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[2E] Evolving Kuruth Triggers

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  • [2E] Evolving Kuruth Triggers

    Should Kuruth Triggers evolve with Uratha characters? Question come to me when revisiting sheet of major NPC, part of the PCs pack, when checking her Triggers, as Auspice Moon is in the sky and group is in the middle of coffee shop in city center. As I did not wanted to make this scene about 'murderous friendly NPC', I changed her Triggers to new ones from Chris Allen's propositions in background.

    Originally posted by Acrozatarim View Post
    Passive: Someone acts to obstruct you from achieving your desires.
    Common: Anyone betrays you.
    Specific: A packmate betrays you.

    Passive: You are defeated in any social or physical confrontation.
    Common: You are defeated in any physical confrontation and are left injured.
    Specific: You are defeated in any physical confrontation and the victor does not show respect or honour towards you.

    Passive: Anyone outright refuses an order you give them.
    Common: A werewolf or wolf-blooded challenges your leadership.
    Specific: A werewolf mocks your leadership and refuses to meet your challenge.

    Passive: A rival or enemy achieves an exceptional success on a roll while in your presence.
    Common: A rival or enemy achieves a great success or goal while your own plans suffer.
    Specific: A rival or enemy acquires an object, goal, relationship or position of power that you greatly desire.

    Passive: You go for a day without sustenance.
    Common: Your Essence pool reaches 0.
    Specific: Sustenance is denied to you when you are starving.

    Passive: Someone intentionally insults you to your face.
    Common: Someone intentionally insults you to your face in a way that will damage you socially.
    Specific: Someone intentionally insults you to your face after having taken actions that have seriously disadvantaged you socially or physically.

    Passive: A loved one is threatened.
    Common: A loved one threatens to withdraw their affections from you.
    Specific: You injure a loved one.

    Passive: Your health track is completely filled with damage.
    Common: Someone threatens to seriously hurt you and you believe the threat to be genuine.
    Specific: Someone threatens to kill you and you believe the threat to be genuine.
    And there it hit me - Should Uratha evolve their Triggers with personal story? If yes, on what occasions? For this particular NPC I think about swapping two levels of Moon and Blood for one level level of Moon and two levels of Betrayal. Idea is that she was majory betrayed on previous pack on the night of her Auspice - and by this, her Death Rage. Now she is somehow callous and closet, even in interactions with her new pack - always suspecting betrayal.

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    Wyrd, can you stop making new threads just to ask a question? Either use the ‘Ask a simple question’ thread, or perhaps - for a question like this - just use the thread where Acro actually posted these triggers. That’s a perfect place for it.

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