt of the group, survived and did so only because he was extremely lucky. He's still in hospital right now, sowly healing injuries that would have left a human a paraplegic (severed spinal cord, multiple organs punctured and failing). The players are called in by him because he needs them to help cover his tracks, as he isn't in any position to hide his presence at the moment (he can't get out of the hospital bed yet) and the medical establishment are getting a bit too interested in his miraculous rate of recovery. Of course, once they've done this relatively simple job for him, he tells them about all the other troubles his pack's territory has, and asks if he can join their pack, and if they can take over the territory.
    Can the players deal with a new territory that is larger and more troublesome than the one they already had? If they don't, are they willing to let the Pure on the far side of that territory move in? And do they want an extra packmate, when they never liked him that much in the first place?

    35) When an entire pack dies in a territorial dispute, their totem spirit is cut loose. Confused, angry and overcome with grief, it begins to agitate the local spirit populace against all of the Forsaken. It needs to be put down.

    36) The PCs tangle with a pack of Predator Kings who show up in their territory one day out of the blue. These Pure usually stick to the desolate wilderness outside of town. The Predator Kings aren't invading. They're running. Something from within their territory is hunting them.

    37) You told your niece to stay away from that night club. You didn't tell her the reason: that vampires are known to congregate there. Now you're getting a call from her mother. She never came home last night. [I'd probably let the PCs start a full-scale vamp/wolf war before they realize that she hooked up with a normal human guy and didn't even have sex with him. Just passed out on his couch]

    38) On October 11, 11:33 am CET, all werewolves on the planet - Forsaken, Pure, Bale Hound, etc. - feel that the world has changed irrevocably. As they hear a howl of unimaginable savagery, they all know - it's Father Wolf. He's back.

    38) A ghost wolf of considerable mental fortitude and academic nous (Willpower 10, 5 dots in Occult with a specialty in werewolves) approaches the pack - by distant communication first - to tell them that he has identified them as Uratha, but that his discretion is guaranteed. He wishes to inform them of some interesting statistics. If they agree to meet or correspond with them he presents to them info showing that for the world and the world population distribution, there aren't nearly enough werewolves to police the gauntlet, and that the vast majority of the world has no Forsaken looking over it, nor any Pure or other wolves. He also has data about spirit incursions, and he has come to an astounding conclusion. Werewolves are the problem, not the cure.
    As far as he can tell, where loci go unused, rates of problems with spirits affecting the human world drop rapidly. In fact, in areas with no werewolves at all, there is almost no problem with the spirit world and world of matter staying apart and in harmony. It seems to be the presence of werewolves that correlates with disruptions, and that the more werewolves use loci, and the more powerful they are, the more problems occur.
    His findings call into challenge the very role of werewolves. They aren't protecting the people, they're like plague dogs, bringing problems with their very presence.

    39) After several very tense months when the Pure were showing sign of preparing for a massive invasion, they've gone quiet. Their probes into Forsaken territory have stopped altogether. Since something is clearly wrong, so your pack decides to make a quick little recon into Pure territory. There, you find a greatly weakened spirit known to be one of the enemy's totems. With the information you get from it, you figure out what happened.

    An Idigam has appeared, and it's starting with the Pure.

    40) 18 years ago on this date, a horrible mass murder occurred in the PCs territory. They just took over the territory within the last few months, so they don't know that on the anniversary, the spirit of that day gains immense power and stirs up an unholy nest of grief, sorrow, fear and trauma spirits. The PCs enter the Hisil on a routine errand, not realizing that when the clock hits midnight, they're going to be walking right into the middle of a war zone.

    41) A particularly ancient Forsaken, immensely potent and the subject of no few local legends, has awoken from several centuries of deep slumber in the hisil. There's an lodge dedicated to her memory, and packs from all over are anxious to recruit her as an ally or patron. Unfortunately, she's completely out of her depth in the current century. Her attitudes towards the Pure are completely at odds with the current status quo, she thinks practically all technology spirits are at best magath and at worst the corrupt spawn of some idigam, she's trying to reclaim the territory that originally belonged to her (at least some of which belongs to the pack) and she has so far refused to change her mind or understand how different things are now. The Forsaken community risks splintering into various factions who wish variously to use her, worship her, learn from her or kill her. How is the pack going to deal with this?

    42) A powerful Forsaken, an ally of the pack and a mentor of one of the PCs, someone they consider to be a close friend and something of a spiritual guide, has very recently done what nobody ever expected him to do - he defected to the Predator Kings.

    The PCs know him as an exceedingly wise old wolf; he wouldn't become a Predator King without an excellent reason.

    20) One of the PCs is the youngest heir to an ancient, rich bloodline of royalty among wolves - all of his werewolf relatives are Predator Kings. And they desperately want the PC to join the family, by any means necessary.

    43) There's a stranger in town, and when he comes near, Uratha can't control their shapeshifting.

    44) A new type of cellular network has been introduced to the area. Suddenly, ALL the technology spirits in the territory start to aggregate and merge with one another. By the time the PCs arrive in the Hisil, the gestalt tech spirit is an enormous godzilla-size demigod of wires and lightning, playing with the city like a toy...

    45) One of the tribal elders is displaying a frighteningly low level of Harmony. It's time for an intervention.

    46) The paranormal teen romance novel Dusk Part 2: Stalker's Moon has werewolf characters modeled so closely on the Uratha that it can't be a coincidence. The herd must not know. The author...or whoever gave her the information...must die.

    47) A packmate reveals that she's pregnant. She also reveals that the father is a werewolf from a neighboring pack.


    48) A friendly pack reveals that one of their number has given birth to a child fathered by a packmate ... and the child is Uratha.

