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Question about Claimed.

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  • Question about Claimed.

    Is there some sort of abjuration, exorcism, Gift facets, Werewolf Ritual, or true Magic (From mage), that would be able to cure a Claimed by separating the spirit from the host ? Its far beyond possession, so I really wonder.

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    Mage can do it, generally other people have to threaten their way out. Constant exposure to a bane, for instance. It leaves physical and mental trauma, keep in mind.

    Based on how often this question comes up I wonder if the severity of being claimed is really coming across well. Maybe Possessed not allowing for Numina or Influences is the issue, to allow for a more temporary control and surge of power while not getting to the mind, body, and soul crushing torment that being the host part of a Claimed is.

    There's a pack rite, Expel, that gets rid of Possession and Fetter but can't undo Claimed, as the synthesis has 'dug too deeply.'
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      There is whole Lodge based on this very much idea - and Christian exorcism rites.

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        Because I don't see anything forbiddening it, I assume that it is theoretically possible for an Uratha to be Claimed. Is that correct?


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          Yeah all the supernaturals can be claimed, I believe.