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Mystified Condition question.

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  • Mystified Condition question.

    The hunter's aspect is really nice. However, I try to wrap my head around how it work.

    Well, I know how to activate it, its really simple. However, the mystified condition confuse me.

    Lets see: "Substract the current Gauntlet rating from 6. That number's act as a penalty to all of your character's mental action. Reason: You find solace only in the gauntlet. Ok. Let see if I understand. I do that on a human target in a city suburb. The Gauntlet strength is 4. So 6-4 = 2. So my target would take a penalty of 2 on all mental rolls right ? So, the more the gauntlet is easier to breach, the more the penalty is heavy ?

    Lets see something else: If used on a spirit, it work in reverse. Substract the gauntlet modifier from all action. The spirit becomes afraid of the human world. Dense Urban area is -3. So the spirit takes -3 in all rolls ? But if I do that in a locus ? Locus is +2. Does the spirit gain a bonus of +2 to act ? Seems counter productive. Since it is suppose to be a penalty, do I substract -2 ? Do I simply ignore the +2 since it is suppose to be a penalty, and since there are none, no modifier is factored ?

    Do I understand the mystified condition correctly ?

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    For humans, yes. Shuck him at a locus, where the gauntlet is 1 and he'll take a -5 to mental actions, perception included.

    For the spirit at a locus, ignore the bonus if they're at a locus (They'd become immaterial there anyway). But hey, it's not like you can't Spirit Howl them out of there.


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      This confuses me as well. If the spirit becomes afraid of the human world, why does the penalty increase the stronger the Gauntlet is? In my mind, a stronger Gauntlet would mean less chance of the worlds interfering with each other, hence the spirit would get less penalties.

      The 'e' is omitted on purpose and for stylistc reasons... I promise.


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        The spirits are afraid of "the human world" rather than the Flesh, and a stronger Gauntlet is generally (but not always, especially not with the multitude of powers that can artificially increase the Gauntlet) a direct consequence of human settlement.

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