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Spirits and Senses

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  • Verge
    started a topic Spirits and Senses

    Spirits and Senses

    Do spirits, Claimed, and Hosts detect Uratha with any sort of ease?

    For example, an urban locus is staked out int Twilight by a tree spirit, in a populated area. Werewolves come to investigate. Assuming the pack does nothing to draw attention to themselves, would the tree-spirit get any chance to identify them?

    Can possessed spirits be seen by other spirits? Are possessing spirits or Claimed denied certain senses like they are their Numina?

  • Malus
    Yes, spirits can usually see the spirit brands in Uratha (if they aren't in Hishu I believe) and Hosts can smell Urathaness the same way Uratha can detect one another.

    Spirits don't generally get possessed themselves. I figure they have the same spiritual senses they did before (fear spirits able to tell what frighten you, for example, money spirits being able to tell your net worth.)

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