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    180) A firefighter went through their First Change. He's a good guy, takes the Oath of the Moon seriously but refuses to join a tribe. He explains that, as he was raging, surrounded by fire, he saw and connected with something more vast than him. And after finding out about Uratha culture, he's decided it must be one of the firstborn, a fiery wolf that burns whatever it touches who is only rumored of in some of the most obscure of legends. Eventually, he comes to your pack, because he wants your help finding it and releasing it from its imprisonment or awakening it from its slumber.

    For a potential twist, maybe the legends also suggest that this firstborn would be staunchly on the Pure side.
    Sutr-Ur, the Burning Wolf.

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    • 181) The pack receives a message. Prophetic dreams, a visit from an ithalunim, scrawled on a wall in their turf, you choose. But the message is next to (or follows a discovery of) a chunk of a gauru werewolf...made entirely of silver. The message in question is as follows:
      Life becomes pain
      Pain becomes death
      Death becomes silver

      Sounds a lot like a group of mages got mad at a werewolf, but the theme could fit Silver Wolf and his Ivory Claws as well... Whose arm/leg/head is the chunk from? Is it going to happen again?

      Dam da namsithim.


      • 182)
        The spirits are gossiping about a relatively nearby Pure Pack losing an extremely powerful Loci to some unknown being. That Pure pack suffered greatly and there are rumors they suffered several casualties by terrible non-spirit monsters. Since they're Pure, the PCs have no direct lines of communication. Coincidentally about a week after the Pure situation stabilizes a being which looks like a bearded balding Russian man able to fulfill the aspirations of mortals has enter the PCs territory. This being calls himself Gregori Rasputin and has taken an interest in the mortal loved ones within the PC's pack. Rasputin first noticed one of the mortal members of the Pack with an Aspiration which would be unusual and reveal their alliance with supernatural forces. This observation took place where the pack member could have been seen by him "People Watching" with his Knowing Gaze Dread Power. Since being noticed that pack member has been followed by Rasputin's Acamoth familiar (Please note it is a Geotia, and not a Spirit thus not subject to powers which target Spirits, and is visible in the Astral frequency but not with Spirit frequency of Twilight) to find their social circles including the PCs, possibility other Packs, and the other mortal members of those pack.
        What does Rasputin want? To find mortals with Aspirations that he can twist in interpretation to bring Horrors from beyond the edge of reality into reality or transform people into such creatures. He is not afraid of werewolves, and has previous manipulated them into researching a how to enact Rusputin's Bane, which releases Anak'vog'soth into the physical world. Even though that involves Rasputin's death at the hands of his Bane he doesn't fear that outcome, since he has contingencies for his Abyssal allies to resurrect him in that even. In fact that's what happened to the Pure's Loci. If Rasputin is confronted by the PCs, he'll likely be happy to bargain with them for leaving their pack and territory unmolested in exchange for favors like their assistance in murdering both Pentacle cabals and Seer pylons. It is possibly for the PCs to negotiate terms which even include Rasputin assisting them, if they don't mind assisting making the world a lovecraftian nightmare realm of chaos and madness. Of course that'd get other Uratha and Spirits to declare them Bale Hounds.

        An incident of indiscreet slaughter of innocent people who were obstacles of a local pack of werewolves' Sacred Hunt (possibly the PC's pack if they are so callous and careless) has been the inciting bit of evidence and motivation for the founding of a mortal hunter cell. The Cell comprises of some members of the police officers that investigated the scene, a few medical examiners, and grieving family of those that died. Since publicly admitting the existence of the supernatural monsters would make them lose everything they still have left they have opted to clandestinely seek justice through investigating their weaknesses and enacting brutal violence. With investigative background, some tactical training, and a fully understanding they are hunting a supernatural group whom are more terrifying than anything they can imagine they've formed a healthy paranoia. From the evidence they have collected, they come to believe physics as they understand them don't apply to supernatural beings and these monsters could be capable of anything. At the minimum these hunters think what ever they hunt can disappear, reappear, shape-shift, tear apart people like rag dolls, and are literally immortal like a slashers from scary movies and have no idea what their weakness is. This makes these hunters supremely cautious because they intend to survive killing all the monsters they find, possibly leading to extreme overkill.

        The cell of monster hunters above (story 183) is noticed by Rasputin (story 182), and he is absolution delighted by a young man named Kyle Owen who is the grieving son of one of those killed by werewolves. Kyle's Aspiration of "Give my life to defend <Insert town here> against werewolves" is perfect for Rasputin to twist in intention to transform Kyle into a Potency 5 Horror, and he has already convinced the impressionable lad he can grant such a boon. Kyle is expecting to die in the ritual as he believes he's the human sacrifice to power it, however instead Rasputin intends to transform Kyle into a soul devouring immortal abomination suited to completely depopulate the area of Uratha, allowing the local Spirit ecology to careening out of control and leaves Rasputin twist peoples desires to free if the PCs don't interrupt the ceremony then they'll have to deal with Kyle Owen, and it is almost assured they'll lose their souls, and likely die in the attempt.

        The players are the new Uratha in the area, and unbeknown to them the established Packs in the area back in their hayday successfully dealt Kyle Owen (story 184) back in the 1950's. They have strict rules about being outside of city limits each full moon they expect the PCs to follow without question and not super-keen on explaining why. An obvious powder keg, and one the highly Renown Uratha will hold the PCs accountable for their disobedience, knowing full well to stay outside of the city limits, but not feeling the need to tell the PCs any hints on what to do, while simultaneously quite insistently demanding they "deal with their mess".
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