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    I go with B.


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      My vote is for A.


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        B. More fateful werewolf stuff is always a fun prospect.

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          I cast my vote for B!

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            I vote B. I vote bee.


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              I vote for A; The Fire-Touched have a greater connection to the Shadow- let’s see what this thing would be.


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                I vote A.........


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                  As much as I'd always like more Fire-Touched stuff, this time I'll go with B

                  Edit: After some thinking, I gotta be honest with myself and vote A. Apologies.
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                    I vote for A.

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                      I will vote for A.

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                        I Vote for B

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                          I vote for C

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                            a) a Fire-Touched fetish of mad words stripped from the world - 9
                            (branford)(Inodiv)(Eldagusto)(Malus)(Korogra)(Mich ael)(Cinder)(Thorbes)(White Oak Dragon)
                            b) an Ivory Claw fetish of stolen destinies - 10
                            (Nicolas Milioni)(nofather)(ArcaneArts)(FallenEco)(Vent0)(M onghani)(Satchel)(LostLight)(espritdecalmar)(The young man in the cafe)
                            ​c) a Predator King fetish of unbearable truths - 8
                            (BacchicOne)(21C Hermit)(Maitrecorbo)(Second Chances)(Konradleijon)(The Firebrand)(BigDamnHero)(Master Aquatosic)
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                              Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
                              a) a Fire-Touched fetish of mad words stripped from the world - 10
                              (branford)(Inodiv)(Eldagusto)(Monghani)(Malus)(Kor ogra)(Michael)(Cinder)(Thorbes)(White Oak Dragon)
                              Monghani voted B.

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