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  • 229) The Void Come to Earth. It claims to be a spirit come from the vast emptiness of space. Or maybe from another planetary body. Perhaps it was a void leviathan once upon a time. In any case, it crashed here long ago & has come to consider the terrestrial Shadow its home.
    This mighty spirit arrives at a meeting of the local protectorate & declares that it wishes to forge a Forsaken Lodge that has the spirits of the void beyond as its Sacred Prey. But it doesn't know how to go about this & requests the assistance of any Forsaken willing to provide it.


    • 230) Holes are appearing in the Gauntlet. Massive, growing holes spreading out from a large apartment building. You go in, ready to fight beshilu because they're obviously what you face here. You searched the building from head to toe looking for beshilu, & didn't find a single rat. What you did find is an azarath whose fangs drip with venom that poisons the Gauntlet, causing it to wither & die. Unfortunately, you managed to spook the monster & it scarpered. Not to worry, evidence suggests that it's still in the region.


      • 231) "Urfarah's successor comes!" These words reverberate throughout the region's packs, stirring up conflicting emotions but one thing is for certain, you will be there to see this "successor" arrive.
        Soon it does. You see what an elder Uratha names as Lul'Aya. Several packs bend their knees in loyalty to this monster. It tells its new servants to prove their loyalty by killing the nonbelievers.
        ● The attending packs & wolves should be a mixture of Forsaken, Ghost, & Pure.


        • 232) One of the Firstborn has somehow accidentally impregnated a human woman, & now needs a trustworthy pack to make sure the child lives to reach adulthood.
          The conception was consensual, & one way or another the woman knew exactly what she was having sex with.


          • 233) You're in the middle of the initiation into the Tribe of your choice when you are attacked by the sacred prey of your chosen Tribe.


            • 234) Investigating the dissapearence of people, you discover a pack of Pure their totem being a powerful Mandragora Spirit, demanding human blood poured to it's roots. The territory of this pack includes a mandragora garden grown by a powerful Gangrel/Acolyte witch, master of Animalism and Cruac.


              • 235) A recently changed Uratha turns out to also be one of the most fanatical Christian priests in town, & is very charismatic.
                They believe that werewolves are by nature demonspawn, & that any that refuses to accept God in their heart is inherently damned & must be killed now before they can hurt any good Christian souls.


                • 236) One of the Maeljin has been manipulating a certain local a bit more than normal.
                  What will you do when you find out it's planning to use this person to become a Spirit-Claimed?


                  • 237)The Door to Hell
                    An Uratha pack discover a strange brass door in a Place-That-Isn't, in the Shadow Realm. The Place-That-Isn't itself is a seemingly endless series of office building hallways lot of fluorescent lighting, with stairs that go nowhere, elevators that all end in the same place and a sensation of absolute tedium. This Place-That-Isn't is itself only accessible by carefully searching a certain so-called haunted house in [Fill-in-the-Blank's] projects.

                    Barred by powerful rites, getting the brass door open is a quest in and of itself. No other entities exist in this strangely silent Place-That-Isn't and, upon finally opening the door, one finds a stone labyrinth, open-aired, under a fractured yellow sky lit by two burning suns.

                    Passing into this labyrinth removes the pack from reality as they understand it, leading them a realm they have no lore of. Though the walls have no roof, no matter how high one goes one can never actually crest the top. Imagery of weeping, kneeling figures abound, and strange "Stonepunk" machine-spirits linger here and there, speaking some alien tongue and performing bizarre, repetitive tasks.

                    By solving the Labyrinth, the pack comes to its center to discover a stairwell made of stone heading down...into some unknowable darkness. Scenes depicted the Maeljin decorate the stairwell's walls, celebrating in bas relief the atrocities these devil-gods rebel in.

                    The pack has found the door to Hell.


                    • 238) A poor ethnic neighborhood suddenly has birthrates just completely stop. Any pregnant women whom live or even travel through it miscarry. It seems the like a combination of lack of use of contraceptives and charitably well-funded local Planned Parenthood providing free abortions for that particular area due to the donations of special interest groups has caused a the dumpster to become a Death Loci with a particular resonance. The Loci and the practices at the clinic have been feeding a small court of bloody-skittering-piles-of-crusted-fetus appearing death spirit feeding on the essence of children dying in the womb and the natural postpartum depression. That spirit court has hit critical mass so that they are proactively causing the miscarriages in order to reap more essence of their particular flavor. Given the delicate nature of life in the womb it isn't hard for the spirits to disrupt the pregnancy and cause the miscarriage. If left alone surely something more horrific will happen, either Claimed fetus corpses or Claimed Abortion Doctors, or attract larger less specialized Death Spirits. And even if the loci and all the spirits are destroyed the continuing practice will just reconstitute the same type of loci and spirits again, How does one deal with something like this without standing in the way of the woman's right to choose?

                      “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
                      "Virescit Vulnere Virtus" ~ Stewart Clan Motto


                      • 230.The Sculptor of Enamel
                        The Beshilu of [Fill-In-The-Blank] rant and rave, for a "messiah" has come! A thing of lumpen flesh and jagged teeth with an umbilicus leading off to infinity, this toothy abomination is now in the area. She )for it is, at least nominally, female) seeks to create children, but in a womb of enamel, wrenched from the mouths of the dead and dying.

                        The Beshilu crowd around her worshipping her as a messiah sent by unknowably mad blind idiot gods, and they have gone on a crazed rampage gathering teeth for "mother".

                        What will the pack do, when one of their Wolf-Blooded relatives have every tooth ripped out, and, with a mouthful of blood, raves about a toothy goddess?

                        [Aa you might suspect, this is based directly off an insanely cool monster created by Mr. Chris Allan. Thanks, good sir!)


                        • 231) There is a huge uproar among the Spirit Courts. Something has awakened on the night-side of the planet. It claims to be the First Shadow, a creature of of immeasurable age, witness of both the Beginning and the End of Pangaea. It claims to have been an associate of Father Wolf Himself, who, it claims, charged it with a certain mission.

                          It calls on uratha and spirit alike, who favor the shadows and darkness. Uratha that answer it's call are given a choice of either eyes or voice (It's a trick, choosing either joins the uratha into the lodge of this spirit).

                          Choosing 'eyes', the spirit gently shuts the urathas' eyes and they become blind for a year and a day.
                          Choosing 'voice', the spirit gently presses a fingerlike tendril onto the urathas' lips and they become unable to speak any louder than a whisper for a year and a day.

                          Who knows why, maybe it has something to do with the "mission."

                          Dam da namsithim.


                          • 232)Corporate Raiders
                            The fine folks behind the HAST/'Ur' project have decided to test several new teratomorph designs, and choose the players' area as the perfect test-bed---with the intent of capturing the pack and using them as raw materials!

                            (Thanks to Mr. Chris Allan, for the wonderfully gory HAST/'Ur' material!)