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    149) The local Ghost Wolves have been banding together and withdrawing from the wider Forsaken community. Nobody is sure exactly what's caught their eye, but willworkers gave started to go missing and the spirits whispers praise to Eater of Names, the lost Firstborn.

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      150) The players hear rumors in the Shadow about a mortal in a nearby territory. Suposedly they bear no touch of Wolf or Moon, but the Spirits have actually begun to worship them, converting simply from being in this person's presence. They've attempted to do anything they can to earn their idol's approval, alien mindsets and insane zeal mixing into a number of disasters the pack that runs that area has attempted to cover up. And the most disturbing part? After encountering the other pack in person, the PCs realize that the half-Spirit children of Wolf and Moon are merely resistant to this bewitchment. Already, the other pack has become violently territorial and willing to do anything to protect their "precious"...
      150B) As above, but the other pack is Pure, a mostly Fire-Touched group that have convinced themselves that this person is their messiah, who they're planing to kidnap so they can "educate" them as to their "destiny". Will the PCs be able to save this person without being aflicted?


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        151) It was almost undetectable at first. The world's population of rats began to decline, first subtly and then quite rapidly. Within a matter of months, any rat that wasn't already in a cage had seemingly vanished off the face of the planet. The humans were preparing to investigate the phenomenon, and that's when everything went to shit. An explosion of spiritual essence, several times larger than anything you've ever heard of, right in the heart of United States of America.

        Every physical entity within 200 miles was stricken with leprosy on the spot, unleashing a plague that caused withering and decay in all it touched. Even the great Storm Lords are bristling their fur in realization of what is to come. The Plague King has been reincarnated... and this time, there's no Father Wolf to put him down!


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          152) Your pack was sent to the quiet coastal town of Rockport, a stone's throw from Corpus Christi, to investigate the disappearance of an elder wolf's cousin and their pack. Everything seems pretty calm, until one night, you are attacked by some kind of shark-man. It claims to be an envoy of the furious sea god Tethys, demanding blood payment for the oil spilled into the seas.

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            153) Your pack was lucked to come across this newly-Changed guy or gal before they managed to cause too much trouble. They're a bit out of it (okay, a lot out of it) but, to be fair, so were you when you walked in his shoes. Except there's something funny about them; the way they walk, and talk, and what they talk about, you'd think they were native to the Shadow. Which is crazy talk, of course; everyone knows that Spirits can't become Uratha! ...Well, at least that's what you've always been told. But whatever the case, at least this person's just an isolated incident, right?


            [Inspired by conversations in another thread. Basically, Spirits resonant with the concepts associated with the People become capable of undergoing the First Change for no understandable reason. What the heck is going on?]


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              154) A local criminal crew has been robbing the front businesses of werewolf packs in the city. It started off with a group of stores (a Chinese restaurant, a 7-11, a clothing store aimed at stupid teenagers with too much money and a wine shop) owned by the Heirs of T'ai Djin pack and then escalated until eventually a bank that laundered money for the local ivory claws got hit by the gang. The local hunters appear to be just as confused as you are and the leeches and witches seem be victims of these guys as well, which raises the question... how are these guys pulling these heists off?
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                155) For some reason, the pack has gained the loyalty of a dog/wolf spirit. That's great, friendly spirits are always in shortage, but this spirit is a magath (it's tainted with technology, or wound-essence). As a dog(or wolf)spirit, it is loyal to the pack, but its mere presence agitates the local spirits, enough to cause a severe strain to the packs spirit relations. What should they do with their unconventional ally? Do they leave it be, perhaps threaten the local courts to accept it? What will happen when other uratha in the area learn that the pack's been rubbing shoulders with wound-spirits?