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  • Corpus question

    The Health of a spirit is Size + Resistance.

    Quite easy to understand.

    However, how do we determine the size of... a rank 3... war, or combat spirit... ?

    A rank 2 car spirit, or a rank 3 truck spirit are easy... but for things that are... conceptual... how do we determine the size ?

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    The book explicitly provides "use Rank as Size" as a go-to metric for spirits of abstract concepts.

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      Thanks for the answer. Must have missed that part.


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        But really, you can asign any Size that makes sense, spirits of about human range in Size (4-6) are usual as are those of great Rank (4+) that can tower over their lessers.

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          Yeah... I was assuming so myself. A spirit of war. The reprsentation was a greek, spartan soldier. However, he would wear a viking helmet, wield a japanese katana, also wield a spartan spear, well, its not clear yet, but the idea is to take a big Guy, (using the merit Giant) so it would be a size 6 spirit. Then, put on him, every great cultural warrior symbolism, like a katana, and a viking helm, we may think of... and make an mixture of those.


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            While the book says Rank as Size, I recommend adding one or two points of Size to all spirits. Remember, a Rank 4 spirit with the lowest number of Attribute dots will have an average of 9 dice on all tasks not pertaining to their concept. That is far beyond the often assumed human average of 4 dice, and to me it feels a bit off if such spirits are generally smaller than most humans. Especially if they don't represent anything that is smaller than humans (such as many animals). On top of that I'd also grant more Size to spirits of locations. Cities, rivers, forests, even large buildings to some degree. Their concepts are large and extra Size also grants them more staying power (in the form of Corpus) even if they don't have much Resistance.
            But this is purely opinion on how to make spirits more flavourful so feel free to just disregard this post.
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              I just make mostly abstract spirits - like emotions, ideas, etc. - roughly human looking or at least human size ( so the have Size 5 from start ). Of course, spirits of things larger than humans simply have they physical counterparts Size. And yes, adding 1 or 2 Size points for things smaller than humans is logical and somehow setting consistent.

              Remember also that source material - Princess Mononoke - points spirits can be large...

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