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Anshega April - Tools of Hatred

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  • Anshega April - Tools of Hatred

    Another month, another theme! I'm afraid the ground that Anshega April can cover is going to be rather limited for a few reasons, and I again have a boatload of paid work that will need attention but, nonetheless, let's get a vote started!

    Would you like:

    ​a) a Fire-Touched fetish of mad words stripped from the world; or
    b) an Ivory Claw fetish of stolen destinies; or
    ​c) a Predator King fetish of unbearable truths?

    Vote now!

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    I vote for C!


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      I vote for A.


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        Oh,it's gotta be B for me


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          C. Wonder what those unbearable truths are.

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            I asked my family and my son said he stole my destiny and threw it in lava.

            So I guess I have to go B.


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              You had to use the words "stolen destinies", didn't you?


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                My vote goes to C

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                  All three look really cool. I guess my list of things to request on Patreon is going to grow again...

                  Actually, I'm too damn torn to figure this out right now. All three are awesome! I'll come back if I start to lean strongly one way.

                  EDIT: Scratch that. I could use some more definition on the Predator Kings. C it is!

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                    C for me meow meow


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                        Gonna vote for C; absolutely love Predator Kings as one of my favourite Tribes so getting fetishes for them would be fantastic.


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                          B. Let's see some more Ivory Claws in 2e. I think they underwent the biggest change of the Pure tribes.

                          Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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                            B to keep things interesting.

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                              Heartily A!

                              It is a time for great deeds!