    49) There's a whole load of excavation and quarrying work going on as new fracking site is being prepped. The funny thing is that they found a whole load of tunnels and caves which didn't show on the surveys and security there is super-tight and super antsy. The really funny thing is that they say that they're finding a whole load of stuff in there, including loads of very old documents and books.

    The unfunny thing is that you're hearing that the books are weird and you were told details, and I quote 'a way of stuffing rats into a person so that they can control the person and they can turn into a swarm of rats and stuff like that'.

    The really unfunny thing is that apparently the books are going missing.

    50) The PC pack is being framed for oath violations that they didn't commit. Very soon, the tribal elders will want their heads.

    51) Faced with a problem they can't deal with the pack set out to get advice from their tribal elders. Conventional means of long distance communication aren't working though - telephone calls aren't being picked up, post is being returned, emails are bouncing, and it looks as if the Iron Master elder who keeps a facebook account hasn't logged in for some moons. Worse still, it looks as if every werewolf they contact seems to have become incommunicado. Spirit messages aren't getting through either - messengers report they can't find their targets.
    It suddenly looks as if the werewolves are alone in the world, and that the entire People (themselves excluded) has disappeared. They haven't tried contacting the nearest Pure yet. What now?

    53) A local pack reveals to the PCs that many years ago they made a deal with something powerful that was not a spirit. Since then, each year for a whole night they are under the thrall of this creature, a elfin man who shines like the moon and has hair like thistle-down, to hunt down mortals who stray into the woods at night...

    54) A mortal who the werewolves had to kill is apparently still alive and kicking, though he seems to talk to himself much more now...

    55) A group of magi have made their way into town and are now monkeying around with the spirit world, warping it into something more 'harmonious to the Primal Wilds', whatever the fuck that means.

    56) Clockwork wolves have been stalking the hills at night.

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    57) Members of the pack find themselves being followed ... by cats. Ordinary housecats keep following them everywhere they go.

    There doesn't appear to be anything unnatural about the cats - they aren't possessed by spirits.


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      58) Lunacy stops working.


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        59) A powerful spirit of lethargy gains control of the PC's territory in the Shadow. The other spirits would gladly break the spirit's dominance, but eh, why bother?


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          60) A vampire nearby has uncovered the benefits from drinking werewolf blood and has begun kidnapping werewolves on a large scale to "commercialize" his product for all vampires. However this vampire so far has only been taking pack members from the pure. Do the players intervene and stop him, aiding their enemies? Or do they wait until he starts taking forsaken as well?


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            61) Everything has been quiet on the Beshilu front for years, but rats all around the territory (just plain ordinary rats) are starting to act in wildly erratic and aggressive ways.

            The Cahalith PC has disturbing dreams about a Plague King rebuilding his body from thousands of rats and eating the wall between the Shadow and the Flesh. Not just parts of it - all of it. Everywhere.


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              62) The PCs know for sure that of the three people in the room other than the pack, one of them has a spider in her brain. They need to find a way to tell which one, and quickly.


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                63) An Azlu, of all things, contacts the pack with an offer - it'll tell them the location of an assortment of powerful fetishes that have once been given to the Forsaken by the Firstborn totems themselves. All it want in exchange is a new, human host body.


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                  64/ Ithaeurs do not received essence when they saw crescent moon in the sky. The local ithalunim has been missing or worst.


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                    65) There was a massive earthquake during an eclipse. The Hisil is in an uproar as the world changes and emotions pour fourth in chaotic waves. The lunes don't know what happened, and other spirits of knowledge and secrets are also at a loss. People are claiming its the end of the world, and while it's easy to scoff, Something has changed. You can feel it in the resonances, tainted by something you can't quite name. The Gauntlet is thinner, people are being affected by the chaos, doing things they normally wouldn't. Time to get to the bottom of it.
                    65b) For added tension, have the werewolves be there as it happens. Perhaps they saw what caused it, or not, but now they have to navigate their way through a disastrous spirit landscape or unstable cityscape to get the word out.


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                      66/A group of inexperienced mages uses silver bullets on Pure. All urathas of the city want them to stop. Forsakens think it is a sin. Pure werewolves want them dead.
                      How far the forsakens are ready to go to protect their brothers to be victim of such a sin.
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                        67) A large loci has been set up underneath a very thick azlu barrier, the beshilu of the area have cut trenches leading from this barrier across the city A large spirit coming through the portal could literally SNAP the gauntlet into shreds removing it forever. Worse still, who got the azlu and the beshilu working together?


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                          68) It appears as if the longstanding rivalry of two Pure packs hunting near the PC's territory is at an end. The PCs get word that the two packs are to meet to discuss a probable alliance ni the near future.

                          This must not be allowed to happen - the PCs need to find a way to make sure the Pure continue their rivalry.


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                            69) You're at the hospital visiting a relative who just had an incident (car, respiratory...). On one occasion of heading down to the cafeteria you take the stairs (cause screw elevators am I right? Moving death boxes!) and notice that something feels... off about that last door another story down. Opening the door reveals the Hisil...

                            WoD-Dark Eras!! (Backed for Viking Age Werewolf)


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                              70) The local ski lodge has been having a sudden influx of homeless breaking into trash cans and eating the contents. That isn't the odd part. The odd part is the alarming increase in home break ins, coupled with the theft of just food. The issue seems to be getting consistently worse each time the pack heads into town or turns on the news.

                              Most disturbing of all are the strange reports of the homeless roaming in the forest near bear occupied sites. One hunter even reported an individual attempting to grab a fish from the local river with just his bare hands and teeth.

                              WoD-Dark Eras!! (Backed for Viking Age Werewolf)